“The Skeptical Psychic” – A Revolutionary, Science-based Approach to Intuition


“If you have ever been interested in the realm of the psychic, then Nancy’s book, Psychic Intuition, is a must read. Using her skills as an attorney, Nancy quite systematically examines and cross-examines the evidence, the skeptics, the religious perspective, and the uses and abuses of psychic tools.”- Eldon Taylor, PhD, FAPA, New York Times Bestselling Author of Choices and Illusions and Mind Programming

“Nancy du Tertre’s Psychic Intuition gives the most compelling explanation of why humans have the ability to read each other’s minds and see the future that I have ever read.” -Uri Geller

by Nancy du Tertre

New Page Books – August 2011

Are psychics are really just psychotic? Why are women more intuitive than men? Is there a Sixth Sense? What do ghosts feel like? Are you skeptical that psychic ability can ever be explained in terms of science? Have you ever wondered what psychics actually “see”? These questions and many more are addressed in Nancy du Tertre’s new book “Psychic Intuition: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know But Were Afraid to Ask.” This book explores psychic ability in a brand new way.

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