“The Second Coming” in Vitro: The Cult of the Clones – By Dave Morton

“The Second Coming in Vitro

The Cult of the Clones…

                    Wishing for “Christ-in-a-Test Tube”

The Raelian Religion Reviewed
By Dave Morton

<Edited by Robert D. Morningstar>


“Houston, we have a problem.”

After plowing through the elephant grass of the E-book entitled “Intelligent Design – Message from the Designers”, a book by Claude Rael about the Raelian religion and the so-called “Elohim people.” Becoming more disappointed with every passing chapter, I decided to start listing some of the problems I found, as well as some of my nagging concerns.

First and foremost is the meaning of the word “Elohim”.

I’ll cut to the chase: Elohim means “God” in the Old Testament.

Rael states that the word “Eloha” is singular – one person, and “Elohim” is plural – multiple people. However, it’s Not necessarily so.

There is a form of usage in Hebrew grammar called the “majestic plural”. It enhances the meaning of the noun to someone “majestic,” or great, important, etc.  For example, it changes “little boss” to “Big Boss” – the Boss of all 500 stores in the national chain, not the boss of the store on the corner.

Similarly, the “majestic plural” puts a capital G on “God“, in effect, changing the meaning from “gods” with a little “g”, to “God” with a big “G”.

Or from “Elohim – many people who came from the sky” to “Elohim – the Majestic God, the Great God, the Elevated God, who came from the sky”.   

This is done with verbs and adjectives in a “back referenced” way, such that they designate the significance of the use of the plural. If plural verbs and adjectives are used, the noun is plural. If singular forms are used, the noun is a “majestic plural”.

What do we find in Genesis?

Almost always, we find the majestic plural when God speaks. For example, take the following passage from the Old Testament, using the King James Version.

“And God said, Let us make man in our image, after our likeness: and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over the cattle, and over all the earth, and over every creeping thing that creepeth upon the earth.” — Genesis 1:26 (KJV):

This is a strange, hybrid translation where the translator recognized the majestic use of “God” (majestic plural), then proceeded to use the words “us” and “our” in the rest of the sentence, when the verbs in the original Hebrew are SINGULAR.

Therefore, the sentence should read:

“And God said, I will make man in my image…”.

But despite this unfortunate, obtuse translation, there are thousands of other examples in the Old Testament correcting this confusion where God – Elohim – states “I will do such and such”, and “I am the One”, and so forth. Only one entity is speaking in thousands of cases.

The majestic plural also changes “creators” to “Creator” and “designers” to “Designer”. Thus, the subtitle of Rael’s book should read “MESSAGE FROM THE DESIGNER”. Singular.

You would think that the so-called “Elohim people” would have pointed this out to Rael. But there ARE no “Elohim people”…

They don’t exist.

However, there were Angels, Holy Ones, and “sons of God.” Perhaps Rael met them, and perhaps they created life on Earth 25,000 years ago.  That would bypass the problem of mistranslating “Elohim”, and put us back into the realm of possibility.  Let’s take a look at that.

First of all, although I haven’t been a student of “Intelligent Design” (ID), I don’t doubt that ID occurred in the case of human beings. I wouldn’t be a bit surprised. It seems that “evolution” (sic) made a giant leap forward 5,000-30,000 years ago for reasons unknown.

But Rael claims FAR more than that!!

Rael claims that the aliens created ALL life on Earth through the use of DNA manipulation, and that they did it 25,000 years ago.

Frankly, this is just preposterous.

The total number of plant and animal species is estimated to be between 1.7 million and 8.7 million species.  Using the lower number (to be conservative), this means that the aliens created 1.7 million plant and animal species by programming 1.7 million sets of DNA.  It would be roughly like writing 1.7 million computer programs, all in “machine language” – the machine being the organism, and the language being DNA.

Perhaps they programmed the cells using Assembler Language.  Very, very difficult!!

Well, maybe they used a high-level language like COBOL or BASIC. FORTRAN perhaps?? Or their own specialized language – DNA-TRAN?? Still, how would you write 1.7 million DNA programs, test them, document them, create the physical organisms, and transfer them all to the Earth??

Such a project would make Y2K and the first landing on the Moon look like Trivial Pursuit, and would be massive beyond belief!! 1,700,000 programmed sets of DNA – all different. No one in his right mind would even SUGGEST such a project.

How would you ensure that the plant-eating fish and land animals ate only nutritious plants, and avoided the useless and poisonous ones, for example?? Through testing. LOTS of testing. And lots of plants – about 321,000 species. Lots of “animals” as well, vertebrates alone numbering about 62,000 – mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and fish. Let’s see: At one plant-eating test per vertebrate, that would be 62,000 vertebrates times 321,000 plants. Result: 19,902,000,000 (19.9 billion) tests using vertebrates and plants.

For invertebrates, that would be 1,305,000 invertebrates times 321,000 plants. Result: 418,905,000,000. 418.9 billion tests using invertebrates and plants.

A few combinations wouldn’t apply, so we should be able to reduce the testing by a few billion or so.

Total minimum number of tests with vertebrates, invertebrates, and plants: 438.8 BILLION tests, minus a few billion which probably don’t need to be performed, such as with animals that don’t eat plant food, rare plants, etc. But even running 10 percent of the possible combinations would be 44 billion tests.

Could the required number of tests be as low as ONE percent?? Maybe. But that’s still 4.4 BILLION tests. Let’s see… How many tests per day could an Alien perform?? Perhaps 10?? Oh, that works out to only 0.44 billion days if we do 1 percent of the combinations. 440,000,000 days?? 120,548 years??

With 10 Alien testers, that would be a mere 12,054 years. With 100 testers, just 1,205 years. 1,000 testers, 121 years. THEY CAN DO IT!!

Just think of it: If my math is correct, 1,000 Aliens, working frantically for 121 years, testing one percent of the plant/animal combinations, at 10 tests per day for each Alien, should be able to run all the tests in 2 human lifetimes, if all goes well.

How would you ensure that the predators could actually kill and eat their prey?? Lots of testing – for every single “animal” including insects, of which there are about 1 million species.

Dr. Watson, I think we’re gonna need a bigger calculator….How about an Abacus?

What would happen if they DIDN’T test their creations?

All the organisms might have died within 10 seconds or 10 days. Deadly bacteria or viruses might have spread and killed every living thing – even the plants, and left the planet completely un-inhabitable forever. Many of the plants could have been poisonous, wiping out huge swaths of organisms – or all of them. It’s impossible to predict what might have gone wrong, but testing almost always reveals unexpected problems. Without testing, their plan to create life on Earth would almost certainly have been a dismal failure.

But we don’t need concern ourselves about the testing because it never happened. None of this nonsense happened. Except, of course, for the production of baloney by Earthlings. Never before has so much baloney been created by so few.

What about the date – 25,000 years ago for the creation of all life??

I thought the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. Hasn’t this been essentially proven? Yes, it has, using radiometric dating methods such as the uranium-lead method and argon-argon method (not Carbon-14 which is only useful up to 40,000-60,000 years). They keep improving the accuracy of the dating of the remains, and now have it down to a 0.25 percent range. 

The difference between 25,000 and 65,000,000 is a factor of 2,600 for the most recent dinosaur remains. The Prophet Rael is off by a factor of 2,600 for recent dinosaurs, and a factor of 9,200 for the oldest dinosaurs, which lived 200,000,000 years ago. That’s quite a gap.

Were Man and Dinosaur Strolling Together…

in the same Era?

Supposedly,according to Rael’s timeline, dinosaurs and human beings lived at the time since both were created 25,000 years ago, according to the Prophet Rael. Yet there’s never been a case of finding dinosaur bones and human bones at the same geologic level. In other words, if we find dinosaur bones only between 20 feet and 30 feet deep, we should also find human bones at that same level since they supposedly co-existed. But we never do. Dinosaur bones are always deep, and human bones are always shallow.

Even if we had no way to measure the age of the surrounding rocks, we know two things for certain:
1) Humans and dinosaurs were not living at the same time.
2) Dinosaurs lived and died a long time before humans arrived on the scene.

This is called Paleontology.

The geologists and paleontologists are pretty sharp, and have been using Science for over 100 years to ferret out the answers to these questions and discoveries. Since their work often intrudes into religion, they are scared to death that they might make invalid assumptions, perform a test incorrectly, measure incorrectly, and so on. So they constantly double-check and triple-check their work, and evaluate their assumptions, often with colleagues who would be pleased to shoot down someone else’s research, exposing it as flawed, unscientific, amateurish, baseless, illogical, containing even the slightest mistake, etc. No one has been able to do that. Why not?? Because their conclusions are correct and their work is solid.

Raelian Street Demonstration  in Seoul, South Korea

Rael Wants a “Universal Language

They want to impose a world language where all countries in the world are COMPELLED to teach it. Again with the One World Government trash. There is a very popular and common language on this planet, spoken by millions and millions of people: It’s called “English”. We don’t need Esperanto. For that matter, we don’t need a universal language. From an American point of view, it’s hurt this country by enabling millions of people in foreign countries to compete with the USA. Nixon opened up China so American factories could sell their goods to the Chinese. Just look at what’s happened. They all speak English in the cities, and most of the products on American store shelves are made in China, shutting down American factories. You can’t even find a microwave oven made in the USA. Thanks for nothing, Tricky Dicky. Thanks for nothing, Raelians.

The Lovely Raelian Swastika/Star

And thank you for the symbolism underlying your logo,  a SwastikaStar in the symbol for the Raelian Movement seems like a REALLY incongruous idea.  It doesn’t matter what the symbol “originally” meant.

What matters is what it means to most people in the 20th and 21st Century. To paraphrase myself:

What really Counts is WHAT IT MEANS NOW!

But perhaps this is a more than a hint about what the Movement is really about. Perhaps it’s a message hiding in plain sight.  i think it is as plain as the billboard.  What the symbol says isa clear message to me.

Even if it means “the cycle”, (a Kalpa in Sanscrit) as they claim, it doesn’t need to be displayed on their logo. Do the recycling trucks for communities display a Swastika ss they “cycle” garbage? Of course not. That would be ultra-stupid. But the Raelians do it with impunity and with the full knowledge of its modern meaning.

Some groups don’t seem to care if people figure out what their symbols REALLY mean, as long as no one translates and voices it. The message rings loud and clear as a bell:

“Look, My Chosen Clones…

Hear me here, Mein Herren Folks:

We are Jews on the Outside & NAZIs on the Inside!”


And what else could a Swastika/Star-of-David possibly mean?

All I can say is, “Message received.”

Rael then asks us all to “Contemplate Infinity”.

So I ask myself:.

Contemplate Infinity??? Here? Now? How?? Why??

Should I turn to my wife and say:

“Honey, aren’t you going to clean out the garage today??”

“No, I’m contemplating infinity.”

“What conclusions have you reached?”
“It’s all too complicated to explain.”

“Oh, c’mon. I’d love to learn about endless nothingness”…< a loud silence ensues>…
“I’d better go clean out the garage.”


“Science”…”Science”…”Science” recites Rael. Yes, of course. You’d think he’d discovered the Holy Grail. But Rael’s Science is way off. And Science was discovered a LONG time ago, and steadily improved over the centuries. It’s not a new subject to Earthlings. The name “Isaac Newton” seems to ring a bell, and he was born in the 1600’s.

We’re asked to accept the information based on its “logic” and “rationality.”  What logic and what rationality??

Is it “rational”? Is it “logical” to embed a Swastika INSIDE a Star of David?

It’s curious to me that the Rael’s alien designers are always demanding our love and respect. Don’t they get enough on their home planet? 

Is this another case of “My alien wife just doesn’t understand me anymore.”???  Sex is just not what it used to be.”                

            Raelians want “A World Government”

Excuse me????? …”A World Government”?

But We (the People) already HAVE a government in this country.  We don’t need a “world” government – especially one that tells Americans what to do. No thank you.

This is NWO stuff – a New World Order of Colective Communism for Clones and those who wish to think like clones, “To think as ONE” with Rael.

We don’t need some “World Government” filled with Communists and more bureaucratic thieves, eager to dissolve national borders and plunder the national treasure, which in fact is our Freedom. Although Raelians claim NOT to be Communists, they TALK like “Commies,” collectivists, or NWO types…and they share the same goals.

For example, in Brazil, the Raelians are Pro-GMO“Friends of Monsanto”. This is a big red flag for me!!

Any friend of Monsanto is an enemy of the world – and an enemy of mine. You might not realize it yet, but they’re your enemies, too.

Read“Monsanto Named World’s Most Evil Company”:



A Faux Second Coming of Christ?

Rael is no Messenger or Prophet for the Messiah.  If anything, he’s a false prophet. He’s another “L. Ron Hubbard” who founded the “Church of Scientology”. Rael is potentially another “David Koresh”, leading Davidians to their doom, another in the long line of “high priests of The Solar Temple,” ultimately marching into darkness, while playing on the hopes and fears of UFO fans (and devotees) who are essentially GOOD people who want to see the world helped, improved by benevolent aliens.

Rael is somewhat different, more “high tech” marketeer than messiah, but still another raving cultist, combining religion with his brand of “Science” into a Frankensteinean hybrid program.  This is a genetically engineered monster, instead of stitched and bolted together like Mary Shelley’s monster, this one is to be mixed, blended and genetically refined from the most sublime DNA essences of Raelians, cloning on and on until their promised “Jesus in a test tube” arrives by Intelligent Design for the Raelian deliverance, creation of a “Test Tube Christ”…

The Second Coming in Vitro…

All hail the second coming of his majesty…

Rael’s “Test Tube Jesus”!

I warn you: If we eat the “Raelian manna,” Raelian GMO foods and dishes from Brazil, we’ll all be dead soon, meeting Jim Jones and the Heaven’s Gate cult in the Afterlife sooner than we’d planned on doing.

But if we somehow manage to stay alive and healthy, we’ll have to bow down to Jerusalem, Rael’s future “Capital of the World”, very intelligently and strategically sited in the world’s politically, religiously most unstable region, filled with terrorism and populated by mega-millions of people who hate them and all Westerners.

What a great strategist! Rael’s “World Capital” is to be in Israel, the worst place on the planet for a capital or a “World Government. What ever happened to the United Nations” … or The United States? Are they to be ‘nix mehr”… No more

Is that where “Rael” got his name?

“Is”, “Ra”,”El”? as in “Isis, Ra and El?  Is Rael the incarnation of Israel? Or is he more? Is Claude Rael a clone of the Elohim?  It would appear that he would like people to believe so.

But couldn’t the aliens land be more ecumenical,landing simultaneously in multiple countries – like the USA, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Switzerland – to avoid appearing to favor a single country? Add ton that Japan, Spain, and Russia, if you like.

Wouldn’t an embassy in Israel have the appearance of favoring Israel?? Does this “Embassy in Israel” concept seem like a good, pragmatic, safe, and sensible idea?? What if a terrorist blows it up??

My advice is view Rael as you would any fanatical cultist:

Just say “No!” to clones and cultists…

…and “Hell No!” to all would be “Future Furhers.”

If you have a dream, keep it alive – but don’t look to the likes of Claude Rael as an inspiration or a messiah. Rael is “a wolf in sheep’s clothing,” and could become one’s worst nightmare.

Raelians want “to unite Europe.” 

Really? Where have they been since the EU was formed?

They want no borders and ONE Government that will determine our destinies for us.  Rael wants us to go to a place where our own destiny is no longer in our own hands, but “TBD”, to be determined (for the good of the Collective, of course) by the Raelian World Government… 

Good luck, France. And Good Luck to All of Europe with Claude Rael as your “Future Furher”!

Dave Morton

Wisconsin, USA

January 25th, 2012


Extra Extra…Read all about it!

(1PN-SCNT) The first sign of successful cloning. The first indication that cloning has been successful is the observation of a single pronucleus, seen here, which contains the donated material from the donor skin cell. (Credit: Image courtesy of Stemagen)

Cloned Human Embryo Created From Skin Cells



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