I wrote this article about 7 years or so ago and would like to bring to you once again during the celebration of St Patrick’s Day.  Each year when I enjoy my corn beef and cabbage  I think about my friend dancing her Irish jig around her Mothers grave and have to smile knowing this story has a good ending and came from a place of love .  I would like to dedicate this article to my friend Karen.

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Find her story below: Happy St Patrick’s Day.

The Ghost The Doctor and the Psychic

Sometimes knowing the people I do in my line of interests brings together situations that I could never imagine. This is one of those scenarios

I have a long time friend who is a doctor in Canada. She is a bright happy full of life woman who is always interesting to talk to and fun to be around. I think highly of her and know her to be a hard working trustful person of strong character.

She is unusual as she is not only a person of science but walks a path of strong spiritual beliefs and has an open mind to all things unknown. She has had events that are unexplainable in her own life and keeps an open mind when it comes to the world of the paranormal.

Last March I called my friend. She had moved and I had not spoken to her for a while and wanted to catch up on what was going on in her life and share what was happening in mine. We were at the end of our conversation when she said “ Oh let me tell you about the ghost in my new condo.” She was so matter of fact at first I thought she was joking.

She bought a new condo during Christmas time that just so happened to be about a two-block walk from the cemetery where her mother was buried. She would often walk over and place flowers or items that reminded her of her mom on her mother’s grave.

She told me that shortly after moving into her new condo she started to see a fleeting image of a man in her home. This shadow type image of a man would appear when she was busy doing something in her kitchen or sitting reading or watching TV. She would catch a glimpse of a tall thin man dressed in black cross a doorway or standing by her kitchen window. As she told me about this I felt uneasy and nervous however my friend was calm and matter of fact about seeing this image of a man that she talked as if it were a natural everyday occurrence. I asked her if she could have someone come in and cleanse her new home as the image could have been attached to the previous owners. I knew not to dismiss her sighting, as I know her well enough to know she would not mention it unless it was happening- often. She told me she would think about it and changed the subject to other things as we ended our call.

That phone call did not sit well with me. I could not stop thinking about her in that new condo with some ‘thing’ in there with her. I waited about ten days and called her again.

I did not waste any time in small talk and got right back to the ghost in her house. She told me that he was still there and that he now comes to her bedside at night and whispers her name in her ear. She could see his image which was a young man dark haired with a heavy Irish accent. I immediately started to panic. I wanted her to have someone come stay with her and to bring in people who could remove this spirit from her home. I had an extremely uneasy feel about the entire thing and really felt pushed to get her to take action to remove this spirit from her new home and life.

She told me she thinks she may have picked him up on one of her visits to the cemetery where her mother is buried. She said she realized it started after her last visit to place flowers at her mom’s grave.

The more we discussed this the more I sensed that my friend was far more concerned about this happening then she was letting on. She promised me she would not try to have a friend stay with her until this issue of the uninvited ghost was resolved. She also was going to try to contact a professional ghost hunter.

My friend was able to get her sister to come and stay with her for a while which added credence to this story as she too saw the ghost and also described him as a young man with dark hair dressed in black. She too heard his whispers and she too reported an Irish accent.

I wanted my friend to move out of the condo until this mans spirit could be removed from the house as his visits were becoming more frequent and his vision and words clearer as the days went by. I was terrified his energy was increasing and truly nervous for my friend’s safety. Both my friend and her sister were cautious but truly brave and stayed their ground unwilling to be chased from her new home. They were fearful of the ghost but not as much as I was. There seemed to be calmness about them concerning this haunting that I could not understand.

I know many unusual people due to the subjects I write about and decided to call one of my contacts and friends who is a strong psychic and medium. This woman was had strong beliefs about her abilities and would only use her gifts when she felt people were in trouble or when the messages were very strong. If she were unsure or uncomfortable she would refuse to use her abilities. I did not know what she would do but decided to set up a visit with her so I could tell her what my doctor friend was going through. I was hopeful she might have some advice.

I invited the psychic to lunch so we could sit and chat for a while. I took her to a favorite seafood place near my house. We no sooner sat down and ordered when my psychic friend looked at me and said “ So you are having a ghost problem huh?” I would say I was stunned but knowing this woman I knew she was picking up my strong concerns.

I told her most of what was happening to my pal in Canada when she stopped me dead sentence and said-“ She picked him up at the graveyard because she was doing something Irish in the cemetery. He was drawn to her as she represented home and followed her back to her condo.” She then went on to say that she could clearly see him and that he was a young Irishmen who died suddenly and did not want to face the fact he was dead. He wanted to return home to Ireland. She told me I was to go home immediately and tell my friend to call him by his name -Matthew, and tell him he had to go with her now and that she was to talk to him non stop as she walked him back to the graveyard. She told me to tell my friend she had to do this, as it was not safe to keep him in her home. She also instructed me to have my friend talk with him the entire way explaining to him that he needed to cross over and if he would follow the light to the other side he would then be able to find his way home to his beloved Ireland and family. The psychic told me he had been wandering that graveyard for years until he saw my friend do that “Irish thing”.

The psychic told me it was important I try to get my friend to listen to me and do this or things could become- complicated and dangerous. I had no idea if my friend would listen to any of this but decided to go home to call her and try to get her to at least listen to my psychic friends warnings and advice.

I called my friend in Canada and told her word for word what the psychic had told me. I did not know what reaction to anticipate as I was interfering and was afraid she would be angry.

My friend did not say one word while I spoke which was making me very uncomfortable and nervous I had over stepped my boundaries. I finally finished all that the psychic had told me and listened as only silence greeted me on the other end of the phone. I started to regret calling when finally my doctor friend spoke. “ I did a Irish Jig in the graveyard on St Patrick’s day for my mom.” Of course I replied with a “You did what?” She then told me that she went to the graveyard on St Patrick’s Day and brought green carnations and a big four-leaf clover that she set up around her mother’s headstone. She said she then talked to her mother as was her way and ended the visit by doing a wild Irish Jig right there in the graveyard as she had done for her mom every year on St Patties day.

She told me that the haunting started almost at once after that last visit. She also was stunned the psychic picked up that she had done that in the cemetery.

My friend agreed to do exactly as the psychic suggested. Along with her sister they immediately began to speak to the ghost using his name. They both told him over and over that he had passed over and had to cross over to the light to find his way home to the land and family he loved. The next morning the two sisters started breakfast talking to Matthew and talked non-stop about his need to cross over to find his way. They also told him he had to go with them and walked back to the graveyard talking all the way to the ghost they hoped was walking with them.

They walked him back to the middle of the cemetery where they told him one last time it was now the time for him to follow the light and cross over to where he wanted and needed to be. They talked of Ireland and his relatives who would surely be waiting for him on the other side. They told him he would be able to see his homeland and family once he walked over to where he needed to be. They talked and talked until they felt he was gone. They told Matthew he could not come home with them again and they left the cemetery and ran back to my friend’s condo.

It has been six months and so far Matthew has not returned and all the ghostly events have ended in my friend’s house. I recently talked to the psychic who told me the poor lad had found his way and was busy back in the green of his homeland. She had no doubts he would not return. The doctor is back to her normal self and her sister has long moved back to her own home.

I found the entire situation a walk into the unknown that will for me be another event that makes me shake my head in wonder how very much we just do not understand.

I have learned to listen with a open mind to those who have events I can not understand and also promised myself to never do a Irish Jig in a cemetery – ever.

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