The Ongoing Horror of the Half Cat Killings!


Sadly, I must report that I continue to receive reports of half cat corpses being found all over the world. I have gotten emails from North America, Australia and Europe explaining how a half dead cat was left for people to find by whatever it is that is killing the cats.

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The cats are gutted, drained of blood and returned with mostly only the top half of the cat with their two front legs and paws  in tact found while the bottom legs and body of the cat are missing. The cats look like little dead hand puppets however they were once living healthy cats.  

Unfortunately some of the cats are found by their owners on their property.Others are found by neighbors or those living near where the cat lived. It is hard to find ones pet mutilated and purposely placed where you could not help but find it. The poor cats are always staged for  those who knew and for some loved  the cat- to find it.

I have no idea at all what  or who is behind this and can only try to continue to bring it to the attention of the public in hopes somehow we will be able to place a reason for these cruel killings and mutilations. The sick mean spirited methods of leaving the corpse for those who loved the animal to find is not something we should consider lightly. It is the work of twisted thinking.

This half cat killing has been going on all over the world for more than 20 years that I have been able to track. Somewhere someone has to know a reason for this ongoing slaughter. It is time for us all to start to pay closer attention to what is going on around us so we can stop senseless cruel things like this from continuing.

Here is the latest report of a half cat killing that I have recently received:


We found this cat in our neighborhood in Southern California; we did a web search and found you. Do you have any more recent info on what the cause of this was…cult? Random acts? It was found with no blood perfectly severed and no bottom half anywhere in sight. If you have any info we are concerned and would like to know what info you have on this….? Thanks for anything you can share…” 

I wrote back to this person and told them I did not have any answers but would once again place it in the public’s eye in hopes one day we can understand these vicious long on going half cat mutilations

I have a photo of the latest half cat corpse on my site but felt it too graphic to attach to my article. You can view it on my site. Please be aware it may be hard for cat lovers to see how cruel this on going slaughter is to the poor animals.


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