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“… in retrospect, we must concede that John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khruschev both saved humanity from nuclear war in October 1962, working together against the worst instincts, most bellicose intentions and unwise counsel of their advisors, with General Curtis LeMay in the forefront and the most vocal “War Hawk” among them … ” – RDM*


The UFO Digest Spotlight on…


The Christic Institute FOIA Transcripts

Joint Chiefs Pushed JFK To Start WW III with “1st Strike” Nuke Attack

Transcribed From Dr. Gary Null’s “Hidden Agendas”

By John DiNardo

<Edited By Robert D. Morningstar>


During the 1980s & 1990s, employing the Freedom of Information Act, Daniel Sheehan of The Christic Institute, received transcripts and tapes of President John F. Kennedy’s Executive Committee meetings with his National Security advisors and the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the Cuban Missile Crisis, October 1962.

As a regular guest on Dr. Gary Null’s “Hidden Agenda” series, broadcast by Pacifica Radio in 1996, Daniel Sheehan revealed the contents of the files and tapes.  Sheehan stated:

“The entire Joint Chiefs of Staff of The United States convened, and voted to go to “nuclear first strike.” Because, they said:

 ‘ You can’t be faked out. You can’t blink when you go toe-to-toe with these guys…

We’ve got to go to “nuclear first strike!’

When they INSTRUCTED Kennedy to that effect,  Kennedy ABSOLUTELY REFUSED!

President Kennedy was so traumatized, according to Kenny O’Brien,  who was there… Kenny O’Brien said that he sat there in his rocking  chair, and tears actually appeared in his eyes, and he said to them:…

“I WILL NOT BE the First Man to unleash nuclear holocaust

upon Mankind!”

JFK & the Joint Chiefs of Staff 1963

His story continues below…


UFO Digest Editor’s Note:

UFO Digest would like to express our gratitude to John DiNardo who transcribed Daniel Sheehan’s (and other important) interviews from  “Hidden Agendas” with Dr. Gary Null. and has made them available to oour readers.  John’s transcripts were originally  published in  “The People’s Spellbreaker” (Newspaper of the People of Kansas), which was one of the first on-line newspapers on the Internet. 

Other “Hidden Agenda” transcripts by John DiNardo will be published in a series in UFO Digest.

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          T H E  P E O P L E’S  S P E L L B R E A K E R     



    *    *    *    *    *  MORNING EDITION  *    *    *    *    *
                “Stone Told Too Little of Truth Concealed by CIA-Infested Media”

— Richard M. Nixon

This excerpt of Daniel Sheehan’s multi-part 1996 interview with Dr. Gary Null  begins with Sheehan discussing a CIA-funded anti-Castro Cuban “false-flag attack” planned on the Guantanamo Marine Base, intended by the CIA to implicate the Castro regime, during the early 1960s:

“… The fact is that they messed up. This group did not make it ashore.  They tried to get ashore, and they encountered what they thought were real Castro troops, and they never made it ashore.

So this fake attack against the Guantanamo base never took place.  Therefore, a genuine mayday [distress call] never came in [from] the Guantanamo Marine base.  The Marines were never sent in, and so,the twelve hundred men or so of the actual Cubans [exiles] went ashore and were trapped.

Now, there is also a lot of talk about the failure of Kennedy to order in the air support, but the fact is that the men just screwed up. They had air support down in Nicaragua, and they had some in Guatemala, but they got confused on the difference in the time
zones. And so, only one sortie of aircraft went over to give them support, and the second one that was supposed to show up was an hour late.

By that time, they were already pinned down on the beach, and the Cuban Air Force had already gotten into the air.  And the objective of that whole air cover [plan] was to hit the Cuban Air Force while it was on the ground, so that it could never get airborne.

Now, when the fiasco came down, as we all recall, Kennedy was blamed for it by the men in the Central Intelligence Agency. They fabricated stories saying that he didn’t send in the air support, as he had promised, and he promised to send in the Marines, and he withheld them.  NONE of that was true! 

But there was a major effort on the part of the Central Intelligence Agency people — Richard Bissell and J.C. King and Sheffield Edwards and the others — to lay all the blame on Kennedy.

Kennedy, as we recall, stepped forward and accepted responsibility for that, much to their surprise, and then he went down to Miami and he held a big meeting at the Orange Bowl, and met with Cuban refugees, and said that he took full responsibility, and he apologized to them, and said that he was going to allow them to continue [their paramilitary operations against the Castro regime].

Soviet Premier Nikita Khruschev

Defender of Stalingrad – Destroyer of Nazi Hordes

Exposed The State Crimes of Dictator Josef Stalin

Launched First Satellite and First Man into Space

“Politicians are all alike.  They promise you a bridge even where there is no river”- N.K.

Now, at the same time, Kennedy was promising Premier Khruschev of the Soviet Union that he was not going to allow this to go on anymore.

He flat-out lied to Premier Khruschev.  And when they reassembled the group to continue the operations, so as to maintain Kennedy’s popularity with the Cuban community in Miami, they renamed “Operation Forty” –> “Operation Mongoose.”

And they set up a huge base code-named JMWAVE on the southern campus of the University of Miami.  They set up a huge facility there under the cover of an electronics firm.  And they ran JMWAVE, which was the “Operation Mongoose” continuation of the whole “Operation Forty.”

Now, in the meantime, this political assassination group, unknown to the Kennedy Brothers, was continuing its efforts to assassinate Fidel Castro. 

Theodore G. Shackley

CIA Operative Ted Shackley – Director/Operation JMWAVE


Now a brand-new Miami [C.I.A.] station chief was brought in under this operation which became the second biggest C.I.A. base in the world, second only to Langley, outside of Washington here, in Virginia, as the main base. And a young, 34-year-old Central Intelligence Agency operative from Berlin, a fellow by the name of Theodore G. Shackley, was brought in to run the entire operation. He came to know about the political assassination operation that was being run.

And liaisons from the C.I.A. were then put in touch with the actual political assassination group.  Frank Fiorini, or [alias] “Frank Sturgis” and E. Howard Hunt were direct liaisons who were assigned to coordinate with this political assassination group.


David “The Indian” Morales

CIA Operative – JMWAVE

There was another fellow by the name of David Morales.  They call him “The Indian”.  But David Morales was assigned, out of Shackley’s office in Miami, to coordinate with these particular men.  That operation continued apace from November of 1961 all the way up to November of 1962 when this horrible “Cuban Missile Crisis” came down.


Because Khruschev had come to the realization that he was being lied to by the new young president, and that the military operations were continuing against Cuba after President Kennedy had promised, personally, to Khruschev that he would stop them, Khruschev then went ahead and ordered nuclear missiles into Cuba. 

Khruschev had become convinced that Kennedy was actually planning a second invasion attempt, so he sent in the missiles to provide protection, with some bombers.

Russian Nuclear Missile Site in Cuba shown in U-2 photo, October 1963

And when this was discovered, of course the now-famous confrontation occurred, between Kennedy and Khruschev, during the October Missile Crisis of 1962.


JFK meeting with National Security staff in Executive Committee – October 1962


Now, when this happened, it was astonishing to everyone.  What had happened was that the president, at the direction of his Joint Chiefs of Staff, had issued an ultimatum to Khruschev, saying that:

‘We’re going to establish a particular line of longitude in the Atlantic Ocean.  We know that you’re sending more ships with more missiles on board because we’ve picked them up on our satellites.    We can see them.  And if those ships cross a particular line of longitude, a technical state of war will exist between the Soviet Union and the United States. ‘

Now, they monitored those ships, and those ships came up to the line, and actually CROSSED THE LINE!  The entire Joint Chiefs of Staff of The United States convened, and voted to go to “nuclear first strike.”  Because, they said:

‘You can’t be faked out.  You can’t blink when you go toe-to-toe with these guys …  We’ve got to go to nuclear first strike!’

And when they INSTRUCTED Kennedy to that effect, Kennedy ABSOLUTELY REFUSED!


President Kennedy was so traumatized, according to Kenny O’Brien, who was there. Kenny O’Brien said that he sat there in his rocking chair, and tears actually appeared in his eyes, and he said:

“I WILL NOT BE the First Man to unleash nuclear holocaust

upon Mankind!”

<M* note:  At this critical point, with President Kennedy still under duress, overwrought with emotions, and resisting the “1st Strike” nuclear attack directive from the Joint Chiefs, Robert F. Kennedy spoke out strongly against them, stating adamantly:

“No!  Gentlemen!  You are NOT going to turn My brother into ‘ToJo‘! 

If we were to do this, we would be no better than the Japanese at Pearl Harbor. >

* * * * * *

Daniel Sheehan continues:

“And he (JFK) ordered the entire United States nuclear forces to stand down from their alert, because he did not want to have any accidents

And he was SO TRAUMATIZED by that experience of coming right to the very SECOND when he was being directed to launch a thermonuclear strike that would bring to an end, perhaps, to the entire human family, that he went through a kind of “metanoia process” (that’s how we refer to it in theological circles).  It was kind of a religious experience.  It was an encounter with ‘ultimate reality.’

And he was DRAMATICALLY changed by that.  He started taking steps, not only to stand down our nuclear forces, but to establish communications with Soviet Premier Khruschev — to set up the red phone hot line system [between Washington and Moscow]; he started talking about setting aside and stopping nuclear testing; he established a back channel to Fidel Castro to start discussing how they could stand down from their confrontation; this whole process he began to do.  And, as you know, he began to take steps to stand down United States military intervention in Southeast Asia.


This whole process [of rapprochement], that was going on as a result of Kennedy’s experience, generated ABSOLUTE OUTRAGE within the Cuban  community.  They believed that they had been lied to. They were obviously displeased, all the way from the Bay of Pigs Invasion, when they had been told [the lie] by Central Intelligence Agency officials that Kennedy had personally held back the air cover.

Even though they had sort of forgiven him for that — in light of his willingness to proceed with “Operation Mongoose” — once he turned on them (he said that he was absolutely going to order them to stand down from all their [paramilitary] operations [against Castro]), they became FURIOUS!  Now, here’s where we come, in my judgment — based on everything that I was told — to the pivotal point.

What happened was that President Kennedy ordered those military bases that had been set up, by the Central Intelligence Agency, in the Florida Everglades, on No-Name Key, on the Florida Keys, and also on Lake Ponchetrain in the Louisiana bayous … He ordered
these bases to stand down and to stop all further military or paramilitary operations against Cuba.

Well, they flat-out refused.

And it was at these bases that some of the recruits had been taken for this special “shooter force” [“S Force”], this political assassination group.  Historically, they were gathered up from No-Name Key and this one base in the Everglades and one of the two
operations in Ponchetrain, north of the lake there.

They would gather up these twelve guys, and they would bring them, secretly, to Fort Huachuca, Arizona.  And there, they would be logged in and they would sort of disappear from the world.  And then they were secretly transported down to Mexico, to a ranch down there near Huajaca, Mexico, where they were trained in political assassination techniques: triangulating rifle fire, poisoning, bombings of all sorts; that’s where they were trained. Then they would be flown back up to Fort Huachuca where they would resurface into the world. Then they would be flown back to their various bases, on No-Name Key and in the Everalades and north of Lake Ponchetrain.

And then, they would continue to simply participate.  Unless they were going to be
called upon to undertake a particular political assassination attempt against Fidel Castro, they would just participate in general “Operation 40” and, later, in “Operation Mongoose” activities.

Well, these men absolutely refused to stop their activities!  They just continued to go straight forward. 

In fact, we know that from June 11th, 12th and 13th of 1963 ….This is now some six full months after. This becomes a critical point…


“The S Force”

Actually, June 10th, 11th, 12th and 13th of 1963.   We know that an attempt was being made, right at that time, by the “Shooter Force” or “The S Force” to carry out a political assassination attempt against Fidel Castro. 

Even though they had been ordered to stand down from all “Operation 40” or “Operation Mongoose” activities, this semi-private, ultra-black operation undertook an additional attempt to assassinate Fidel Castro.  We know that this thing was carried out.


William Pawley

William Pawley, a private, very very high-level guy in the Eisenhower Administration, took his private yacht, called the “Flying Tiger II”, and he brought this group of “S Force” people under the supervision of William “Rip” Robertson, Rudy Enders (a C.I.A. official) and John Molina.

They brought this group down to Cuba and launched them ashore to carry out the political assassination –sort of a last-ditch, desperate effort to kill Castro before Kennedy could get their operations shut down.

We know that on the night of June 12th, when they were ashore, William Pauley specifically stated (we know because we talked to one of the people who was on-board the ship that night) …

William Pawley specifically stated, on June 12th of 1963:

  “We’re going to kill that F**king Kennedy!”

That’s what he said when they were all sitting around, bitching and griping about Kennedy, and how he was trying to shut them all down.”


End of Daniel Sheehan Interview with Dr. Gary Null…

But “Hidden Agendas” continue…


November 2nd, 1963 – The US Navy destroyer USS Velsole (DD 878) escorts the Soviet freighter “S.S. Polzunovr” as the ship returns to Russia laden with Soviet nuclear missiles aboard.  Soviet medium range  missiles were removed from Cuba in return for the removal of U.S. “Jupiter” missiles from Turkey. 


The American public was not informed of the reciprocal “quid pro quo” missile withdrawal agreement, portraying the outcome on television and newspapers as a one-sided victory for JFK and the United States. 

General Curtis LeMay – USAF

However, in retrospect, we must concede that John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khruschev both saved humanity from nuclear war in October 1962, working together against the worst instincts, most bellicose intentions and unwise counsel of their advisors, with General Curtis LeMay in the forefront and the most vocal “War Hawk” among them on the US side. Fidel Castro who asked the Soviet ambassador to launch a nuclear strike on the US was the worst one on the Soviet side.


There are clear indications that General LeMay was actually trying to incite warand actively seeking a casus belli, a cause for war.  LeMay’s tactic was to “invite” a Soviet attack on the U.S. 


For example, LeMay,  playing on deep Russian fears of a first-strike US nuclear attack, scheduled and conducted a long range, trans-Pacific, intercontinental ballistic missile test, launching an Atlas rocket  from Vandenberg Air Force Base, CA at the very height of the crisis (without notifying the President).  In addition, LeMay raised the national defense readiness condition (or DEFCON) level to “DEFCON 1,”  the highest level, meaning:   

“Nuclear War Imminent.”


“General Jack D. Ripper”USAF

In 1964, General LeMay was brilliantly caricatured by actor Sterling Hayden playing “General Jack D. Ripper – USAF,” a mentally unhinged SAC General who orders a first strike nuclear attack on the Soviet Union in Stanley Kubrick’s classic satire “Dr. Strangelove.”

As was the case in the trans-Pacific Atlas missile test, General LeMay had elevated the nation’s DEFCON level to “DEFCON 1” on his own initiative without consulting with or even notifying the President of the United States.

President John F. Kennedy and General Curtis LeMay with General Thomas Power outside SAC Headquarters, Offut Air Force Base, NE 1962


In the opinion of many observers (including President Kennedy), General LeMay had ordered these operations secretly and without presidential authority,  hoping to force Khruschev to launch a Soviet attack in order to justify a US nuclear retaliation employing the Strategic Air Command, which was headed, of course, by General LeMay and Power,  his SAC Deputy Commander.


In studying the photo above, one is struck by President Kennedy’s erect and guarded posture.  The President is standing obliquely, facing neither man,  rendering a sidelong glance at both men, listening with pursed lips, and holding his  fingers clutched, turning his wedding ring, as he listens to something just said by General Power.   Whatever Power has just said pleases General Power as he smiles (somewhat smirking), but not the President, who appears somewhat concerned/perplexed by it and is not pleased at all.  In fact, the President  stands stiffly with a worried dubious look, clenching his jaw,  twirling his ring.  General LeMay watches Kennedy like a hawk, studying JFK’s unsmiling reaction.


Oddly, both Air Force generals stand with their hands behind their backs, as if holding nothing back, dissembling submissiveness, yet with steely looks of concern, suspicion, hostility and a raptor’s gaze (LeMay).  There is deep scrutiny and guile behind the smile (of Power).   In summation,  the body language in the photo reveals the President’s guarded position and skeptical attitude, as well as JFK’s  distrust and disapproval of both men  Reciprocally, the photo also captures the USAF generals’ suppressed anger, fear, dislike and their obvious dismissal of the young President in return.  Kennedy seems to feel it… “shut out,” uninformed, disrespected. 


The President was not pleased with the “War Hawks.”   LeMay and Power were thwarting his every effort to defuse the Cold War and attain peace, starting with cooperation in science and space exploration with the Russians.


In 1994,  NewsWeek reported in an article on General LeMay that after the Cuban Missile Crisis subsided, President Kennedy held a reception at the White House to celebrate the peaceful resolution of the conflict.  When the invitation was tendered to General LeMay, he grew agitated, then angry, and finally became livid with rage at any suggestion that he attend the President’s reception, screaming out for all to hear:

“We should go in there right now and KILL those 2 S.O.B.s!”

And just over one year later, General LeMay and General Power were directing the flight of Air Force One returning President’s Kennedy’s remains back to Washington, DC aboard for a military autopsy.

JFK Air Force One Tapes – Post President Kennedy Assassination November 22, 1963 Audio

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 Biographical Notes:

Who Is Daniel Sheehan?

The Christic Institute:

* * * * * * *

UFO Digest Editor’s Post Script

On “Nuclear Gravitas” at The United Nations

1962 – 2012

Hydrogen Bomb Test Above – March 26th, 1964

“The Tsar Bomb” then…

The Soviet Union’s AN602 hydrogen bomb (known as “The Tsar Bomb”) was  the most powerful nuclear weapon ever detonated.  The Soviets exploded the device on October 30th, 1961, setting the critical tone for the coming Cuban Missile Crisis within one year.

In its aftermath, a dramatic display of “nuclear gravitas” occurred at the United Nations.

Click the link below to listen as …

Ambassador Adlai Stevenson Rebukes and Reproaches the Soviet Union for Breaking the U.N. Nuclear Test Moratorium

An Important Question Remains re…

“The Mahdi Bomb” today

The tone of “nuclear gravitas” at the United Nations today is not much different than it was half a century ago in regard to the United States position on Iran’s and North Korea’s nuclear threats and aspirations.  As previously recounted, President John F. Kennedy when faced with the decision to start a nuclear war or not to do so, stated without reservation:

“I WILL NOT BE the First Man to unleash nuclear holocaust

upon Mankind!”

Today, world leaders stand at the brink of the same nuclear precipice upon which John F. Kennedy and Nikita Khruschev stood in October 1962, half a century ago.  And so,  I must ask now, my fellow Americans:

“If faced with the same choice tomorrow regarding nuclear war…

Will President Obama have the courage to say ‘NO’?

…Or will he let his advisors turn him into ‘ToJo’?”


Robert D. Morningstar

March 23rd, 2012


“Our problems are man-made, therefore they may be solved by man. 

No matter of human destiny is beyond human beings.”

John F. Kennedy



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