The Tithonia City On Mars

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The new city has been found by the NASA satellite photos on The Mars. It is The Tithonia City: Latitude -4,96 (south) and Longitude 89,62 (west), just south of the Martian Equator in the Tithonium Chasma Floor, but Google Earth (Mars option) doesn’t show it yet to us?

The Tithonia colony is located about 6 miles south of the center point location of the MOC M0204304 STRIP.

Click here or on video to watch!

It is about 23.000. feet (7,0104 km.) below the surrounding Martian terrain. – PROJECT REDSTAR – MARTIAN GENESIS provides conclusive proof of an alien (or Human Beings?) base on Mars – a base buried deep on the Tithoniaum Chasma floor – hidden away from prying eyes.

The evidence is so obvious, so clearly visible that it defies the imagination – and PROJECT REDSTAR reveals an entire 82 acre complex of structures and buildings that meet all criteria used on Earth to identify them as artificial.

We have NEVER had evidence so astounding and so clear as revealed in the Video or DVD and SPECIAL REPORT. Every major structure is shown direct from the Martian Global Surveyor photographs, then enhanced, outlined and computer lifted in exact scale – complete with live animation fly-arounds and fly-overs of Tithonia City.

The people who have seen this remarkable video/DVD and Special Report on Tithonia City are amazed at the incredible clarity of these structures – so obvious than even children can spot them on photographs almost immediately!


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