The Unknown Will Stay Unknown Because We Like It That Way!

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Often I am sent emails from people who ask me questions about the subjects I write about. One reader recently asked me what I thought of the paranormal TV shows and movies that the public is swamped with on a regular basis. Coincidentally I had been thinking a great deal about this very thing for some time now. I have had this kicking around in the back of my mind since the weekend I spent visiting my older sister. My sister is a big paranormal fan. While staying with her we watched a week’s worth of TV paranormal shows she had recorded on her TiVo. After we finished watching a few of her favorite shows she asked me what I thought about the newest week’s episodes. I told her in one word, frustrated.

There is no question for me why we are lost in the dark ages when it comes to the subjects of the unknown. Our society does everything possible to make sure we do not seriously research, think about or even consider things we do not understand with any serious intentions of finding the answers to all the unknowns surrounding us. Instead we turn things we consider paranormal or supernatural in to creepy, silly, goose bump giving nonsense. At best we may watch the TV programs and movies thrown at us in mass as a fun type of brief entertainment. We may have our popcorn and chips in hand as we relax in our family rooms however once the show ends we yawn and change the channel. We do not consider that the subjects being shown to us could be true in any shape or form. We do not worry about Spiderman or King Kong showing up at our door, we know it is all fun fantasy- why would we think an alien or UFO would be real. Ghosts and things of that nature are for Halloween and scary campfire stories. Knowing if or where our energy goes when it leaves our bodies after death does not seem to concern anyone at all. Let’s face it if any of these things were actually real we would see them on the news wouldn’t we? The media and our governments never lie to us – now do they? And so it goes with our ignorance of things we do not understand being easily controlled by showing us fancy colors in glorious computer animated flicks so we can flap our eyelids, sit mouths open and be entertained without ever considering we are all a bunch of numb to the core gap mouth popcorn eating sheep!

It is extremely frustrating to watch the trash and nonsense presented concerning subjects we should understand but instead consider fantasy. Our science fiction approach to things we should at this point have knowledge of is sad and ridiculous. How can we expect to evolve if we reject and deny things simply because we do not yet know the science and explanations behind them? If we are going to know how other dimensions, other possible life forms in our cosmos work we have to open our minds and educate our society- not turn all unknowns into the next big sci-fi entertainment fun filled flick or TV special.

Obviously those who wish to keep us dumb to many of these unknown subjects discovered years ago it can easily be done with what I call the ‘Disney Technique’ or ‘Spielberg Specials’. The only thing needed to subdue our curiosity is to provide a brain numbing fantasy that will dazzle and entertain us. It is like shaking a set of keys for a baby to look at to divert the baby’s attention while an object the baby wants- but may hurt them is removed from the room. We are that easily distracted and obviously rather dull witted or we would not be so easily controlled about serious subjects that deserve and need serious study. The fact is that it is much easier to laugh at or have a good ‘fright for fun’ concerning topics that may be difficult for us to digest or deal with. It is our method concerning subjects we cannot grasp to simply throw them on top of the science fiction fantasy pile instead of working towards understanding them. It works out well for us as we do not have to face the fear that comes with the unknown However know it may one day be our downfall but for now- we like it this way!
During my visit with my sister we watched a few UFO and ghosts TV shows she had recorded. One ghost show concerned a few men who go around making hit and run investigations of so called haunted places with a lack of care that is incredible. It made me uncomfortable as I fear an inexperienced person or group of young people will think this a cool thing to do and copy the show which could easily end up leaving someone seriously hurt or worse.

The first rule of any paranormal research is safety. This comes in the form of having lots of people around you when going on a ghostly or any paranormal adventure for two reasons. First of course is for safety- the second reason is for credibility. I have interviewed many real professional serious science based researchers who demand those things before even thinking of going on an investigation. Next would be the obvious rule of time. Not one serious researcher has ever wrapped up an investigation in a few hours. It takes weeks even months to do a true investigation of a possible paranormal happening. One has to wonder how anyone could ever take the silly shows being aired continuously on TV as anything but a joke. I watched too many of them that hit a supposed haunted place, walk around for a few minutes talking tough to empty rooms and decide – oops time to end the episode so let’s pack up and get out of here. Most shows come up empty on evidence which has us all sitting watching the cast of characters wander around yelling insults at the dead for a reaction while we sit at home in a brain dead state for a half hour or so watching them. Of course there are the few times they may actually catch an odd noise or capture a strange image and of course that is a time of yells of fright or amazement by the so-called professional ghost hunters. The tactics used by the cast of characters of the ghost hunting TV shows are laughable at best however possibly dangerous at times as well. I fear those without any experience or knowledge about how to go about a real research investigation will watch these ridiculous shows and wander out alone to an unsafe area only to end up hurt or actually finding something that could attach to them and harm or follow them home. The unknown can be a very dangerous place for those who have no idea what they are dealing with.

My sister and I were both stunned and highly entertained in a comedic fashion as one of the hosts of a popular ghost hunting show stood in a haunted house known for being the location of a few vicious ax murders doing one of the most insane antics we have seen to date on one of these shows. The ghost hunter showed the viewing audience where an old ax hung over a doorway where one of the murders apparently took place. The entire time he was at this haunted location he conducted his brief investigation by taunting the ghosts who were thought to be causing unexplained paranormal activity in the old building. He continued his angry rant at the ax wielding murderer’s ghost trying to provoke a response from the dead killer. This unprofessional show host then did the most unexplained event of the entire investigation. He went to the doorway where at least one murder took place in which the old ax hung on the wall above the door way as it did at the time of the actual murder. To our amazement the silly TV nonprofessional ghost hunter laid down on the floor under the ax and demanded the ghost show his stuff by whacking him in the head with the ax! He did this all while yelling angry taunts at the ghost of the ax murderer. At first my sister and I burst out laughing at this ridiculous childlike behavior, however we quickly realized how dangerous this type of action could prove to be. We had to wonder what this young fool would have done if that ax flew off the wall and whacked him dead in his empty head? The way he offered his head for sacrifice would have made it very easy for any angry unknown presence to manifest its energy to drop that ax in the middle of his skull just to teach this silly man a lesson. Not only was it a dangerous thing to do, it was an irresponsible thing to do knowing that young people watch this show and may imitate his dangerous actions. It also proved to me he does not believe in ghosts and is strictly doing this for fame and profit. If for one second this man and his team truly believed that ghosts or unexplained energy existed I doubt they would taunt them or lie on the floor under an ax hanging on a wall and demand the murderer’s ghost hit him with the ax! Watching this young man scream in anger for the ghost to slam him in the head with the ax was not only bizarre, it was dangerous. I have to wonder what he and his little crew of ghost hunting cast of characters would have done if the ax flew off of the wall and hit him directly in his head splitting his skull open. I find it hard to believe that anyone would consider the shenanigans shown on this show as true investigations of paranormal activity.
I know that the men and women who seriously research these subjects do so with great care including safety rules and research techniques that are tested and retested over a period of time at the locations they are investigating. A few hours yelling and stomping around a location known to have paranormal activity may be entertaining and silly fun but it is not to be taken seriously. Which leaves us exactly where we started without answers only laughter and fantasy surrounding the topics we think of as unknown. The few good researchers out there are on their own without fanfare or TV shows to privately try without funding and little help to find the real answers to real questions concerning the topics we do not understand. For the most part we waste our time and money for a giggle and a fright keeping us locked in our own stupidity.

There are shows that do try to prove or disprove the paranormal subjects that are popular and displayed widely via the internet and media outlets. I do think the shows like Fact or Faked try to approach the subjects of the unknown on a better level. My problem with shows like this is that they do not give the investigations enough time or effort. Once they do a few experiments or spend a few hours at a location they simply pack up with whatever information they have and move on. I also think that simply because you can reproduce an event to look very much like something does not mean the actual event or sighting did not take place.

I agree we are swamped with fakes and frauds in the world of the paranormal however every event is not fiction or faked. Making something look like something else can disprove an event took place however it also could mean you were simply able to recreate a real event. What I am saying is that simply because you can reenact an event does not mean the event did not actually take place. Being able to fake or repeat an action does not mean the first real action did not happen. I think there needs to be a line of reason formed when handling the investigations of the unknown that does not presently exist. As it stands we have mountains of TV or entertainment shows popping up all over our extensive media avenues without any consideration for science or truth to have any part of the scripts. We need to smarten up and use this extreme amount of money flowing through these silly shows in order to develop and find some real answers and real facts.

More than that is the extremely weird practice of many of these TV shows in finding that a location or event not only could not be disproved but was actually witnessed by the cast of the investigating show to have possible real paranormal activity. If the research team on the show has a sighting of a ghost or UFO they cannot explain why does the team quickly end the investigation and pack up and head home? If they are truly looking for truth and understanding of the unknown wouldn’t they continue with the investigation that is happening right in front of them? Why is it that while filming a show if the cast does come upon a UFO, alien life form or ghost they cannot explain there isn’t a follow up team of scientists and research professionals sent in to track down and find the answers to these mysteries? Doesn’t it seem strange to you that the show simply ends and the investigation that seemed to produce real paranormal activity is just lost to the pile of continued unknowns? Isn’t it extremely odd that some of these people do find real events and simply yawn and walk away? How can we ever advance if these are our tactics and practices without any one ever learning or moving forward in understanding what is really going on out there? How is it possible that we consider it normal and acceptable to simply do nothing when those who are looking for paranormal events find one and then just walk away? Where are the demands that the events found to be happening are followed up and researched at the moment they are found in order to find why and what is being seen? How is it an entire viewing audience can watch a TV show proclaim they did see UFO’s or encounter a ghost yet simply walk off without giving the answers to what and who is piloting the UFO or what or who is the reason we are seeing ghosts? Is it not insane that we just sit there without wanting the answers? Instead we wait for the upcoming stories for the following week. Maybe it will be about the real end of the world – which we also will be told is true and about to happen and yes, once again we will sit and yawn through it all. What has happened to our thinking or should I say lack of?

Our approach and handling of the subjects we do not understand is ridiculous. I do not know if it is fear or denial or society being a brain washed controlled group that takes in all things as science fiction forgetting there is a thing called real science! No matter how we have gotten here it is true we have become a dull witted- numb group of people with little or no natural curiosity about all that surrounds us. The fact is we refuse to move ahead with wanting to understand that which we do not yet understand. We seem content and locked in the dark and happy to continue NOT KNOWING so many things we really should already understand. For us the unknown is fine exactly as it is!

It is obvious it has become this way by the help and hand of those who may benefit from being the ones who are on the road of understanding all these subjects. We have willingly make it easy for those who wish to control answers to the subjects of the unknown and keep the answers secret for private agendas to do so. The methods I have written about here today of keeping the general public dumb and blind to what really is happening works well for those who desire to control these subjects and keep the truth from the world. . We certainly make that easy for them as all that is needed is a new Science Fiction Flick and we are off and running. It seems we like keeping to our own delusional ideas in order to deal with our own fears and denial instead of having to recognize possible hard truths about many unknown subjects. Understand that those who send us down that road to fantasy and movie theaters do so in order to make progress and profit from keeping us in the dark. Now with the internet offering small amounts of money for anyone who can provide material of any nature from pure fiction or odd fantasy we are flooded to the point of drowning in our own ignorance. The one true fact in all of this is that we seem determined to stay deeply planted in the new dark ages of our time. As long as we can live in a comic book reality with checks arriving to those who can create the best new story or image we will remain locked in our own dark ignorance. Of course the few who do know will continue finding answers for private agendas and secret advancement will continue leaving the mass of society behind in our foolish ignorance.

This is only my opinion but one I strongly believe and will stick to. I am sure you have your own thoughts concerning these things as well. I wanted to state my feelings of frustration with our attitudes towards areas I think we sadly neglect in order to keep entertained rather than educated. My problem is we may be entertaining ourselves at the cost of our own development and safety.
The fact that as a society we spend millions of dollars developing TV specials and weekly shows to explore the subject of the unknown only to walk away if something actually is found has to be one of the biggest mysteries of our time. Am I the only one who sits watching a group of paranormal adventure seekers stubble on to what appears to be a real UFO sighting or ghostly encounter to become astounded to watch them simply wrap up the show and walk away? Does it even make sense for that to be the way they end the show and their encounter? Wouldn’t the logical next step be to continue on with the investigation until they can explain what they have uncovered? If they did witness and have clear video of what they investigated where are the people who should be researching with real science and government or local authorities or even universities involvement to continue in order to find what it is that some of these entertainment shows are clearly seeing? When did we decide to simply shut down our interest once the hour show is over? I find all of this seriously insane and extremely odd.

Until we demand answers along with professional experienced people to follow up with real investigations all the strange unknowns that exist alongside us each and every day will forever remain frightening unknowns instead of science we simply do not yet understand. Until that changes it looks like we will stay dumb and stuck in the dark ages about things we should all by now understand. As long as we combine and think of science fiction and fantasy with the real sciences we will stay as the slow class of the cosmos. Until we can decipher fairy tale from advanced technology we will remain the dopes of the universe. It is sad that this is our attitude concerning the understanding of space, time and dimensions that we clearly do not yet grasp. Until our thinking on science and life we do not yet have knowledge about changes we will stay exactly as we are, not knowing and not wanting to know. I guess next time we sit down with another big bowl of popcorn to watch the next big science fiction paranormal thriller we should remember to make sure our dunce caps are secured tightly so those more advanced can easily view our stupidity in action from a distance. On second thought forget about the caps, those who watch us already know the score. Sometimes I think I can hear them laughing!

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