It can be all too easy to dismiss what children claim to see as fantasy at times. Nevertheless, we must keep an open mind. If we do ‘not’ we may miss out on some important factual evidence. 

In view of this, I found the next UFO report rather interesting.

Location: Cheshunt in Herefordshire

Date: Summer 1969 

I was contacted by a gentleman called David Whillis in January 2014, who had seen my UFO reports.  Dave kindly wanted to share something amazing with me that he had witnessed as an 8 year old boy. 

The witness stated that this UFO was seen by numerous other witnesses and was reported on the “6 o clock news” as well. I shall let Dave explain this sighting in more detail as he recalls it. 

“It was summer, a nice clear day with a blue sky. At lunch time we were all outside when a large silver oblong object appeared in the sky over Cheshunt in Herefordshire. It stayed in the sky for 20 to 30 minutes.  It was pointed at one end and was very bright like chrome.”

Dave told me that some alleged “expert” suggested that the UFO he saw may have been “a wet road being beamed into the sky by the sun”. 

However, even at only 8 years of age Dave dismissed this claim as “rubbish”, as there was nothing for it to be beamed on to due to the sky being blue and clear. 

This episode must have had a significant impact on the witness as Dave says today that he’s, spent his life looking into the unexplained and although he has answered many questions to his own satisfaction UFOs still fascinate him.

Dave added that he is a “committed agnostic” and not superstitious in any way. 

I would be interested in hearing more on this old UFO sighting if any witnesses out there are able to get in touch. 

This UK region is no stranger to UFO reports as clandestine documents released by the Ministry of Defence previously revealed sightings of UFOs in and around Hertfordshire. 

The classified papers detailing reports received by the authorities between 1978 and 2002 make compelling reading. 

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