The Ones Amongst Us

Experiencer Session with Yvonne Smith who is a hypo therapist. She helps to lead a small group of people who want to come forth, some for the first time, about their individual experiences. She more than likely will have some of these people attend regression sessions at a later date that is both convenient for Mrs. Smith and the abducted.

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9:00 – 10:15

Rosemary Ellen Guiley tells us about the ETs, Shadow people and the Djinn. She examines the connection between ET contact, abduction experiences, the paranormal phenomenon called “the Shadow People” and the possible link to the Djinn. In case anyone is wondering what is the Djinn; they are what used to be referred to as Genie’s as in Genie in a lamp.

Rosemary is one of the leading experts on the paranormal and has worked full-time in the field since 1983, He field investigations and research have led to the writings of more than 47 books on a wide range of topics. She likes to focus on entity contact experiences of all kinds.

Rosemary hosts a radio show called,” Strange Dimensions” which airs on the Para-X Network. Rosemary was also a consulting editor for the FATE magazine which just stopped printing in the 80’s I believe. Attending the conference with me, Michael Telstarr from Toronto, is thrilled that the vendor booth section of this conference has many older magazines and books. He has found rare FATE magazines and even the number One issue of Fate!

Col Donald Ware and Johanne UFO Congress f2012

10:30 – Noon

Bryce Zabel – Life After Contract – Bryce presented a multi-media journey into the post-disclosure world. Getting inspiration from his book, A.D. After Disclosure, also co-authored by Richard Dolan and his Hollywood experiences; Bryce weaves a compelling story about what happens after the Powers that Be acknowledges the existence of UFOs. Bryce feels that preparation of mankind is needed now to have people acclimatize to the realities. In other words, don’t drop the frog in the boiling water but let him sit and get used to it! Sorry for this bad analogy I just need some humor to offset the seriousness of topics I’ve been listening to for the past 3 days.

Bryce feels the meaningful contact will happen in our lifetimes. He makes predictions about how this will effect life as we know it; the stock markets, martial law, truth commissions, energy breakthroughs, and even the birth of new religions! Bryce is the producer and creator of five network one-hour long TV drama series. He has screen-written over 20 hours of produced studio film and TV ministries.

The winner of the Writers Guild of America award for original long form drama and a winning journalist as a CNN correspondent; who can be sure to see a lot more from this guy on the UFO phenomenon and the paranormal.

1:00 – 2:15

Randall Nickerson – Researching the Ariel School Incident

At the Ariel school in Ruwa, Zimbabwe, 62 children reported seeing a UFO and “strange beings” during their morning recess. The Late Dr. John Mack wrote about this bizarre incident and thoroughly researched all the witnesses that were interviewed. These interviews make the Ariel School Incident one of the most well-documented UFO sightings ever seen by a mass of people. Filmmaker Randall Nickerson went back to southern Africa, tracing the original witnesses and discovered some new ones Randall presents to us on film the results of his investigation.

2:30 – 3:45

Mr. Bruce Maccabee was supposed to attend but could not make it. In his place were a couple, a husband and wife team, with an impressive slide show of their personal contact experiences.

There names are Stan and Lisa Romanek. They have three books called, “Answers”, “The Orion Regression”, and “From the Side of My Bed”. When I listened to their story they seemed rushed

for time and the story is so complex that I could see why reading one of their books would clarify the story being told. I will try my best to simplify and condense this long story. The numerous unexplainable events involving Stan Romanek and what seems to be hundreds of witnesses happens near monthly basis!

There is plenty of video and voice recorded messages which they had brought to this Conference and played out. How the contact began in 2000 was Stan Romanek was video taping in the foothills of Red Rocks. He noticed a line-up of cars pulling to the side and looking at multiple spherical UFOs hovering over the power lines. He took this is a possible prank or military experiment as he was somewhat skeptical. He didn’t know it would just be the beginning of many more sightings and eventual contact.

In September 2001 he was followed by a UFO when returning from a trip to Pennsylvania. It followed them through two and half States; Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois then suddenly disappeared. Later in September 2001, Stan was closing a retail store that he managed for the evening; when his last customers come running back into the store saying there was a large blinking object in the sky. The UFO seemed to have disappeared and Stan left for home. The UFO reappears and follows Stan car back to his home. Stan quickly runs into his apartment and gets his video camera but when he looks out he sees the craft has disappeared. Stan got a really bad headache and went to bed but around 2am he heard a knock at his door. He went to open the door and there in the hallway were 3 not fully human entities. He eventually went back to sleep and thought it was just a bad dream. He woke up with some scarring on his body he could not explain.

At the end of September he was in traffic when he noticed that people were looking up. He looked up and saw a UFO and it just sent a beam of light on his van. The UFO quickly flew over a park. There were many people in the park that saw this UFO. So we have multiple sightings but Stan Romenek seems to be singled out in these incidents.

There was so much activity surrounding Stan that UFO researchers the contacted him said he should be monitoring his home. Amazing footage started to be seen and captured on tape. In 2005, Stan and his wife heard noises in their backyard. They saw orbs there and Stan decided to photograph them. In November 2005, they had people over for Thanksgiving and Stan complained about their house seeming to be haunted. A researcher and ex-Naval Intelligence friend Rick said he would setup video cameras in their bedroom.

Stan started getting calls to attend UFO Conferences and in 2008 when getting ready to go to one…he sees a UFO overhead before getting into his vehicle!! He took only one picture before it flew off.

The UFO returned this time for everyone to see and it had something else tagged along side of it.

In 2008 Stan was in his home office when he looked out his window and saw a triangle shaped UFO.

Again in July 2009, he saw another UFO hover in the sky for about 40 seconds and then implode.

Basically this man seems to be a magnet for UFOs. The have also given Stan mathematical equations which Stan cannot comprehend and he wishes to openly share them so that someone else can make sense of them. The Romaneks say that a little girl keeps coming into their lives. She has blond hair, pale skin and large blue (almost violet) eyes. Sometimes they get phone calls from this little girl.

They think this little girl is saying that Stan is her Father! She said her name is Kiomi meaning Trinity and that there are 9 other children who have had to name themselves. This little girl keeps appearing

either on the phone or in person. Later at a conference that the Romanek’s attended there was a girl in the audience who was a grown up version of Kiomi with 3 fingers, blond hair and big blue eyes holding a glowing object. This story was so long and involved I have decided to make it an actually separate story and possible interview in the future.

4:00 – 5:30

Jaime Maussan, a well-established and widely known Mexican TV personality hits the stage late as the conference falls behind schedule. Still upbeat and very willing to share his information, he shows us his footage. I sat their in awe as I saw some of the best footage in my life on glowing orbs and UFOs.

Through Jaime Maussan TV program, Tercer Milenio, he continues to report on UFOs on a regular basis and is one of the hardest working investigators in the field. He basically let the videos speak for themselves.

6:00 – 7:15

Panel: Who are the Aliens? Featuring Whitley Strieber, Anne Strieber, Yvonne Smith,

Peter Robbins and Dr. Stephen Greer.

“Witnessed” by Budd Hopkins talks about multiple-abductions, in Manhattan. In particular a woman named Linda was taken up from her downtown apartment and taken into a craft. As we explored her case what emerged was that at different times in her life, she was in contact! Budd had met with Linda’s husband who said Linda had received message to “Save our Oceans!” In a very real way this helped our “Save our Oceans” agenda later on passed by the UN.

“There seems to be a correlation between abductees and early childhood trauma. Also Native American ancestor and Irish or Celtic ancestry with contacts.” Yvonne Smith stated.

“We have to quit lying to each other, because you have had UFOs hovering over Montreal for 45 minutes.” said Dr. Greer. Aliens may have already been here for years or thousands of years visiting us off and on. We have to learn to walk for ourselves. They are patient enough to wait for us.”



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