The Roommates and The Spaceman of Ocean Beach

By Chris Holly
(Copyright 2016, Chris Holly – All Rights Reserved)
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I received an email from a lovely woman who had a UFO sighting when she was living in Ocean Beach, California.  She was 18 years old at the time.  The year was 1980. The women, along with a roommate were living in an apartment in the San Diego area one block from the Ocean. Together they watched a UFO over Ocean Beach.

The woman told me that one foggy night along with her roommate she became compelled to get in her car and drive to a beach about a mile away from her apartment.  This was odd, as they could have walked to a beach in about five minutes, as one was located right down the block from their apartment.

They did not usually go out of their way to go to other beaches.  They could not explain why but were driven to go to the beach a mile away that night.   It was late in the evening for a beach visit and they really had no reason to want to go to a beach a car ride away, however, something compelled them to go.

It was not a beach night as dense fog covered the roads, but the roommates were compelled so strongly they decided to get in the car and drive to the beach about a mile south of them.

The fog was so thick they could barely see 10 feet in front of the car.  They continued on carefully crawling down the road to the beach parking lot they were drawn to.  They parked the car and headed straight through the fog for the water.

Once they got about 20 feet from the shoreline the fog broke exposing a crystal clear corridor that was approximately 150 yards wide by about one mile in length.

The girls heard a faint humming sound.  They followed the sound looking up to see a UFO a few hundred feet above their heads.  It was gliding smoothly moving parallel to the shoreline.  They found themselves looking at a round iridescent looking craft.

This is the point they think they lost a bit of time.  They seemed to have some confusion from the point of first seeing the craft, to the point when they once again recall it moving over their heads.  The woman does remember getting a very good look at the UFO as it moved across over their heads.

The next thing she remembers is watching the craft move away.  About a half a mile down the shoreline it stopped for several seconds then it vanished in the thin air – almost as if it disappeared into another dimension.

One of the really odd things about this experience was the point when the UFO stopped before vanishing.  It stopped and hovered right next to the beach house owned by an elderly man nicknamed the Spaceman of OB (Ocean Beach).  He was a retired artist, a painter who claimed to have contact with aliens and UFOS.

The girls knew about the spaceman artist. Everyone in the area was familiar with him.  They never thought much about him before, however, now found it very odd that they were seeing this craft so close to his bungalow on the beach.

The Spaceman Of Ocean Beach was an artist named Clint Cary.  Clint was an excellent artist who pioneered painting with black light technique. He was known for his beautiful art pieces of alien cities and alien life.

The Spaceman claimed he had been taken to other planets by alien beings where he was shown cities where the people of earth would be taken by beings of light to be saved from an earth-ending event.

Clint Cary lived and painted along Ocean Beach from the 50’s until sometime in the early 90’s before giving way to blindness and a lifetime of alcoholism.

The young women who had this sighting near this artist’s bungalow decided to visit the artist the day after their sighting.

They did meet the man and did ask him if he had seen the craft they had the night before. He told them he had not seen anything and was not overly eager to talk to them about what they had seen over the beach near his cottage.

The girls did get to see some of the Spaceman’s artwork. The woman told me that his paintings of the space cities were extremely beautiful and without question one of a kind piece of art.

This woman told me that she and her friend recalled seeing other people along the beach that were watching this UFO fly over the beach that night. She often wondered if anyone else has come forward who witnessed this sighting that night in 1980 at Ocean Beach, California?

I was able to research that Clint Cary was indeed called the Spaceman of Ocean Beach. He was famous for his claims of alien contact and wonderful artwork of alien cities. The strange thing that I cannot find one image of any of his alien works of alien cities anywhere. I searched for a long time and only found later works of his, but not one sample or copy of any of his extensive alien city pieces.

I found this sighting to be very interesting. The women involved will never forget that night or the UFO that seemed to lull them to the beach located along the same stretch of coastline that the Spaceman lived and painted scenes of places so extreme that those who viewed them never forgot them.

I also found it odd that I was not able to find one of these paintings anywhere or in any article written about his man. It seems all his incredible paintings of alien life and cities are lost. I tried but found them impossible to find.

Finding information on the Spaceman and his claims of alien abduction has been very difficult. I found one article about the spaceman written by Mike James on the Out of Bounds site on the net. Mike James wrote the following about the spaceman:

During the summer of 1977, my brother Pat and I had our first encounter with the Spaceman of Ocean Beach. Artist and musician Clint Cary, The Spaceman, lived in a cottage at the entrance to the Ocean Beach Pier.

The Spaceman claimed to have traveled to other planets, other dimensions. His otherworldly friends from the planet Rillispore transported him there. He first began his journeys in the late 50’s after first meeting the Rillosporians in the desert near Joshua Tree.

Later the Rillosporians would appear in his Ocean Beach bungalow to take him on these mini-vacations from our time and space.

As a painter, Clint was inspired by these journeys and created wonderful “cosmic art” masterpieces.

During our time with the Spaceman, he gave us “Spaceman Cards“. They were to be our tickets to travel on a giant spaceship. We would be deposited on the 3rd-dimensional planet Lycillus Apum. The relocation would save us from the cataclysmic destruction of the earth when the magnetic poles would shift.

I think it is clear that all who came to know the Spaceman of Ocean Beach will not forget him – especially the women who encountered the unknown right in front of the Spaceman’s home!

We will never know what was going on along that area of coastline at Ocean Beach California during that period of time. I do know this woman and her friend will never forget their encounter with that UFO or the man known as the Spaceman of Ocean Beach and his art.

Chris Holly
Long Island, NY
August 24th, 2016
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