The Lady: Her Lessons Are There For All to See


We hear our grinning politicians spout on and on about the ‘Lord’ and praise his name whenever they righteously launch missiles at any given enemy. 

We hear the same patriarchal rhetoric from the priesthoods of east and west when they decide to tell us how to run our lives. However, the ‘Lady’, the divine counterpart of the Lord, has slowly over time been demoted or in some cases completely eradicated from society. The result is that womankind has slipped into the category of second class citizens, behind men. Don’t believe me? Well just look at all the pandemonium about women priests and bishops in the Church of England alone. 
Of course the self-righteous bigots that control such well-funded religious establishments are eager to see the spiritual monopoly of their ‘male-oriented’ faith system stay firmly in the control of men! 
Somewhat comically, many seriously bewildered females actually ‘assist’ the bigots to retain this unreasonable state of affairs, not realising that their support for the male-only (one – god) religious fellowship helps to keep them firmly under the cosh of pious, masculine doctrine. 
I would of course add the Queen of England to this list due to her unwavering support for such an outmoded religious ethos and all the vast benefits given to her family via so-called divine inheritance/hereditary privilege. Well folks; bang goes my chances of a knighthood but someone has to tell the truth!  
Yes, the  righteous voices in dog collars have done an brilliant job of depriving us all of the divine male/female balance, once realised by our ancestors as essential, via godly deliverance from the female aspect of spirituality, the Goddess herself! 
The Catholic Church dealt shrewdly with ancient Goddess adherence of the masses via converting the Lady into Mary, the Mother of God. This ecclesiastical ruse ensured that the populace would still retain a thin veneer of goddess worship, yet in a more enigmatic fashion under the Immaculate Conception marking a relegation beneath the Jesus aspect. 
Mother Nature, with her shifting seasonal cycles, is the greatest teacher of all. The beauty that she displays for us in the golden woodland, lakeside and stream is not placed there just by accident. The wise ones listen to her carefully and learn her abundant lessons. Her teachings are freely given and available to all, yet many have neither eyes to see nor ears to hear the countless gifts that the Goddess may bring. 
At the time of highest pain there is a deeper world of light and balance, just waiting to be restored. 
Salvation will not ‘ever’ be achieved within expensive man-made temples of depressive obscurity, devoted to new versions of any ‘clergy-produced’ and crucified godhead but within the muted meadows and green forest glade. 
Here is where genuine truth and equilibrium can be discovered once more.
Pat Regan © 2013

Pat Regan – author of ‘UFO: the Search for Truth’ 

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