Each year my loyal readers email me and ask me my thoughts concerning the New Year ahead. In the past I have made predictions as I had anticipated changes however the last few years I have given up as I watched the paranormal community continue with the merry go round ride that has become the normal way of things in the unknown.

Before I continue on let me make my use of the word paranormal clear. I use this word true to the meaning in the dictionary being. (Impossible to explain scientifically: unable to be explained or understood in terms of scientific knowledge) I think that covers most things unexplained and unknown from UFOs to Bigfoot as well as many other things we do not yet understand. Note I say yet to understand as I feel all of these subjects are simply natural things we are too stupid to grasp at this point in time yet as real as all the things we do! I include UFOs and those who pilot them in this thinking.

I had high hopes years ago when I decided to reach out to the public and share the experiences and things I witnessed or encountered in hopes I would find answers to what I did not understand. I found many others in the world having the same events happen to them, seeing the same things I had seen and reporting endless things I had no idea about. The more I wrote and searched the longer the journey to finding answers became with no answers to be found.

As I enter this New Year of 2014 the journey to find answers to all the paranormal questions seems endless and without direction. We seem stuck on a rat wheel, a merry go round of endless circles that take us nowhere fast yet we seem to love riding around the circle without any reward or end.

Let me start with subjects that continue to be ongoing and popular as we enter 2014. UFO reports continue to be healthy and being seen across the globe. I have searched around my list of go to sites to find many people reporting strange objects flying in our skies from one part of the globe to the other. Bigfoot remains howling, tree knocking and rock throwing by testimony of many who have encounters with the beast. Crop circles are being seen all over the planet as well as Orbs and animals no one can recognize. We have added the strange encounters of black eyed children to the list of odd encounters and of course continue with healthy reports of ghosts and hauntings in every town and city I think on earth. I cannot neglect to mention our weather oddness or the horror of what seems to be the era of the HAARP machine madness that is not only ongoing but rapidly growing all over the planet.                                 

 All of these things seem strong and ongoing and growing as we enter our New Year of 2014. I think we can plan on them continuing and even growing in number for the New Year.

Let us not forget the ongoing enormous activity of spraying our skies with chemical clouds until we are surrounded with only a mass of white  of who knows what covering our heads and falling upon our lives. Of course this continues without our noticing or caring. All of these things will continue on in our daily lives along with our continuation of ignoring it all and treating it as just another matter of fact thing we should not think about!

All unknowns will continue on in 2014 as well as absolutely nothing new happening as far as insight or answers or understanding to all the strange unknown subjects I have just written about.

I think we will remain confused, ignorant and closed to finding any truth or understanding or explanations to any of the open questions and unknowns we deal with each and every day.

Let us face that one truth and that is we absolutely like it that way in fact would not have it any other way!

Why do I say this you ask? Well let’s look at this honestly. We treat the paranormal world like a carnival ride. We jump on to be entertained , use it for a cheap thrill and walk away without looking back when we are done. We have not developed any form of real research or real investigation on any of the subjects considered unknown. We do not have one organization that has trained professional teams doing real long term regulated research or investigation on any of these subjects. We do not have one real working organized serious place to report any data to anyone on anything. We have a media determined to humiliate and destroy anyone who dares to report any strange encounters or sightings of things we cannot explain and a public extremely willing to stand on the side lines like a pack of starving wolves to bully and devour with ridicule and mockery anyone who does come forward.

The United States of America does not have one organization that is equipped or assembled to categorize, collect data, decipher real reports from fakes or protect the public from that which obviously is flying all over our skies as well as diving in to our oceans and large bodies of water. Yes all these things exist- we are just so stupid we do not demand to have it handled by trained professionals nor do we insist on being protected from whatever these things are that millions of us see and encounter. Now talk about strange and odd, that fact takes the cake as far as bizarre. 

We do have thousands of blogs and websites all going in a million different directions all trying to have a place or hand in to the mysteries of the unknown. Many of these sites are just fantastic and do a great job with what they have and do try to collect data and find answers. The problem is we have millions of pieces of unknown puzzles without one place to put them all together to find answers. I also have noticed an unhealthy competition among those who are involved with these subjects that keeps the ability to solve any mystery at bay and lost due to the often unpleasant inner conflicts. The procedures and techniques that are needed to collect and decipher and catalog the data cannot be expected from the non-professionals and volunteers who are trying to investigate all the unknowns which adds to our merry-go- ride of not knowing many things we should at this point in time . Frankly I feel we are stuck in a modern day dark ages when it comes to the things we consider paranormal. 

Do not misunderstand me. I am grateful for all the good people who do run outstanding sites and those who tackle or write and try to research these topics. Let’s face it without them we would not have any idea what is happening or realize these things are occurring all over the world. Also understand that the good men and women in the paranormal are forced to deal with the herds of fools who are mucking up the place due to agendas that have nothing to do with the unknown. They are looking for attention, friends, something to do while downing a six pack or smoking a joint. These people get in the way and are just tiresome and annoying. Others think they can become rich or famous or the next Stephen King. Of course let us not forget our never-ending onslaughts of fakes and frauds who mess up the place making all truth seekers disgusted and exhausted trying to swim in the Wild West mess known as the paranormal community. It can bring those trying to figure out the truth of these mysteries to the point of great frustration and sadly many simply give up and walk away. 

TV land has become a revolving door of paranormal shows that live and die within a few weeks’ time. There are a handful of excellent shows that are stuck in the middle of the muck of this insanity that must fight for viewers due to the overcrowding by the never ending jump on board boys looking for a fast buck by way of producing garbage. Like every writer who writes about these things I am constantly annoyed by some jerk contacting me so he can use me and my contacts to throw another piece of garbage show together. They never care about facts or the people involved, they just want a fast wham bam and thank you mam show to grab at what they see as an easy shot at easy bucks.  Sorry, I do not want any part of it.

I could go on and on about my frustrations in my interest of UFOs and abduction research but will save that for another day. For now I will stay focused on my thinking of 2014 and my predictions overall for the paranormal.

I think we will have continued reports, videos and photos of many unknown things found all over the internet as well as many reports of strange encounters by record numbers of people all over the world. I believe the media will continue to laugh, we will continue to look the other way and humiliate those who do come forward.

I believe in 2014 the paranormal community will remain splintered and distant from one another due to a fear of losing their piece of the pie and many major advancements, facts and answers will be lost due to this division of players. I do not foresee any real reporting agencies will be developed and the ones we have will fall deeper in to the abyss of non-functioning sites that have been set out to fail by those who control them.

I think our weather will be manipulated and our skies sprayed and we will continue to not notice or care.

I truly believe this will be the path of the paranormal for 2014 because this is exactly the way we want it to be. This way we do not have to face some hard fearful truths or worry about things we cannot and do not want on our already full plates. We do not have to deal with subjects we would rather use as our entertainment and will continue to ride the merry go round of delusion and ignorance because we simply like it that way!

 I also think this may be some of the biggest mistakes of our time. Can you imagine how advanced we would now be if Nicola Tesla was not silenced and stopped during his prime? We would now be a free energy society and at least a hundred years more advanced. Can you imagine if we took our unknowns seriously and had real research and qualified professional institutions, universities and the trained minds of our times looking for the answers to all that we do not understand. We too would soon be far more advanced and able to join in with a universe we are just now starting to explore. Oh well , it is not going to happen this year, I doubt it will next year either or for that matter for many more after that. As I said, we just really and truthfully like it this way.

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