The Nelson Mountain UFO Account

Nelson Mountain
Strange Paranormal/UFO happenings in Welsh region
I was recently contacted by a professional gentleman called Steve Gibbon. Steve had a very unusual and somewhat disturbing tale that he wanted to get off his chest.
This was how Steve initially broke into his fascinating story and the report is virtually unchanged, albeit with minor grammatical alterations.  Steve informed me that he had been reading one of my books on his kindle while in the sun in Palma. He stated that he believed me to be the “perfect guy” to tell his bizarre story to. 
Steve lives in Wales in mid Glamorgan about 12 miles outside Cardiff in a small village called Senghenydd. He has lived there for almost 32 years. 
About 8 years ago he gained his Amateur radio operators license. He told me:
 “My call sign is 2W0 BUQ. I am a keen electronics experimenter so when I had my licence the two hobbies blended nicely.  I work for the local authority in an authority/police control room operating the CCTV cameras for the force and borough. My house is in a semi rural area with miles and miles of mountains to the rear of my house over which I have gone back and forth to work for the last 8 years.  Back in 2008 I started to have some strange experiences, I always had the feeling I was being watched on the mountain while going to work (shifts) and when I go up onto the mountain to set up a portable radio station and chat with stations all around the globe. “  
First UFO encounter
Location: Nelson Mountain, which is between the village of Senghenydd and the town of Nelson Mid Glamorgan. 
Date & Time: 10 August, 2008. 23.51hrs
Coordinates:  51’38’ 54 N, 3’16’ 59 W
Weather:  warm and partially cloudy
Steve went on to explain the details of something exceptionally strange he had witnessed.  
“I realise how outlandish all this is going to sound but here goes. During my field trips up the mountain I noticed what I thought was a structure in the distance that the council or the land owner had put there. It was very dark grey and looked like some sort of large water tank lying on its side; I thought no more of it at the time. Some weeks went by and when I was parked up transmitting the structure was there in the distance. I noticed that the object had moved some 300yds or so closer to my usual spot, curiosity got the better of me and I decided to take a look. I left my vehicle and stumbled my way toward it in what was almost complete darkness by then.  When I arrived I realised that this structure was huge.  It’s difficult to judge its size but you could have easily parked 4 or 5 coaches end to end.   It was as I discovered a large triangle; its sides appeared to be equal in length. I was a little confused; I remember thinking, what the hell is it”. 
Steve wondered if it was some sort of large storage tank for the local farm.  He walked around it and remembered running his hand over it feeling the ultra smooth “somewhat waxy” feel it possessed. The top surface was about level with his chest. As he walked around looking back at where his car was parked he tripped over a grassy mound.  He instinctively put out his hand to break his fall and as he fell against it he was astonished to discover that it moved. He was able to move it by the smallest amount of pressure with just one finger. He looked underneath it and to his amazement he could not see any form of supports or wheels. Steve just stayed on the floor, looking at it for ages. He decided to return to his car and get a torch and his phone so he could take some pictures. The next episode of Steve’s report was what really frightened him the most.  He continued his story. 
“I was returning to the object when I noticed it was giving off a very quiet low pitch humming noise, a bit like a transformer. It was then that this object shot upwards in the blink of an eye, it was so quick. I can remember the rush of air going passed me filling the void that the thing left behind. I remember looking up and seeing the hole in the clouds it made when it punched through. I know what you are thinking and I don’t blame you, I can’t believe I am actually telling someone about it, but unfortunately this was not an end to the matter.”
Steve was concerned that at this point I would have dismissed his report out of hand. However, on the contrary I was fascinated and told him so. This was his response. 
“Thanks for your open mind. I must be honest; I wasn’t expecting to hear from you again. I sat down last night and looked through the mail I sent you and I thought, Mr Regan is going to think I am crazy! As I stated yesterday, what happened wasn’t an end to my life being turned upside down. On the months following strange things began to happen for example.  Poor sleep, nightmares, laying in bed and the whole of our loft bedroom being lit by what was like a camera flash going off, and hearing noises on the roof sounding like a dog walking around with its claws making noise as it gripped the tiles. And then the strangest thing of all happened, I went for a walk late one evening at about 11.30pm with our dog Brady. I was usually gone for about 30mins or so.  I can remember walking into the house and my wife Annette looking at me and saying where’s the dog? I looked down and realised I had arrived dragging and empty dog lead behind me.  To this day I have no idea how the dog got off his lead or where I had been for over 2 hours.  Two boys found my dog wandering around on the village square, they recognised it and walked it up to my house and told us where they found it, we were thankful to them for bringing Brady home.  For a few days after my dog was not the same, she just sat in the corner of my kitchen and didn’t want to go anywhere. To this day it upsets me to talk about it, and the nightmares continue. I don’t know why I have been selected for this attention? Maybe it’s because I was in the right place at the right time or maybe it’s because my house is covered with antennas and I am not hard to miss.” 
Steve added: 
“You may use this data any way you see fit. I think I have told you everything I can remember since we spoke last.  I have had a very strange recurring nightmare and have been thinking that if the vehicle shot up when I was next to it, inspecting it closely, then I would have been killed, splattered like a bug on a windscreen”!
Interestingly, this area of Steve’s sighting has seen some very sad times. The Senghenydd Colliery Disaster, also known as the Senghenydd Explosion, occurred in Senghenydd, near Caerphilly, Glamorgan, Wales on 14 October 1913.  439 miners were killed, leaving the place in deepest grief. 
I add this note due to the fact that UFO sighting have occurred many times before certain natural disasters and seismic activity events. Is there any connection with this latest UFO report? Let us hope not! 
I sincerely thank Steve for having the courage to come forward with his amazing report. I also welcome additional data from more witnesses. 

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