The Mystery of the Invasive Red Orbs

Years ago one of the first articles  I  wrote  was about  my own strange  encounter with a red orb.

This event took place in the early 1970’s  while I was living in the town of  Babylon  New York  located  on the south shore of  Long Island  New York.

I was married at the time. It was late summer. I was in my bedroom on the second floor of our  home getting ready for bed. It was about 11 o’clock that evening. 

The bedroom had a large window on one wall adjacent to the bed. The window looked out over a small grove of pine trees standing between our house and our neighbors’ house.

The trees stood between  30 to 40 feet high. I glanced out the window as I changed into a long tee shirt  I slept in at the time.

 As I went about the business of preparing for bed I thought I saw something outside  the  window out of the corner of my eye.  I stood up to get a better look  . In the tree at the center of my window , one of the biggest trees, up near the top–sat a large glowing red orb, just hovering there.

I looked at it  as my mind tried to figure out what I was seeing. The orb was about  a three foot circle similar in size to a hula hoop.  I had never seen  anything like it  before. I wondered if my neighbor had placed some type of light in the tree.  I wondered why he would do that, as its only purpose seemed to be  to illuminate my bedroom.

 I looked at it and realized it seemed to be  moving  slowly in a clockwise rotation. I also felt a little dizzy. I heard my husband in the kitchen and called for him to come into the bedroom to  look at this thing.

I told him there was a strange light in the tree just outside the window. I was now  sitting on the bed. He walked into the bedroom, handed me my nightly cup of tea and  walked over in front of the window. I heard him whisper, “What the hell is that?”

I stood up next to him at the window. He was fully dressed in jeans and a tee shirt and I was wearing my nightshirt with my cup of tea in my hand. We stood staring at this strange glowing red orb slowly moving in the tree. It had a deep red color and a semi-transparent depth making it multi-dimensional yet without a fixed shape.  I couldn’t determine exact dimensions as the light distorted the size of the orb from second to second making it appear to pulsate as it hovered within the tree.

I would like to give a detailed explanation of what happened from that point onward  but that is not how this experience played out. The next thing I recall is waking up the next morning on top of my bed next to my husband.

We were both groggy, feeling as if  we had huge hangovers. We apparently had not been under the covers  the night before as we were lying on top of them instead. The bed was  still made . I was  in my nightshirt but wearing my robe now as well. My husband was fully dressed in his jeans and tee shirt. We remembered the red orb but had no memory of  lying on the bed or falling asleep. My husband recalled getting very dizzy and apparently blacking out. He also vaguely remembered  that he and I had walked out on to our deck the night before after viewing the strange red orb  but he could not recall any details.  I could only remember  looking out the window. We were confused and felt very odd.

 As soon as we woke up that morning  my  husband immediately walked outside to see if he could find whatever might have caused that red light

We searched the yard. We searched our neighbors’ yard. We found nothing unusual. My husband  climbed up into the tree where the red orb had been hovering. He found nothing at all. We walked over to the neighbors  house and asked them if they had been using a bright red   light  the night before or had  seen one there?  They acted as if we were a bit nutty. We could not figure out what that red orb had been or why we could not recall anything from the point of seeing the orb until morning.

We never saw that red orb again nor was its  presence ever explained . I do not know what happened that night and I have no idea what that red orb was or why it effected us the way it did.

The reports of orbs being seen over the years has grown since the night I encountered that red orb.  I have spoken to a few people who have seen glowing red or orange orbs about the same size  that have also been spotted lurking in the night looking down at the world.

I recall reading reports of those who have   experienced orbs not only in less populated areas but in crowded cities .  Recently I  had an interesting phone call from a man who told me of a family who witnessed a large triangle shaped craft hovering high above  a populated area  in the mid west that was releasing smaller red orbs that would float down and seem to hover outside of  the homes and apartment windows of  those living in them .  It appeared almost as  if the orbs were peeping toms  simply looking into the people’s houses.

I have to wonder if many of the orbs that have been reported have been objects that  were released from larger crafts .  Another  thread that seemed to be running along with  orb sightings  being dropped  from a larger  object is that the  far larger  craft or  mother ship was often described  as triangle in shape and black.   There have been other sightings of large crafts  of  different shapes reported as well  that have  seem to be related to orb sightings.   One  interesting similarity  concerning larger craft sightings is that they have been described  as  solid  black  with little or no  lighting or  markings making them  hard to distinguish against the night sky.

A few months ago a paranormal  investigator I know  who is located in Canada told me he had a very strange experience with a  dark shadow type craft slowly gliding along the electric wires and poles  late at night near his home.  He too reported the craft he witnessed as solid black  and hard to distinguish. He told me that the shadow it cast on the ground as it silently floated along the  tops of the wire poles was how he was able to distinguish its shape.

I clearly remember the hunting trip I wrote about  where the group of hunters encountered a huge black craft hovering above a  group of  large  electric towers that were grouped with a radio transmitting tower and cell phone tower deep in the woods on the east end of  Long Island  New York.

 That   large black  ship  had a  long laser type ray running down into the  towers attached to the wires below. It was one of the most important reports I have ever reported and one that  stands out above  most others.  Clearly the group of hunters walking   in the dark woods just before  dawn  witnessed  something extremely unusual.  The craft may have gone unnoticed if it had not  had the bright ray attached to the towers and wires.  The men were able to make out the crafts outline as it blocked out the stars and natural  light  so the outline of the ship was defined .

Many theories  were  talked about  concerning that sighting.  Some referred to the incident as  a feeding UFO.  Others argued that they felt it more likely the object was downloading and or uploading information by way of that group of towers.

 I now have to wonder if that craft was not borrowing  a charge to energize  the orbs that so many have been seeing  dashing about our night skies?

The  thing that bothers me is that I now tend to think that the orbs may be used as a form of spying on us in our  natural habitats.

It maybe a way to  watch us , record us and possibly hunt us.  The orbs may not only report  where we are and what we are doing , they may also be able to numb us and take us if desired.

I clearly recall the article I wrote about the middle aged couple who fought off a large  beach ball size  blue orb that came after them in their backyard. The man had the presence of mind to fight off the object with a shovel  until the couple could escape  back inside their home.  The man reported that  when he made contact with the orb with his shovel that it burst  into  thousands of pieces of  light that quickly reformed into  its original form however  a few good  hard smacks with the old heavy iron and wood shovel did seem to persuade the orb to leave.

Should we be more diligent when  sightings or orbs are reported?  Should we be taking care to quickly retreat from these things as well as investigating the sky above us when they are seen to see if they are  part of a larger craft ?

 If these things are happening I think we all need to pay attention and try hard to find witnesses to  these events, record them if we are able and to report them to your local authorities as well as local TV media. 

You do not have to give your personal information to do these things. You can call in  and simply ask the authorities and media in your area what those odd lights are over  the locations your seeing them.  It is easier to ask them what you are seeing instead of telling them it is a UFO.  Simply ask what is that huge black thing in the sky and what are those lights coming out of it?  Let them seek out the answers.

The point is we need to start taking care of ourselves by  speaking out about all the strange events going on around us and to us.  I for one did not like that red orb looking into my bedroom that night long ago.  I am less happy it seemed to have contact with us against our  will  which I cannot  fully recall.  Not knowing who or what was intruding in to my life and home is a terrifying  experience.

I think it is time we all consider our own  safety and start  to take whatever actions we can think of to involve  as many people as possible  to  many of the strange events  many of us  seem to be encountering.  At  this point I feel any method needed should be used to wake us up and get us moving towards the truth of what really goes on  out there right over our heads and now  looking into our homes.

I hope you all pay close attention to your surrounding and favor being fully alert and in the moment in this world instead of engaged with cell phones and  every other object you seem to get your hands on that numb you to the real world around you.  Do try to keep present and do try to focus on the real world.  Too many strange things are happening to far too many people. It is time to wake up and learn the facts of life of what is going on  right in front of our noses.

Remember it is only a matter of time before you find you are the one alone looking in to the cold eyes of the unknown.  Let us all  be aware that  odd things happen all the time and it is long overdue for us  to start to find the  reasons and truth to all the strangeness around us.

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