My brother Jake and I had a very interesting discussion about The Men in Black issue while I visited with him last week. We continued talking late in to the night as Jake had a great deal to say on the subjects of not only Men in Black but shadow people and reports of black mist appearing in haunting reports.

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I will admit that all of those subjects have been neglected by me over the years and it was good to sit and talk to someone who had spent time reading and researching them in order to develop his own theories on these curious subjects.

I suggested that Jake should write something up for me about these topics to publish, not thinking he actually would, and to my delighted surprise my brother did. Jake’s first article is about the Men in Black. I am hopeful while I take my hiatus from the strange and unknown Jake will send in his thoughts on all things that interest him in the blackness of the unknown.  

The following is Jake’s take on the Men in Black 


Chris Holly

Men in Black
By Jake Holly

I have to admit that although having a family that is deeply involved in things considered strange and unknown I really did not keep up with most of the things being talked or written about. 

There were a few topics however that always caught my attention yet seemed to be subjects that did not seem to get as much attention by the public or media outlets when I would search for information on them.

The Men in Black were always a curious thing to me. At first when talk of them started to show up in the Ufology world I assumed the Men in Black were government agents who were sent out to confirm or look for evidence when UFO reports surfaced.

I thought little of it as that is how our government operates and believed the men sent out in typical dull clothes in Government Issue cars were simply G-men bored with their assignments doing a quick obligatory stop in to those making outrageous reports of UFO’s and aliens.

The reports I read seemed to play out like an old time black and white movie of a bunch of bored G-men forced to go where they did not want to go , who would take a quick look around with cigarettes hanging from their lips as they rush to get back to their hideaway to play cards and drink coffee until they are forced out in their dirty old rain coats to run through another quick stop at another wacko’s house who called in yet another flying saucer sighting.

I held this attitude about the Men in Black issue until a few years ago when I finally realized I never asked my sister, who spends hours of her life researching UFO’s, aliens and abductions,  what she thought of the Men in Black or if she ever saw them or talked to anyone who had? I knew my sister talked to thousands of people over the years who had seen UFO’s and aliens but did not remember her ever mentioning the G-men in black to me.

A few years back while helping  Chris with one of our family holiday get to gather’s I finally remembered to ask her  what she knew about the infamous Men in Black.

I was astonished by her answer, she looked at me and said: 

 “I do not know anything at all about them. I never saw one, never spoke to anyone who saw one or had to deal with them and personally do not think they are government or military people if they do exist”

I could not believe my sisters answer and questioned her about this as I was sure someone  over all the years she had been researching UFO’s and aliens would have had contact with the  Men in Black somewhere along the way.  I asked her about the abduction victims she interviewed and the answer was the same. Not one person ever mentioned the Men in Black visiting or sitting in black vehicles in front of their homes. I was really shocked at this and decided to look a bit more on what information I could find on this Men in Black topic.

I spent many hours searching into the material that is available on this subject and came to my own conclusion about who and what the Men in Black may be.

First I do believe that certain people who have had sightings of UFO’ and witnessed possible alien activity have been visited by strange men dressed in black who drive black cars or vans.

Years ago the descriptions of those reporting seeing Men in Black would talk about the fact they did look alike and many seemed to have an Asian type of face.

Newer reports however started to change and a clearer view was emerging concerning exactly how the Men and Black looked.

Part II of this article continues tomorrow Friday, June 20, 201!

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