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Publisher’s Note: I received an email from Deborah Richards regarding her new book: I am the author of ‘The Skywhale’ which has recently been published as an ebook and is available on Could you please publish the following book review on your UFO Digest website.

The basic premise of ‘The Skywhale’ by Deborah Richards is that UFOs are really living creatures that can hover and fly through the sky. In the book Esme and her teenage brother George find a skywhale while they are out treasure-hunting with a metal detector in the silt of a river estuary. The creature had been basking just under the silt and the metal detector wakes it up. It rises up into the air and flies off with the two young people clinging onto the roots (or are they veins?) on the creature’s back. Esme can communicate with the creature telepathically but George is already too old. Over the course of a day they discover that the skywhale is highly intelligent with a great sense of humour and a liking for danger that ultimately gets them all into trouble. The skywhale is pan-dimensional and can ‘jump’ out of trouble but the youngsters are not.

The book found a home with the Canadian digital publisher MuseItUp Publishing who described it as “totally unique”. Aimed at the young teen market, it was published on 18th July 2014 as an ebook, available from and six other online ebook retailers. A sequel is on its way.

For more information or to purchase this book click on its title: The Skywhale

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