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For several decades a number of prominent politicians and their minions have been instrumental in helping to promote the dangerous lies behind the so-called Satanic Abuse Myth (SRA).

The SRA was ultimately discredited as evangelical messianic propaganda by the media. However, today one thing that must be challenged is the alleged existence of the late Geoffrey Dickens MP’s Westminster Dossier.  

In the UK the hungry media have gone bananas for this crazy story, due to its sensationalistic nature.

All this uncertainty around the alleged missing dossier is intimately correlated to Dickens’s absurd methods of using sensational language and unconfirmed allegations. 

This outspoken Tory MP was first and foremost a religious bigot who was incredibly anti-Pagan. He wanted to outlaw witchcraft in the UK and was not afraid of telling people his radical views, which he based on his pious fundamentalist Christian faith. 

Dickens was highly instrumental in spreading the satanic panic in the 1980s. This simply resulted in many innocent families being wrecked, children placed into care and the taxpayer having to folk out millions. 

The Sub-cultures Alternatives Freedom Foundation (SAFF) told the blinkered UK establishment that SRA was a pack of lies numerous times, yet society preferred to listen to fundamentalist Christian hype. 

The terminally stupid British government did virtually nothing to halt the SRA and instead listened, like trained chimps, to evangelical troublemakers such as Geoffrey Dickens MP who officially promoted the panic in the first place. 


All freethinkers must find out the facts behind the Dickens Dossier claims and the best way to do this is via this leading SAFF link. 

Dickens’s public involvement with hyping the SRA tapered off dramatically after a critical government report and after a short illness he died in 1995. His ‘dossiers’ were buried with him. 

The sort of religious based insanity that he and others close to him were promoting did a great deal of harm to British society, yet today the self-seeking media etc are lording this radical Tory MP  as some type of hero. Nothing could ever be further from the truth! 

History ‘will’ repeat itself if we let it and society can well do without another SRA! 


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