The Odd Times in Which we Live and the Strange Ways we Deal with Them!


As far as I am concerned life has been off kilter now for some time. We have watched as earthquakes, tsunamis strange storms drought and floods have caused havoc all across our earth. Hurricane Sandy brought hardship and total devastation to my area. The Era in which we live is proving to be a hard destructive time causing death, mayhem in society not to mention war and horror due to illness or starvation. In short the world is a mess.

Along with the disasters of our day is the strangeness of the humans in reaction to the drastic things happening around them. For years I watched and listened to the public as they sat in fear of 2012 and the end of the world. What was stunning to me is that so many sat worrying about the silly myth of what would happen on one specific day while the world collapsed around them. To me the real strangeness of our times is how we can be sitting in the middle of all these enormous events going on around us and still look blindly out the window waiting for something to happen!

 The fact that we did not all perish on one day almost seemed to be a disappointment to those who seemed to really be looking forward to the end of the world on Dec 21st 2012. They sat in chat rooms and forums or clued to end of the world radio shows waiting.  I was busy wrapping presents and baking for the holiday shaking my head at the foolishness of those thinking this big crazy world was going to blow up and end on that one day. No planets crashed in to our existence, no aliens landed to enslave us, life just continued on.  The fact that we have been hit with disaster after disaster which caused death and devastation to so many seems overlooked by those brainwashed by the December 21st nonsense fed to the public for years.

That one myth made the real horrors going on all over the world ignored subjects as many attached to that one date and one way of thinking. It seems far more likely we are in the middle of a cycle of time I call the Era of 2012.  For years to come I think we will continue endure difficult times with ongoing  disasters which will accumulate in massive loss of life and a complete change in life style for those who find they have survived it all once we are years past this part of turbulent history on earth. The strange part of it all is how we look around constantly while these things are happening waiting for them to happen! It is without question an extreme case of searching the forest for the trees!     

That is what I do not understand. How can all the horror now happening all around this planet go by with a shrug at best from most- yet they had no problem thinking the world would end without any real reason in one day? I find that to be extremely strange.  

I think saying we are missing the forest for the trees is an understatement! From my view we seem to be stuck right in the middle of some very harsh times. I think the warnings left to us by past history were telling us that nature will cycle around and return to beat our brains in with harsh natural disasters as well as severe weather changes. Adding to this time in history is the fear of horrific war and worldwide disease spreading across the planet killing many caught in their path. We seem to be looking out the window waiting for the enemy while the enemy sneaks in the back door and wipes us out due to our determination not to see what is in hopes of waiting for the fantasy that we have been brainwashed with by the hype of those who have pushed the 2012 or end of world scenarios for years for self-agenda and reward to a captivated public.

2012 came and went and the world continued on leaving those who promoted our end looking sort of silly. Of course they will jump on a new issue to try to maintain their credibility.  What concerns me is that we may not have vanished on Dec 21st 2012 however that does not mean we are out of the water and in for free sailing from here on.  I think we are knee deep in an Era of time that will continue to attack planet earth and all the life forms that live upon it.

Without question I believe that natural disasters will continue to bring death and devastation to millions across the planet. I think war will live and grow causing massive tragedy worldwide. I think massive epidemics will continue to flourish as well as weather issues that will change our ability to feed the population. I think we have a long way to go before we are free of the grip of the Era of 2012.

In the meantime we are missing huge amounts of significant events happening all around us. For one there has been a huge jump in a new type of unidentified craft flying across our skies that many are seeing and reporting with few paying attention or listening. I have been swamped with reports of large Orb like crafts the size of small airplanes yet there is little or no interest in the paranormal community concerning them.

Hurricane or as I think of it “Strange Storm Sandy” was unlike anything this part of the country has ever seen before. This was a storm that did not act as a typical hurricane or storm known to this area of the country yet it did huge damage and devastated thousands of lives. The only reason it did not leave an enormous death toll was due to the fact the population in the area heeded the advice to evacuate and went to safer ground. Those who live on the shore or Islands in my area learned long ago that running from the coast is the only way to survive an angry storm. Most all moved inland to the safety of family, friends or safety zones like schools in order to survive the storm. If they had not done this the death toll would have been in the thousands. Their homes however did not survive and the destruction is widespread. In other parts of this area I doubt it will ever be rebuilt. The devastation is too great and the land now lost to the sea. Many areas are simply gone.

The storms behavior was not like anything we have encountered before. It was filled with odd sounds and lights that both fascinated and frightened those who witnessed them. I was recently told by a group of people who lived out the storm along the North Shore of Long Island right on the coast that not only did they have waves breaking over the tops of their homes but they heard people screaming during the storm. Two families in the area who heard the voices screaming went out and battled the storm looking for what they thought must be their neighbors yelling loudly for help only to find nothing but the storm raging around them. They told me that the sound of human screaming voices was heard on and off continuously during the storm. Once they were able to really go out and investigate their neighborhood they found all people accounted for and the source of the screams unknown. I am told story after story like this one concerning this strange deadly storm.

Now a few months after this freaky storm we find the flu epidemic hitting this area with both fists punching and kicking the population without mercy. The flu here makes people so sick they cannot stand up or function for weeks. The virus is lasting up to four or more weeks.  Many who have gotten it need antibiotics to get rid of it. It is not uncommon for those who recover from it to come down immediately with another form of it knocking them out for another few weeks. It is a monster of an epidemic here causing a bleak depression over the area.

I was told by an area doctor that he has not seen anything like this flu in his 35 years of being a doctor on Long Island. He told me that cases often are turning in to pneumonia and that has in cases turned into a strange paralysis in the patients they do not understand. I listen to this news and feel fearful and lost to what is going on around me. I cannot help but wonder if it is all coincidence that in this time warned by our forefathers to be one of disaster- if what is going on around us is exactly what they were warning us about?

It may have not been aliens from beyond our solar system passing by or angry aliens out to do us harm but strange storms filled with virus filled wind and rain that would bring us to our knees. What is worse is considering the fact that the storm and the immediate following epidemic may not be a big coincidence but something far more sinister being done to us by those who are truly evil not to mention dangerous. I cannot help but consider this type of thinking as I watch now for those I love to recover from the storms destruction and the flu‘s vicious grip. I cannot help but feel something is very wrong here. What is more concerning is how the rest of the world does not give it much thought or care. We simply close our eyes and go about our closed box thinking and small blinded lives. I also cannot help but consider how dangerous that kind of reaction can be to such devastating times.

I think we need to stop waiting for the fantasy of story tellers and start recognizing we are up to our eye balls in trouble. Not only is nature and hatred our present dangers we are also being visited by crafts and creatures we do not understand while possibly being attacked with weather and sickness. I do believe we would all be far better off if we concentrated on what is really happening and wanting answers for all the real things going on instead of being lost in fantasy and nonsense.  I do believe it is time to hang up the fiction and jump on the reality of this era of time. In my mind we are in for some hard days and dangerous nights. It may be best to have our heads dislodged from odd dark places and fully aware of the real environment and unknowns happenings around us.  

If we continue like this we will all be sitting in our living rooms waiting for the aliens to beam us up to a wonderful huge UFO filled with free health care, wonderful technology and happiness.   The truth is more likely the fact whatever is behind the UFOs s spotted all over the world seem to be totally disinterested in helping us and more about watching us. It also appears that they have lost the need to conceal themselves as they are being reported all over the world by millions yearly. It seems to be a case in which we have become handled as a civilization concerning this subject and the need to hide or avoid us has become irrelevant to our visitors. I think by way of a controlled media and closed paranormal community not to mention the nonexistent sources to research many of these unknown subjects has left the door open for us to simply ignore the 800 pound gorillas sitting in all our living rooms.  We have been trained to spend our time searching the forests for the trees and willingly go along with this approach to things unknown. We spend hours searching by way of the same old thinking by the same old views of the same old paranormal organizations but like those searching the forest for the trees we seem determined to avoid the truth about the unknown by looking everywhere but where the answers may be!

Until we decide to expand our horizons including looking for new sources of information and trying to work with professional research organizations with the proper background and training we will stay as it is which is locked in the dark ages of all things unknown. I think if society took a different view of the things we do not understand and started to demand answers from those who fluff us away with a snicker and a bit of humiliation to chase us back into silent submission things would be far different. Universities may start to want to investigate with serious intention the things we cannot explain. Private professional organizations with a science background may want to try to conquer all the things we know exist but refuse to address in an intelligent manner.  The world needs to demand more in order to get more.

In the meantime as we all stay locked in the small world of controlled paranormal thinking by a small group of people who hold it locked and keep it for private use and gain.  In the meantime we see massive amounts of information being lost that should be gathered and used to learn what is going on around us each and every day. If we are to ever learn from those who traverse the cosmos with ease we need to work towards contact and forward movement with other life forms. If interdimensional visitors travel our planet I think we need to know who they are and why they are here as well as any other type of life form.

If we are ever going to understand the science of the universe we have to wake up and jump in to really searching and stop sitting and hiding with the only thought towards these things being of entertainment or fun provided by a small closed  few who dominate these subjects.

I do not know how to change things in the paranormal. I do know they need to be changed. I sometimes think about all the other forms of life that may be watching us and shutter when I wonder how they must observe our oblivious ways of dealing with things we do not understand. I can only wonder if they find us as stupid as we appear to be when it comes to wanting to move ahead with so many things we do not understand. Lately it seems that the need to not be seen by our visitors is becoming less of a concern by our visitors.  I cannot wonder if they simply think we are so self-absorbed and lacking in curiosity that they simply see no need to hide from our never looking or wanting to learn human eyes and minds.

I hope someday we decide to open our minds and our way of doing things and decide to figure out the who, what and where of all the subjects we now consider unknown. I hope we one day decide to expand our paranormal data base and include new minds and ideas not shun or ignore new thinking and ideas. It is time to blow these subjects open, not hold them in confined dying small dominated boxes. It is up to all of you what happens from here.


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