The Hum

Funny how things happen. I was sitting outside when once again I heard the agitating noise of that annoying hum. It sounds as if a diesel truck is parked in front of the house with its engine running. This hum starts out of nowhere and can last for hours at a time.

Again I looked around and there were no trucks, no source of this strange noise. The hum is everywhere. You cannot tell  the direction or location of it – it is just there.

I do not hear this hum all the time. . It is not loud or offensive. It is however annoying and nerve breaking if it goes on too long.

In the past I would search the area around my home to try to figure out what was causing this irritating noise , today I just went inside to try to get away from it.

Coincidence is a strange thing.  I was searching for a video I wanted to look at when I came across a video I had not seen before on this problem of the hum being heard across the other side of the world. I have to wonder what could possibly be going on?

This mysterious noise is a grating non-stop humming.  It is a mix of a dull diesel truck idling in the distance and the rumbling of an oil burner in your basement. It is a deep dull husky humming that can last for hours and soon lean on your last nerve causing an annoying thumbing that can drive you up a wall.

I stopped  myself this time  however in the past I would grab my car keys and  hunt along the roads and backwoods where I live looking for the source of this annoying noise. I was not able to concentrate on what I was doing as the constant dull pounding of this hum was driving me crazy so I drove up and down every road following the hum as I drove. The problem is the hum is everywhere . Trying to track it down is like trying to find the start and end of the sky!

 I would drive and stop drive and stop- turn off my car and stand in the road and listen. I followed the humming sound trying to locate the source or direction towards it only to find I was driving in circles. I could not find what was causing this hum and could not find a definite direction for its source. This throbbing low constant hum seemed to be everywhere yet nowhere. It was very frustrating.

I recalled reading of others who had complained that they also were suffering from this annoying hum. I researched the subject and found that people all over the world were hearing this noise and also unable to locate or figure out the source of the noise.

I recalled reading an article about a town in England where the hum has been keeping the residents awake for weeks at a time. It would stop only to return again.  The article reads:

  ‘A mysterious humming noise which kept residents of a Suffolk town awake at night for weeks has struck up again.’

I  will include the you tube at the end of this article that I happened upon this morning. It cannot be all our imaginations. It is however a ongoing annoyance.

I found an read a article where a doctor who could not find a reason to easily explain this annoying noise decided (as is the way with many things that are unknown)- that the noise is all in the peoples imaginations. He decided they should all simply meditate the annoying hum away. I must admit this was without question the word of one who has not experienced this annoying drumming hum.

I have read  all kinds of explanations from high-tension wires (I have none of those near my home) to UFO’s.  A friend of mine who lives near me also hears this mysterious hum. She  thought maybe it was coming from below, like digging under ground or tunneling. That sent a chill down my spine as I could only wonder who or what would be doing that.

My son and his wife live about a mile from my house. They have been hearing this annoying hum too. My son and his wife have been driving around also trying to search out the source of this nerve racking hum. They too were not able to find a source or a definite direction that this annoying noise is coming from.

We all live on the coast of Long Island.  Often we wonder if the source of the hum could be coming from under the water or traveling through the water . As it stands we cannot figure this out. I tried calling our local police. They reacted as if we were all simply insane.

Brookhaven National Labs is located near the coast line of Long Island. It could be possible they are spinning the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider and the force of it operating is vibrating the earth or the Long Island Sound which causes the hum to be heard along the coast line. 

I have no idea what is causing this annoying noise. I will tell you it begins without reason and ends as suddenly as it starts. I find it extremely interesting that the same noise is being heard all over the world. 

If you have any information what is causing this phenomena please contact us. This hum can be maddening at times. Many would love to understand what is causing this irritating sound.

I am also  curious how many others out there may be hearing this humming where they live or work?.  If so I would love to know about it.

For now pay attention to your surroundings. When your least expecting it- you too may hear the mysterious sound of  ‘The Hum.’

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