The Spanish Earthquake – More Predictions?

By Pat Regan

The Spanish Earthquake of 11 May 2011 was not massive by any typical Richter scale reading at a magnitude of 5.2, but nevertheless devastating in the damage done and lives taken.

The Telegraph also made a most fascinating disclosure:

‘As the earthquake hit Spain, one in five residents of Rome stayed off work and children were kept out of school over earthquake fears following a 1915 prediction by seismologist Raffaele Bendandi that “the big one” would strike on May 11, 2011.’

It is also alleged that Rafaelle Bendandi predicted the 1915 Marsica Earthquake.

 Of course the Spanish Earthquake of Lorca on 11 May 2011 may have been in a divergent locality to the one predicted by Mr Bendandi but the timing is quite striking, to say the least.
Bendandi assumed that the movement of plates, and consequently earthquakes, were the result of collective movements of the planets, the moon and the sun and all perfectly predictable.


My own predictions, which I have written about regarding earthquakes, have been based on the preponderance of UFO sightings prior to seismic activity. Please see the following links:

UFO activity before earth movements appears now to be a fact of life, although this sticks in the crop of the scientific community at times. The hard inflexible logic of science only seems to scratch the surface of the bigger picture, which we are only just discovering.
UFO Digest in fact highlighted an interesting account on this following link:

I would be interested in hearing from others if any UFO increase actually occurred before this Spanish earthquake, as it has in other places.

The Lorca Earthquake was the worse in the region for five decades. The anxious Spanish public understandably sleep in trepidation that this may not be the last.

Mother Earth is clearly moving through a most unstable phase. No one is safe and devastating quakes may occur anywhere and at any given time before balance is restored.
Increased 2011 UFO activity in places like Georgia and California may indicate that seismic activity will also become amplified in such regions.

In fact I believe a 2.9 tremor was experienced on 11 May 2011 (OFFSHORE NORTHERN CALIFORNIA REGION) therefore that may be an area to watch with some vigilance. SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA was also reported to have experienced a quake of a 2.6 magnitude on the same day.

As I write, CENTRAL CALIFORNIA experienced a quake on 12 May 2011 possessing a magnitude of 2.5.

I for one will continue to watch the skies closely.

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