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They were said to be tall over 6ft and oddly always exactly the same height. They were thin with very light skin, large odd blue eyes and either bald or wearing what looked to be wigs, but exactly the same wig and color on each man. They seemed to travel in pairs and wore sun glasses that covered the fact they did not seem to have eyelashes or eye brows. 

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I could not find any photos of the above mentioned until the day I found the You Tube of the incident that took place in a hotel lobby where two Men in Black individuals were caught on camera while questioning the people in the hotel lobby about someone in the hotel area who had recently reported a UFO sighing. 

As I watched the video (I will send my sister the video for you  to view on her blog) I realized at once who these men were and why they looked as they do.

I also realized and believe that along with my sister and a room full of people who worked in or had an extreme interest in science may have had contact years ago in a Yahoo chat room with one of these creatures. 

In short I believe that the Men in Black are a certain type of alien visitor who are sent out after one of their crafts are accidentally seen or made contact with  humans.

Surely there are many types of aliens that visit this planet that range from non-threatening to those who use us as experiments or harvest us for material they may need right through to heartless killers who simply do what they want with the humans they encounter.

The Men in Black I think are a specific type of  alien who attempt to communicate with those who report seeing their crafts or catch them in their activities here on earth. I have no idea why they send out these duplicate looking robotic type beings to make these follow up calls but apparently that is exactly what they are doing.

Years ago an entire chat room full of people, who when web cam viewing first became available in chat rooms, all became familiar  in this one Yahoo science based chat room with a man who called himself Sirius thinker or Sirius visitor. 

He was the most unusual man we had ever seen. He was extremely thin with milk colored skin with huge eyes. I do not remember if they were brown or blue. He was completely hairless and extremely strange on all levels. He was extremely well educated in what seemed to be every level of science and seemed more like a wax robot then a man. His voice was not male or female but somewhere in between and very disturbing.  He would creep out everyone who spent time talking to him and would avoid or refuse to answer questions about his appearance or private life. 

This odd person made one last visit to this chat room very late one night where he simply stated he was returning to from where he came from as he finished his required time here and turned off his cam and that was that he was gone. 

There were a few smart people who encountered this man in that chat room who somehow had a location on him that was narrowed down  to a small town in Florida. A group of men decided this man was so unusual that they decided to join together and take a trip to visit this man as his manner, looks and knowledge was so odd they really felt he needed to be investigated.  When they arrived at his last location they found a large plot of land in the middle of nowhere and not one sign of this man  was anywhere to be found.

Once I viewed the hotel lobby video of the recent case of a visit from The Men in Black I knew exactly what our chat room friend had been and also believed that the ones caught on this video were two more just like him. 

I think they are aliens who for reasons we may never understand are sent after the fact to areas where certain crafts and alien activity was seen and reported for reasons we do not understand. I do not think they harm people but of course we cannot be sure of anything as frankly we do not know who or what these being are or why they are here and even more confusing why they only seem to be seen after particular events are reported or certain Ufology information is involved.I do know that after viewing the video of the hotel incident and listening to those who did deal with the two Men in Black that day that we all need to pay attention to strange men dressed in Black who are twin like in appearance and to keep a great deal of distance between them and us at all times.

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