The Unknown Why are We are so Lost

Recently I have been listening to the Internet radio shows available concerning the subjects of the paranormal.

One of the shows I listened to was about Nazi scientists who left Germany after WW2 to continue working on many sinister experiments.

The show also talked about the connection to the German scientists UFO’s and aliens.

The radio show had a chat area to ask questions of the guest who was supposedly an expert on the subject.

This allows you to interact with other listeners or ask questions while the radio show is live.

Plum Island is located off of the east end of Long Island New York where I grew up and now live .

Until recently Plum Island was a secret lab filled with post German scientists hired by the government after WW 2.

Since this sinister place is in my neck of the woods I was interested in what this show had to say on the subject.

I listened to the show for awhile without hearing any mention of this famous government lab .

I decided to text in the chat room a few questions asking the guest about his thoughts concerning the infamous Plum Island Lab and the large group of German Scientists hired to work on top secret experiments there since the 1950’s.

Since the guest was discussing the 1960’s and UFO sightings connected to Nazi scientist involvement I was sure he would have a great deal to say about this lab.

The fact that Long Island was a hot bed of UFO activity during that time period made me sure he would have information on this area.

I wrote my questions in the chat room that was linked to the radio show concerning the topic as I was anxious to hear what the expert would have to say about this well known secret lab on the end of Long Island.

I received a short one sentence answer from the guest. His answer was– he never heard of it!

I was stunned. How could anyone become an expert on a subject and not know about a German scientist packed lab that was known for top secret sinister experiments in an area that has been plagued with UFO sightings and located near a highly suspect military base to boot?

I immediately lost interest in this show as the realization was clear to me that the subjects of the paranormal are a huge mess that has no focus or connection.

Those who try to understand the subjects of the unknown are lost in a convoluted mess of parts and pieces disconnected and tortured by the constant interference of frauds and fantasy seekers which derails those trying to figure it all out.

I think a great deal of this confusion is produced on purpose by controlling powers and the greedy who profit and succeed by keeping us dumb about the unknown.

The subjects of the paranormal are one huge flawed confused mess. We simply are lost when it comes to real facts and real knowledge about everything considered paranormal.

How could anyone be an expert on German scientists after WW2 s relocating all over the world to continue their sinister experiments and research yet not know about Plum Island?

I turned off the show disgusted and depressed at the sad state of the paranormal world . How will we ever learn or understand the unknown if we refuse to join our knowledge in a focused fashion to find answers to so many questions.

The fact that an expert knew nothing at all about the secret experiments and research of the 1950 right up to the late 1990’s taking place on Plum Island was flabbergasting to me.

UFO sightings were frequent as well as abduction and lost time events during that period of time on Long Island. It was known all over the east that Plum Island was dangerous, deadly and top secret. How he missed it was beyond me.

The period of time that Plum Island was in its working prime is also the time Montauk Point housed the infamous Camp Hero base that housed a secret underground complex that has been accused of all kinds of paranormal activities.

Plum Island and Camp Hero are located near each other off of the end of Long Island. Rumors have long been told on Long Island that both of these places were thought to be working not only with the German scientists but actual aliens.

How can it be that a show represents the topic to be about German scientists brought to other countries after WW2 and not hear a thing about one of the biggest and most active places filled with German scientists not even mentioned ?

How is it that Americans are interested in what took place in South America with German scientist imported after WW 2 yet deaf dumb and blind to the fact we had a haven full of them right here living and working on the end of Long Island a few hours outside of New York City?

How did we become so lost to what is going on and so numb to those who try to inform us?

It is as if we have been trained or brainwashed to reject most of the information available concerning the paranormal.

We have been forced by way of media nonsense and need to be cool groups plus lots of denial to limit our thinking to small boxes of small thinking with selected ideas while rejecting the truth that hangs all around us.

Before I tuned out of that radio show I gave one last try to bring the subject of Plum Island in to the conversation about German scientists but of course received the typical ignored response from all involved as my information was outside of their box of knowledge and of course ignored.

I find it frightening that we are controlled so easily with subjects considered paranormal or unknown.

Our chances of ever understanding what now is unexplained seems very remote by way of our own actions. How can things unknown ever become things we understand if we walk around with fingers in our ears, blinders on our eyes and a large ‘ do not enter’ sign hung on our brains?

I have to admit there are other radio shows on the paranormal available on the Internet that have been enlightening and filled with interesting speakers and wonderful insight concerning many unknown subjects of our time.

I have been a guest on a number of shows myself. I only wish everyone would take the same interest as the good show hosts and continue on a path of intent to learn and understand the unknown .


I had a two sided example of this dilemma in one night of radio listening . I tuned in to two different radio shows on the same night. The subject on both shows was the Big Foot issue.

One of the shows was ridiculous. They had a few guests on that were playing sound clips of what they were presenting as a Big Foot they heard while parked along side of a country road .

I listened and immediately recognized the first clip as a Eastern Screech Owl. It is a haunting sound in the middle of the night but it was without question an owl. I know I live in the country and hear them nearly every night.

The second clip was even funnier . The radio show host , his so called Big Foot expert guest as well as the people texting about the show in the attached chat area were seriously considering that these common sounds of the forest were the howl of a big foot.

The second sound clip was the distinct loud howl of a coon hound in chase of most likely a raccoon.

Once again I instantly knew this sound as I own coon hounds. I could have taken my four hounds out back of my barn and set them loose and produced the same exact sound clip. They are loud with a certain tone to their howl and can heard for miles.

I was listening to this show with a good friend who works for the State Forestry Department who also instantly recognized the animal sound clips being played on the radio show .

He knew what the animals were making the sounds. None were a Big Foot .

My friend texted into the radio show chat area what animals were making the sounds they were presenting as a Big Foot .

He also asked if the people making the claim of having a Big Foot sound clip had a local wild life expert from the area they were taping listen to the tape before claiming it was a Big Foot?

The guest on the show refused to answer the question at first. The host asked him a few more times until he admitted he had not.

This so called Big Foot expert then went about the business along with another speaker on the show of insulting and name calling my friend the Forestry expert.

The chat room people also started to text very nasty things to him as well. We thought it was pathetic behavior by a group of adults and moved on to the other show .


With this bad experience behind us we were a bit concerned the next show we were planning to listen to live would be of the same caliber. It too was on the subject of the Big Foot issue.

The second show was incredible. The guest speaker was well informed and equipped with top notch research. He was extremely interesting to listen to as he had many credible reports of unexplained events that were thought of as real Big Foot encounters.

He too had a sound clip however his clip was that of a sound I have not heard before in my neck of the woods but more impressive a sound my forestry expert had not heard before either.

This second show was well done , informative and kept our interest to the very end.

The problem of course is that this good show surely suffered by way of the other one by way of destroying the subject with nonsense and fraud .

Many spending a few minutes listening to the foolish show may walk away and never get to hear the real expert being interviewed on the second show we tuned in to.

This is a constant struggle in the paranormal and exactly the scenarios that make it impossible for those working in it to find answers or to get a footing to move ahead.

I think I finally have come to the point that I have given up that during my lifetime we will gain any new knowledge, discover any real truths or get anywhere close to ever reaching a level of disclosure on any paranormal subject.

Until we form some kind of new thinking about things unknown we will forever stay locked in the dark ages while the rest of the universe spins quickly away from our primitive close minded ignorant civilization.

We are clearly trained to stay disconnected and separate when it comes to paranormal research . We do have good people trying to do research however they are swimming against a very stubborn difficult tide. It is difficult enough to try to work in an area many reject.

It makes it nearly impossible when those in the same field continue to remain unwilling to connect with others working on the same material or subject.

I understand there are many views on the same subject however there needs to be some sort of data base for the world to find out what work is being done on which subject and what theories are being tested , talked about or researched.

It is the only road to figuring out all that we consider para -normal to making them normal and understood.

We have those doing serious detailed worthwhile research who are scorned by those who simply want to write garbage and feed it to a overly eager public who will believe anything- but the truth.

We have frauds mixed with people who are confused along with those who are involved in the paranormal for no other reason but to have a really good time.

We have all of that as well as those trying hard to understand the unknown who have had incredible encounters with strange events all trying to work in the same pot. What you end up with is a hug chaotic mess called the paranormal.

It is impossible to find a path to any truth or any answers to what has been and still is going on out there as long as we stick to this approach.

It makes it impossible to move forward as those here for a good laugh muddy the road and block those trying to find answers. For those wanting truth it becomes frustrating and discouraging. I think it can also have the potential of being extremely dangerous.

Obviously society has been trained to react this way. Obviously those running the show , those responsible for the world of the paranormal have us all exactly where they want us. They can do as they please and we stay blind, deaf and dumb while they step all over us and do as they wish. Silly dumb humans – so easy to control.

I had a very unique being tell me once that aliens are the ones keeping us confused. It is a simple way to control us and they feed the frenzy with ease as they continue on as they please.

I do not know what can be done if society has given in and allows it to be trained controlled and herded with such ease. I do know that outside of the paranormal anyone who claims to be a expert on any subject usually has answers to simple questions concerning that subject.

I wish it could be that way in the world of the paranormal.

It seems obvious that as long as we stay disconnected on these subjects we stay ignorant . As long as we stay ignorant we stay easily controlled. Simply keep us apart and close minded and we are simple to handle and no one needs to give us real answers.

I have no idea how we got so lost or so controlled . I have no idea how to end it. I can only hope one day all of you will want more .

Trust me when I tell you that a day may come when you find yourself completely alone in the dead of night looking straight into the eyes of the unknown.

The fear you will feel the terror that will run through your veins will clearly remind you that you would have been far better off being educated about what you are about to face instead of the hours spent on having a giggle about it all.

Paranormal events are on the increase and happening to many all over this planet. Who knows which one of us will be the next person to experience a life changing event? I do know that this subject soon loses it laugh when that encounter is yours.

Think about these things and try to understand unless we stop the madness we will be left in the insanity of the dark ages of the unknown.


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