The Man on the Moon Controversy and Truth

How I Shuffled to My Moon Landing Opinion


You  are going to have to forgive me for this somewhat twisted  posting.  My intention was to discuss the videos being shown concerning the Apollo  Moon walk.  You can find them  all over youtube as well as other sites showing what seems to be a rehearsed film showing the astronauts dancing across the surface of the moon as well as another video discussing another person standing on the sidelines of the filming of the astronauts…

I do not know what to think about  the  man on the moon controversy other then the fact  it  makes me wonder what the truth really is concerning it all?

I know we all have had our questions about the flag flying . It should be impossible that a flag would be flying as the one shown in all the photos  over the years or like  the one in the video I will add at the bottom of this posting.  There is no wind or air flow  to float a flag in the manner shown in the famous photos and videos of the moon landing. That is the first big clue I had something was wrong. 

 I clearly recall sitting in my living room watching the footage of the flag being planted on the moon with my family. At first my  glance of  watching  the flag waving I turned to my family and asked them if that was possible since there was no air movement at all on the moon.  My family became suspicious at that very  moment of  what we were being shown. 

Of course we all have been fed the answers of why the flag was flying  including the air needed to lift it was generated from the  equipment on the moon that we had running while there..  Towards  that idea I can only find a flat refusal on my part to buy in to that thinking.

The next thing that always bothered me was the famous photos of the footprint of man on the moon which shows a well defined boot print of one of the astronauts steps.  Again my reaction is a big question mark.?  How is it that soil that is like wispy dust or talc like in consistency without any moisture at all form any kind of print?  It just is not possible. At best there would have been a disturbance of dust but never a defined foot print as we have all been fed as truth. 

Lastly if we did this feat so many years ago why are we still struggling to get our butts back into space ?  Would we not be building bases all over the moon if we had actually achieved landing  on it- and safely returning to earth  so many years ago?

I do not think we were capable of that landing on the moon back in 1969. Apparently we have not be capable since either.  I hate to say this but my opinion of our moon landing event is very much slanted towards it did not happen side of things.

I was searching for a video to show the flag and demonstrate the videos out there on this subject when I came across  all kinds of  things attached to this subject including  shuffle dancing astronauts.  This is where I take a left turn off of the base of this article to a side bar of discussing another  huge problem with everything we think or are told is truth. 

If you search a subject using the internet you will be carried along a wild ride of  some truth , a few facts  smothered with tons of fiction,  fantasy and silliness all in one huge pot.  This is a  fact of  life of the internet and for that matter our media system.  It is  why nothing is clearly understood . The confusion of  it all makes it nearly impossible to find ones way from point A to point B without wild detours that quickly take you far from your original road in no time at all.

While I looked for videos to make my point with my thinking on the moon landing scenario I found myself  landing with shuffle dance routines as well as a shuffle dancing astronaut. All in good fun but quickly taking me off track and on to something else. 

I decided to simply throw it all at my readers to try to make my point that today’s way  of using the internet to search for answers to any question can be a tedious walk through tonnage of  material that can waste your time and help you lose your way.

I live in an area where all the kids are in to the shuffle dance craze . . I love to watch them and know if this craze continues we will soon end our overweight teen problem. If you disagree try to do this dance as long as they do !. Any way I found it amusing and disturbing at the same time that while searching for material for this article I ended up in shuffle dance land.

This happened while I simply  followed the links starting at the Apollo 17 moon landing until my search for moon landing videos became weirdly crossed with the shuffle dance craze.  I decided to add a bit of  how my journey started and where it ended  while trying to  search  for material on the  serious subject of the space race .  I started out  OK but ended  with shuffle dancing astronauts.  I fear this is the way of most subjects on the net and why things we should take seriously end up as  nothing more than jokes or a good dance routine!.

Maybe one day I will believe we have gone where no man has gone before but until better proof is offered I have to say the man in the moon seems to sit there untouched and alone . As far as the shuffle dance craze – well I think it is great fun to watch and wonderful for those who can do it!.

You can find the  videos on my site  and my slow decline from the moon walking  to shuffle dancing!

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