The Sun is Truly Hot Stuff!

Seems like it is all about the Sun Lately


The sun is making its power known lately. From problems with cable to complaints of painful aches and pains increasing during the extreme solar blasts the sun keeps throwing at us- the sun is making its power known. I think of the era of 2012 as a time when our sun will make its power fully known by causing many problems here on earth. At any time the sun could blast us with flares strong enough to interrupt if not completely knock out our power sources leaving us literally powerless and cast back in time before electricity as well as all of our technology.

I became aware of the fact that family members as well as my own sore joints were acting up during the days we were being warned the sun was throwing large flares at the earth. I decided to do a small test of my theory by contacting 14 people I know who suffer from assorted painful ailments of the muscles and bone joints.  I would visit the Space Weather site daily and charted the days when the sun was acting up blasting us with large flares. I also asked the 14 people to email me on the days they were having increased discomfort or pain. I was amazed at how the emails matched the flare days in a clear pattern showing that at least this group of 14 was more sensitive to increased problems with their aliments when the sun was actively tossing flares at the earth. If you know people who suffer from painful joint or muscle pain why not do your own test and see if they

Our weather relates to what the sun is doing which I am sure will cause us turmoil with strange weather patterns continuing as the sun works its way through its ongoing cycles.
I think it would be wise for us all to pay close attention to the sun and to prepare for what this powerhouse may bring to us over the years to come. Know the chances of world confusion by losing our energy and communication abilities is a possible problem we may all have to deal with. Make sure you will be ready to weather the aftermath of what may come if our sun decides to throw us a punch we are not able to handle. Be ready for a solar assault as you would make ready for any large storm heading your way. It is the way of things in our solar system to change and cycle which may cause us turmoil and confusion. Make sure you are prepared for what may come by way of the massive ball of energy known as our sun.


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