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A Spoon Full of Sugar Keeps the Paranormal Held Down (or) Living in a Bubble

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During my time spent with the  Real Time Abductee group this past year I was lucky enough to sit with each of the six members for one on one conversations.  It was a time for me to find out what each member of this rare group of people wanted me to pass on to my readers.  

Some of the time I spent alone with them involved discussing  the events they had experienced  as well as opinions and warnings they had for those of us who have not encountered  the things they have.  I was curious to find out how their experiences influenced their thinking on some of the subjects I write about.

As I spent time with this unique group of people I quickly learned that they do not think like the average  person and have very strong opinions on many subjects.   What  I was told during these chats has changed the way I think about many things.

The female abductee I will be writing about in this article has focused in on what she describes as the  ” Spoon Full of Sugar ”  method  of dealing with life by many of her fellow human beings.  

She told me she has become fascinated with how society has be taught and uses the sugar method to deal with reality to the point that  most reality seems to be long lost concerning many subjects.

By sugar method this woman is referring to how many people seem unable to deal with life on a   ‘as is’  level and go about their thinking and lives by locking away the things that are too harsh or hard with a coating of  fake  surroundings or thinking in order to NOT deal with real life.  

She feels far too many people sugar coat or ignore real truth for a far easier digestible  yet  false  bubble of denial on many subjects and issues they encounter in their lives.

Living in fake bubbles  is a  safe  and simple way of  blocking out the hard truths of   life allowing for a far sweetie existence  .  She points out it is a far more dangerous method as well.  Living with blinders can  bring  devastation  when  real life comes knocking at those living in selective bubbles .

This lady feels that  many people spend their lives blocking out the difficult issues by simply ignoring they exist.  She told me she has watched   many people   walk around with  blinders  on  carefully living in  serious  bubbles of   denial  securing them from all things they do not want to hear, see or deal with.

Ultimately those living in this method  become  destroyed when a real truth enters their  spoon full of sugar false existence.  She  told me this  false way of  living  is  going to have devastating  backlashes  now as the world sinks  into  deep trouble on many levels. 

 Those who have traveled life in a sugar coated bubble do not seem to be able to conceive of or deal with the harsh realities they are now facing.  People losing their homes and jobs or those who are no longer able to afford the life style they once had seem blindsided by what she feels should have been obvious due to the course the world was traveling.  

Living in a world of denial is a strange creation by those  living in our time that she chalks up to a society fed  fantasy and  controlled by  media ,   television ,  and  Hollywood .  We are a brain washed society.   We have all been told to look over here at this lovely view of the world as we ignore  a great deal of  the real world and real  happenings around us.

This  lifelong real time  abductee feels this  Spoon  Full of  Sugar  thinking or non- thinking  is  clearly seen in societies view of the paranormal.

She reminded me how I once told her about the emails I received over  the years from  people   complaining that my articles were too harsh.  

One woman in particular comes to mind who sent me a long email years ago demanding that I stop writing the kind of articles I do as they frighten her . She scolded me and told me that if  I cannot write  about things like vampires and aliens as good beings like us that are here to help us she was not going to read my stories any longer.  I was a bit stunned that a grown adult  felt this way  and  replied by telling her I was sorry she did not like my articles and that I was not a fiction story writer but someone reporting  events  I felt were true by real people who experienced them.  I told her  I wrote about the events as they were reported  which were  often far from  lovely stories.  

The Abductee  reminded me of another  incident that occurred during this past summer when I was spending time with the real time abductee group.  

I was sitting at my desk  writing  about my  conversations with the abductee group when I received a  phone call from a woman who wanted to set me straight about the world of aliens and UFO’s. 

The woman sounded as if she  was  an average middle aged lady with a large opinion on this subject.  The  purpose of her call was to tell me that I need to get a grip and  watch a few of the  Star Wars  movies so I can understand the UFO and alien subject.

At first I thought she was joking  but quickly learned this adult woman  was serious as she went about  blasting me on the phone for writing about aliens as I do .  She yelled that  I was  trying to frighten everyone by writing that we should fear other beings when it is a fact they are all neighborly and friendly which is  well known and I am  sick to think people need to fear them or  the crafts they fly around in.

 Not only was she upset about my stating that we should be careful and not try to approach a craft or being that is unknown – she was  furious that my articles were not full of love and sometimes terrified readers about things considered paranormal.  She told me that many of her internet friends have been taken on lovely journeys in UFO’s and that aliens are here to only help us and show us the ways of the universe.

I asked her if she considered the fact her friends may be the ones not being truthful and that the reports I write about may be what is true and happening to people all over the world. 

The woman burst in to a rage screaming at me things that made no sense at all and slammed down her phone.

Obviously I placed a big pin in the  fantasy  bubble of  her ideas concerning  the subjects of the paranormal.  

The abductee reminded me of these events and how  extreme the woman  reacted when I shook her little  bubble with a  injection of possible reality.  

Not only  did she react strongly she became frantic  with  the idea  that  the real world had a different view of things she obviously could not deal with.

The  real time   abductee  pointed out that  far too many people,  due to the brain numbing , brain washing  effect  of  the internet,  Hollywood  and  slew of  paranormal  based television shows ,  have  far too many people locked in Sci- Fi fantasy  bubbles when it comes to things we consider unknown . 

 She fears we have allowed our  thinking to be shut down and tarnished by what is fun and easy to  digest when it comes to subjects that may be  too difficult to handle.   She considers the idea of  strange beings taking us at will  without any available help or understanding easier to handle if we simply toss it in the box with a great Star Wars scene they loved in one of their favorite   Star Wars flicks. 

The problem this abductee has with this way of handling things is that she is afraid it can or is being used as a control device  by  others who may benefit of want us detached and void of real truth when it comes to subjects like UFO’s and aliens  or alien abduction.

She  feels it could  be an intentional  push  by something greater and more in power than we realize to keep us detached and distracted  via the fantasy that fills our lives and keeps us in  safe bubbles with sugar fed views of things that are serious and potentially dangerous for the human race.  

Her fear is that by our living our lives in sugar coated selective bubbles we see no evil , hear no evil and  speak no evil about some very evil things that  many poor humans do endure  at the hands of  some unknown power . 

Years ago  before we were  force fed by way of a  large volume  mixed bag of a small amount of truth  covered over by mounds of  fantasy via  technology we had to deal with the world  as it truly was.

We had to  work with nature and the land to feed and shelter us in order to survive. We could not look the other way  when  things became unpleasant  or we would starve. 

Today  we know our food markets will  be fully stocked when we get there.  Whatever harshness  went on  for  others to provide it  means little to those  floating in their  sugar filled bubbles pushing filled  food carts .  

Before we took this road of fantasy we needed our families, neighbors and friends to survive and thrive.  We had to look in to their eyes , touch their hands and talk to them one on one to keep going day in and day out.  

The fear is and message to all of you from this abductee is that living in a selective bubble of how you want life to be instead of living life truthfully as it exists may be the downfall of  humanity. 

Even  more  this lady fears we  have not become this way on our own accord or by the circumstance of  modern living.  She fears that this has been a road we have all been herded down purposely by others that find it a easy simple way to control us.

How simple it is to dumb us down from truth by throwing a good movie at us . How simple it is to break us apart  by dividing us in to little bubbles of false thinking  where we live with far less contact or closeness to  our species .

I think about her fears and realize she has a point.  Not only with the subjects of the paranormal but many major subjects that  are of extreme importance to us at this point in history.  Are we being truthful about the world around us or do we all pick and choose the  line of reason that is the easiest for us to handle that allows us to hide safely in our fake sweetened bubbles ?  

Could it be we have all been walked into a  way of thinking that will  one day destroy our  strengths and leave us alone and broken?   Far worse can this  fantasy  choice of  living in selective  reality  that makes us happy  be replacing our sound  minds with fantasy filled  brain washing that will one day destroy humanity?    

I listen  with care to the members of the real time abductee  group.  I realize that they look at our world and our  species with very different eyes. 

I know they were good people going about their normal routine of daily life when something very strange  interrupted their  life ,  took them, changed them and  threw back down  among us  once again.  

I know they  do not consciously  recall  many details of what occurred during their lost time  events.  I also know it has changed them and made them far  more  aware of  many things we never  even think about.

 I hope some of you can benefit from what these people  have  to say  as they seem to see to the center of things while the rest of us seem to remain lost  and  drifting  in  a universe full of strangeness and unknowns.

I imagine the events they endured  while looking directly  into the eyes of the unknown  has  given them a view of  life  from  experience  that only those who have known  can understand.

 Be careful out there.   I  hope one day all humans can once again live a sugar free   non bubble  life of truth ,   united , connected and strong.

Let your skies be  blue,  your  nights  filled with the kindness of others and your hearts full of love.  Stay human.

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