The STARCHILD Skull – Genetic Enigma or…Human-Alien Hybrid?

A UFO Digest Book Review
By Dirk Vander Ploeg

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Genetic Enigma or…Human-Alien Hybrid?
By Lloyd Pye


All Original Material Copyright 1999-2006 © Lloyd Pye

I believe I first heard the story about the Starchild and Lloyd Pye about a decade ago. Since that time I have read almost every article and listened to Lloyd when he appeared on radio shows like Coast-to-Coast AM ( with Art Bell and now George Noory.

I think we all know the “backstory” of the Starchild, and it is not surprising that Lloyd names his first chapter exactly that. Here he takes the time, using deliberate descriptions and staggered pacing to tell the tale of how a 14-year old American teenager was visiting the small isolated Mexican town where her parents were born. Pelo was her name and like most American teenagers soon became bored with the rural settings. One afternoon she pretended to go to pick cherries, but really wanted to explore the numerous ravines and old mines that her parents had forbidden.

Pelo saw an interesting ravine and decided to explore it. “Ten minutes in and it began narrowing to its end. She gazed ahead to see what she could see and noticed a roundish hole in the middle of its left flank. A thick, wide pile of detritus fanned out from the hole down to the bottom of the ravine. Dried branches were jumbled below its bottom edge, meaning bushes once flourished there but were now dead and desiccated. A mine tunnel!”

It was in the back of one of these caves that Pelo made a discovery: “A skeleton! Lying on its back, up ahead on the mine tunnel floor, was what looked like a complete human skeleton. Ohmidios (Oh my God)!” She described the skeleton as being small, the size of a child. She made an even more startling discovery when she realized a hand was wrapped around the child’s arm. “A hand! No double about it, a hand was poked up out of the dirt and rubble beside the skeleton, and was wrapped around its bicep area.”


She had discovered the skeletons of a woman and a child. For some unknown reason she decided she must take the bones with her and so she dug them up and placed them in the basket that she had left at the entrance to the cave. She was amazed at how light the child’s bones were. The mother’s head was heavy and weighed what she imagined it would, but the child’s skull was remarkably light. After placing all the bones in the basket she feared bringing them back to the town because it was taboo to enter the caves and mines of the area. Still she considered them her “treasure” and planned to take them back to the town.

She decided she needed more time to arrange how to get the bones back to the town. She placed the bones in the roots of a large dead tree and thought they would be safe even if the rains came.

But she never expected the rains to be so monumental. “For most of two days the heavens poured, turning all low, flat land into sticky mud, while carving countless new gullies.”

On the third day the rains stopped and Pelo slipped away from the village. She found the dead tree but was surprised to find the basket including all the bones were gone! She searched and searched, hoping to find at least a piece, a trace of the skeletons she had discovered. Feeling totally frustrated she gave up and decided to walk home by following the ravine. She saw a group of four greasewood bushes that had broken limbs, and at the base of the bushes was a skull! She couldn’t imagine her luck. She had found the adult skull and after another few minutes of searching also recovered the child’s skull. She placed the skulls, jaws etc into her gunnysack.

This was approximately 75-years ago. Since then the skull has had several owners and now Lloyd Pye is trying to discover the original origin of the skull, nick named: the Starchild Skull.

“Chapter Two begins with explaining “Provenance” – establishing the origin of an object and a chain of custody of that object. Lloyd Pye claims that the Starchild skull could be the most important relic in world history, because it could well answer the question: Are we alone in the universe?”

As Pye points out: the Starchild Skull is unlike or doesn’t resemble any other of the 10,000,000,000 (ten billion) humans who have lived on earth! He speculates that a native woman may have killed the Starchild or it may have died of natural causes. All we know from the story of Pelo that the woman’s body was buried beside that of the child. We also know that although healed, the woman had suffered a serious head injury.

He speculates that a native woman may have killed the Starhild or it may have died of natural causes. All we know from the story of Pelo was that the woman’s body was buried beside that of the child. We also know that although healed, the woman had suffered a serious head injury.

And then he met Dr. Ken Pye, who was a forensic expert who also owned his own laboratory. Although they shared the same last name they were not related. Lloyd was at the point in his investigation that he needed many expensive laboratory experiments conducted to confirm or deny conclusively the origin of the Starchild! Lloyd is not a wealthy man and has had to rely on funding from a variety of sources including his website membership list and a half-dozen or so patrons to pay for scientific testing, travel and living expenses. It was during this initial meeting with Dr. Pye, over lunch, that he handed the doctor a sterolithographic reproduction of the Starchild plus the maxilla half. The doctor after carefully examining what he had been given looked up and said, “I have to agree with Jean. I think you may have something completely unique here. I’d certainly like to know what it is.”

Dr. Pye agreed to conduct several tests when he had the time and to get back to touch with Lloyd. Sometime later Lloyd and a colleague met Dr. Pye, who stunned them with the question, “Gentlemen, I wish I knew how to break this to you gently, but…I think you’ve been hoaxed.” Dr. Pye stated that his tests had proven that the Starchild was not 900 years old, but was in fact the skull from a recent death. Lloyd was devastated, but Grant a friend of his suggested that the skull was recent but not from modern times but rather from the Roswell crash – some fifty years earlier.

As a result of Dr. Pye’s findings it was decided to retest the Starchild skull so a piece was shipped to a lab in Miami that specialized in dating bones using carbon 14 testing. Results were promised in four-weeks but the anticipated date came and went. Finally Dr. Pye called. The results were back. Before handing us the results he said, “Remember when I told you and Grant that Jean misinterpreted the aluminium graphs because her field is organic rather than inorganic chemistry?” Well he admitted he had done the same thing. His speciality was inorganic chemistry and he was fooled by something organic. He apologized and handed them the results. 

Lloyd yelled, “Haaaaaaa!” At the top of the page was the Starchild dating result! – 900 years, plus or minus 40 years.

This book is more than the story of a 900-year old skull with a known mother and unknown father. It is more than a story of a mother protecting or killing her deformed or alien-hybrid child.

Pelo married a man who worked for the U.S. government and then handed over her treasure to friends, who gave the skull to others who also worked for the U.S. government. These friends kept the skull for 5-years before giving it to its present caretakers: Ray and Melanie Young. They both had extensive medical backgrounds and were members of El Paso’s Mutual UFO Network (MUFON). They recognized the similarities between the Starchild skull and drawings of extraterrestrials called the grays.

It was at this point that Lloyd Pye entered the story and his life has never been the same since. This book is his story: his struggles to find the truth and the friends and love he found along the way. The Starchild has consumed his time (the last 8-years) and energy. He has travelled to England, Canada and back to the United States many times during that time.

In the chapter entitled, The Final Hurdle” Lloyd learns that new technology has just been invented that can prove the authenticity of the Starchild. Three years ago Jason Eshleman at Trace Genetics tried unsuccessfully to sequence the Starchild’s nuclear DNA but now he informs Lloyd that the technology does exist. Lloyd contacted Jason to see if he were interested in appearing in a National Geographic project called “Is it Real?” Jason tells Lloyd, “By the way, have you heard about the new sequencing technique being applied to the Neanderthal genome?”

Lloyd answers, “No, should I?”

Jason continues, “It’s been discussed in some technical journals. A place called 454 Life Sciences in Connecticut has found a way to sequence DNA in a base-pair by base-pair arrangement…”

Lloyd couldn’t believe it. The proof he had sought was finally in sight. And it was possible that the sequencing could begin in 2009 or 2010 and the results known in under a year. The only hurdle could be obtaining the $200,000 needed to cover the cost of the lab work.

As one of the first steps towards this goal Lloyd has published this book and is hoping that sales will provide the needed money to further fund the Starchild Project.

In this review I have just scratched the surface in outlining what the book contains. It has many photos (color and back and white), x-rays, Cat-scans, illustrations and much more.

I would highly recommend, “The Starchild SKULL, GENETIC ENIGMA or…HUMAN-ALIEN HYBRID?” as a fascinating journey into the truth of an ancient skull.  

For more information or to purchase click here: The Starchild Skull — Genetic Enigma or Human-Alien Hybrid?

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