The Return of the Hum – A Super Annoying Mystery

For the past week or so the people in my area have once again been hearing the mysterious Hum .  It starts for no reason and leaves without logic.

This time the annoying noise is being heard late at night. Somewhere around midnight until about 4a.m. in the morning is what I am hearing from those in my neighborhood.
I am one of those who have been kept up at night by way of  the low rumbling vibration and noise that we have come to call  ‘The Hum’.
In the past this noise sounded very much like a diesel truck off in the distance idling .  The problem is the sound of this mystery truck will go on for hours . Many of us living in the area have taken to driving around the area searching for this truck  without  luck. 
It was soon realized it was not an idling truck which sent those hearing it driving endlessly around their neighborhoods trying to find the source of this noise.
To date what is causing this noise has remained a mystery. 
Since I started to write about this  low annoying hum I have received many emails from all over the world telling me that they too have heard and searched for the source of this strange noise to also come up empty  to what is causing the annoying noise.
I had not heard it for awhile here on Long Island , New York and was hopeful it was forever gone .  The low vibrating sound would distract you after listening to hours of it so concentration and sleep became impossible.  I was happy that it seemed to be long gone and the normal sounds of life fully restored.
That hope was dashed about a week or so ago. 
The summer here has been very hot  leaving my air conditioners running over time. At night I would keep it running so the house was cool enough to sleep.  This was the way of things here until we got a break in the weather
Much cooler weather moved in making it possible for us all to turn off those air conditioners and throw open our windows .  
The nights were  lovely with the sound of summer crickets chirping above  the quiet of the  country making for lovely sleeping conditions.  
I was fully enjoying the beautiful summer nights until it came back.  One night while trying to fall asleep I made the disgusted discovery to find that not only the Hum was back- it was back  in a new form.
As I lay in bed I once again was listening to the low  vibration  type sound of a muted diesel engine idling in the distance.  I knew it was not a truck or local sound but a  noise coming from nowhere from nothing but without question there!
As I lay there trying to ignore the noise I realized it now had two new twists to add to its over powering annoyance  level.
The Hum now came in waves. It was the same sound but now in a wave pattern which without question is far more annoying than the old  nonstop version of this irritating noise. 
Along with the new wave pattern in the background  a constant nonstop new sound was added to the problem .  Along with the Hum  there now  was a whine  which sounded like a small airplane  in the distance. Sort of like a hive of bees.
The new sound never left and never changed. It was like a small plane that  never flew further away or closer simply lingered in the same place whining away.
It does not take too long before you simply cannot stand this annoying combination of  sounds making any hope of sleep or relaxation impossible.
I did the usual things. I looked around outside even laid out on my grass in my yard to try to get a sense of where it was coming from . The results were the same. I could not figure it out.
One slight difference was that while laying on my lawn at 2 a.m. I did seem to sense a slight vibration from the ground.  I am not sure about that as it could have also been caused by the glass of wine I had with me!
I was ready to post this article as it reads above when  today brought a new experience to my neck of the woods. Today we felt the earthquake that hit along the east coast.  
I was sitting in my living room with two of my family members in a big wooden rocking chair. All of a sudden the house started to shake  in what seemed to be a back and forth  motion.  My rocking chair with me in it started to shake hard along the wood floors moving it and me all over the living room.  My family all shook where they sat as well. We jumped up to run out of the house as we did not know if the house was going to collapse.  I understand people all over the world deal with this type of thing often but here on Long Island it is not known to have an earthquake strong enough to shake you or your house. It was very odd.
After the shock of it was over I started to think about that  Hum noise  the week before. I had to wonder if  it had been a warning from mother nature that this was going to happen.
Long Island sits in the Atlantic Ocean. Could the motion  that was going on deep within the earth have  caused that strange noise. Could the water surrounding me on the Island  have developed a wave pattern from the shaking below its floor forming a vibration that we could pick up over the Island?  I do not know if this is possible but  since we cannot find any other answers for the strange noises I guess I feel anything is possible.
To make all of this even stranger something else that has never happened before here on Long Island happened tonight.
The population of Suffolk County New York  all, in every household,  received a phone call tonight from Emergency County Services . It was a recording telling us that the earthquake occurred and if something else happens to call the police or a list of other numbers.
This phone call upset everyone as we all assumed the odd event of this earthquake was over and would most likely not happen again for at least a few hundred years.
This phone call  did not happen when we had other far more serious events happen to us in New York.  Having it happen today really has the population on edge.
Is it simply a new policy to call every household now when something happens that  really did not cause any great harm to the citizens ?  Or, was this a heads up  that another strange event is on its way and we all need to know what to do?
I know this may be way out there  in thinking however I had to wonder if in any way those horrid weather manipulation HAARP machines were at play here.
Was that quake by the hand of mother nature – or was it by way of a power struggle  via man on top of this earth?  I know the technology to do these things exist.  Could it be that it was used?  The fact Washington D.C.  and  New York City were in the sights of today’s events did not give me much comfort.
I hope I am wrong about everything I wrote about today.   I would not want to live in a world where anything as power full as an earthquake could ever be used as a weapon.
I will leave the earthquake to those who are the experts in that area . I will also continue on paying attention to that   Hum . Maybe one day we will have the answers to all of these things
Be careful out there and now more than ever pay close attention to your surroundings 

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