The Ormskirk UFO

UFO spotted over ancient Lancashire town of Ormskirk  


Although the following Lancashire UFO account happened a while ago, it still makes fascinating reading.

Teacher Kev Thomas was Christmas shopping in Ormskirk, Lancashire with his wife. Kev states that this was in the November/early December period of 2010. He recalls that this UFO sighting occurred on the night that the Christmas lights were officially turned on.

The witness informed me:

“Well, my wife and I went to watch the lights get turned on and she went to get a Christmas present from the stalls in Chapel Gallery. I was walking in to a shop to buy a paper (as they are open late on this night every year). I looked up and there it was.”

Kev stated that he saw an orange, extremely bright, oval shape that moved silently ‘against’ the breeze. It was travelling at an altitude of around 100 feet. He was understandably transfixed by it.

Kev looked at other people for a reaction and noticed one man with his wife and small child looking up at the mysterious UFO. “He also stopped and watched it”, Kev said:

It just moved across the sky slowly towards the south. It was not a lantern. It was oval and moved slowly across to the south, not subject to wind. Other people in the street also looked up and watched it.”

The witness’s confident assertion would appear to indicate that this UFO was ‘not’ a Chinese lantern; as such flimsy objects are indeed blown along by the wind.

The eyewitness continued:

“The street was full of people but everyone was looking at the stalls and the stage in the centre of the market place. I watched until it just disappeared in the distance. Others saw it too but I didn’t say anything, I was just stunned, wondering what it could possibly be.”

Did you see the Ormskirk UFO?

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