The Spirits at Sally’s House


Sally is a friend of mine. I have known her since I was 7 years old. She is a very kind person who has had a life filled with spirits, ghosts or maybe her guardian angels. I am not sure what follows Sally but I do know they are there and they protect and guide her.
Sally has lived in the same house her entire life. When Sally married years ago her parents gave Sally and her husband the family home as a gift. Sally has lived there her entire marriage. She raised her children in this house and to this day, still lives in that old family home.
During her lifetime Sally has had good times and bad. The only difference with Sally and other people is that when Sally has a extreme happening in her life, the spirits around her let themselves be known. I know this for a fact as I have witnessed these events first hand while at Sally’s house.
The first time Sally became aware she was going to become a mother happened years ago while Sally, her sister and I were sitting around her dining room table having a cup of tea.
 Sally mentioned she thought she might be expecting  but quickly added  she was not sure.. The second Sally said that a guitar that was hanging on the wall in the dining room started to play. It did not make a few notes due to weather change or temperature adjustment, it played part of a song.
When the guitar started to strum an actual tune I did what anyone would do.   I jumped to my feet yelling “ Oh my God, oh my God” with my hands in the air frightened to death.
 Sally and her sister  just sat there. I could not contain my fear as I not only was hearing the guitar – I was also watching the guitar on the wall play. I  ran  out of the dining room yelling!
 Sally and her sister tried to comfort me. I kept running, knocking chairs out of my way and spewing books on a shelf near the door all over the floor until I was outside and away from the house.
Sally and her sister  calmed me down.. Sally and her sister  explained that they think the spirits of all the family members who lived there before them still hang around. I just stood and starred at them.

They went on to tell me that often when either a very good thing happens or very bad things are coming, odd events like the guitar playing, happen in the house.  Needless to say Sally was indeed expecting her first baby. I sort of figured that after the guitar played its happy tune.

Years passed and I started to become accustom to the odd happenings at Sally’s house.
 One year Sally’s brother seemed to be out of sorts. Sally thought he may need help but was hesitate on insisting he go to a doctor to see why he looked so sickly and was acting so oddly. Sally and I were talking about it while out shopping together.
I had seen Sally’s brother the night before we went shopping and was stunned at how awful he looked. I was trying to convince Sally to insist her brother go to a doctor.
 The conversation  about Sally’s brother continued as we finished shopping and returned to Sally’s house for coffee. 
We unlocked Sally’s front door and entered her house. As soon as we walked into the house a putrid smell  overcame us  both.  
It was over powering. We  both started to retch and ran to open the windows. The house smelled like rotting meat.
Sally and I searched the entire house but found nothing that could  possibly be causing the odor.
Suddenly without rhyme or reason, the odor was gone. It simply vanished. We stood in her living room looking at each other confused by the entire event.
As we stood there  we heard a muffled meowing from upstairs. Sally looked at me and said, “That sounds like Sammy”. We both ran up the stairs following the sound of the family cats faint cries.
We followed the sound of the cats cries  to a big dresser that was standing in the hallway in front of and blocking an old linen closet.
The cat continued to cry. We pushed the big heavy chest out of the way and pulled open the linen closet door to find Sammy wedged on the top shelf terrified and shaking. We pulled the cat down and comforted the frightened animal the best we could.
How the cat got into that closet or why that house smelled was simply a confusing unknown. We searched and found no sign of a break-in. Nothing had been taken, the house seemed perfectly fine other then the fact it had that overpowering smell and Sammy was found locked away in a blocked closet.
Sally insisted her brother go to the doctor the next day. The doctor told the family that if her brother had waited another day he might have died. His heart needed immediate surgery  He was operated on immediately which saved his life.
  Sally  was sure the spirits in her home were telling her in a forceful way to get her brother help  right away. Sally fully believes the strangeness in her house saved her brother’s life.  Sally knew she was being warned and she knew the message was for her to take immediate action.
I had an incident of my own in Sally’s house.. Again I was  in her dining room drinking a cup of tea with Sally and her sister. We were talking about a  decision  I was trying to make about getting  married or not.
 I was in love and very happy but extremely nervous about making the final commitment. I was telling my  friends that I just wish I knew what the right thing was to do.
 I remarked I thought it was time for me to be a married woman. As soon as those words came out of my mouth a music box sitting on the hutch next to the dining room table started to play. It was playing the same  wedding waltz tune that my grandmother had in the music box she was given on her wedding day, that I now owned.
I sat and listened to the  little music  box play the familiar song.  Nonchalantly I asked my friends  how they got the music box to play timed into our conversation like that?  I thought it was really great how they were able to do what they did to have it play at that exact spot in our conversation.  My friends looked at me. Sally said, “We didn’t”.
 I looked at them and replied an articulate “What?” Sally got up and walked to the music box and brought it back to the table and placed it in front of me. She then said, “ Turn it over and look at it, you have to wind it to play, and look at the songs it plays, it is right there on the label where you wind it up.”
I turned the box over and saw the key where you wind it to play. I also read the song titles; it said Jingle Bells and Silent Night. I turned the key until it was tight and placed the music box on the table to play. In a soft bell like ringing the box played  Jingle Bells followed by Silent Night.
They were the only songs this music box played.  It took some time but after a long examination of the music box my friends convinced me the music box only played those two Christmas songs.
Sally told me it would be her thinking that the spirits that over look the family think it is time I got married too and  that was their way of telling me!
  I was  told I should get married as the angels of the house definitely  approved!
The activity in this house continues to this day  TV sets in the house often switch on and off
as do radio’s  . I had an incident when  my watch was removed from where I placed it on the counter  while I was in the room only to find it  later on the dashboard of my car. The events in this house are countless, and to this day continue.
The thing of it all with this house and its events is that they do not frighten you once you get use to them. The family uses the events as the opinions and guidance of those who lived there before them. The family feels it is done in love and caring and often considers the strange events the opinions of those who look over them.
I have no idea what is going on in Sally’s house. I do know the events happen. I do know they happen often and I find the attitude of the family the key to making the unknown second nature for this family. They simply think of it as another voice to consider when big issues are at hand. They feel it is just one of the relatives, long past, throwing their two cents into whatever is going on. 
I wonder about Sally’s house sometimes. I think it best left exactly as it is. It certainly seems that everyone and every spirit involved seems to be doing fine. The only one who seems a bit annoyed now and then is Sammy the cat ! However, a little cuddle and a new mouse toy to chase and even Sammy seems to be content!   By the way I did get married and it was the best decision of my life!
This story was written by  Chris Holly as told  by her sister. 
♥Copyright © 2010
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