They Have the Whole Wide World in Their Hands! Who or What is Messing With Mother Nature?


I talk to lots of people all the time about many different subjects. The one thing everyone has in common no matter what we may be talking about is the strange behavior of  the weather.

There does not seem to be a day go by that you do not hear about some record breaking weather event taking place . It is either floods. huge rain falls, tornadoes or tornadoes where they never had them before. You see the destruction on the news of incredible wind storms or hail damage. It never seems to stop.

As I write this we are now having a strange huge destructive storm making its way across the middle of America heading towards the east coast. In its wake we have a wave of destruction covering a large portion of the United States.

I live on Long Island located in the state of New York. We have always had four seasons- Spring- Summer- Fall and Winter. That is how it has been since I have walked on this earth. Well until recently that is. Over the past few years we have been caught in what seems to be a turning of the seasons tide.

Over the last few years we seem to be falling into a two season system. We have the hot season and then without warning we have winter. This has been going on for some time which  brings me to the conclusion that what was is no more and what is coming may not be by way of Mother Nature!

 As I write this it is the end of October. It is the time we are coated in brilliant fall colors of orange , yellow. purples and gold as our trees change color and begin to drop their leaves to go dormant for the winter months. Refreshed from a winters nap our trees burst into action come spring and come to life filling the trees with lush green leaves and beautiful flower blooms. It is the way of nature here in my neck of the woods and has been for as long as anyone living can remember.

This is where it gets really strange. September came and went. The trees stood their ground remaining lush and green. October rolled in , the time we all decorate with Mums and fall decor to match the lovely change of leaves as the trees get ready to drop their leaves . This is the time of year you pick pumpkins and rake your lawns. This is the time kids run around jumping in the huge piles of colorful fallen leaves as families clean up for the winter ahead. This has always been the way of things here- until now.

My house is surrounded by trees. I live in the middle of a wooded area with only my house and portion of the yard I use cleared. Everything else is trees. I always look forward to fall as I love looking out my windows at the beautiful colors of the changing fall leaves. It is like living in the middle of a painting. Today I sit here in late October looking out at my trees still laden fully with lush green leaves just as they have been since last spring. A few trees have a few leaves changing or falling but mostly we still are sitting in the middle of a lush green treed area without any sign of fall coming soon. Odd-  I  would say so !

My friend called me up a few days ago and told me to look up her drive way next time I go out as I have to drive past her house to leave my neighborhood. She told me to look next to her car at Mr. Pink.  My friend has a giant old Azalea bush she nick named Mr. Pink that she loves as it is huge bush in a vibrant color of a deep dark rose  pink.

I  drove by her house later that day and made sure I slowed down to look at her azalea. I thought maybe someone had cut it down or she had moved it. I did not anticipate what I found. There in my friends drive way stood old Mr. Pink in full beautiful bloom!

 I pulled into her drive way  to make sure I was seeing what I was seeing!  Her huge azalea was in ripping full bloom just like it does each and every spring. The only problem is that this is the end of October.

It was strange to see this  bush so disoriented that it was having a second bloom at this time of year. I never saw anything like it before and admit I was  getting a bit concerned. Things that should not happen keep happening with the seasons. I stood staring at this beautiful bush in full bloom and wondered if the world around me as I had always known it was on its way to distinction?

The other day I was going about my daily life minding my own business as I  cleaned the foyer of my home when I opened the front door to clean the glass on my front door. While doing this I stepped out on my front steps and came face to face with another astonishing sight.

There in the large planter that stands in the front of my house stood my huge full white dogwood tree in full bloom. I nearly fell over. I stood there for a few minutes with my mouth hanging open trying to process what I was seeing.

It was impossible. The dogwood was starting to drop a few leaves just the other day however today it stood there full of beautiful white blooms all over the still green tree.

Not only have I had seen this ever happen before, I did not think it was physically possible for a big tree to re bloom without going dormant for a few months .There it was in all its glory a fully bloomed white dogwood tree.

I was now convinced something was very wrong. Things just do not work this way where I live yet they are happening. I have to wonder what in the world is going on?

I have written before about weather manipulation and the idea that mankind has abused this ability. I think it may be possible we are at the  point we now have a  cold war at play using this technology by way of the worlds  many HAARP machines .

 I believe  we may not only have been manipulating our weather for the good of our country but have been thrown into a situation where we also need to defend ourselves against  other  world powers who also are using this technology and have HAARP machines. I think it very likely there are those with this technology on this planet  who are trying to use the weather to harm us.

Harsh storms , floods, massive destruction places a huge strain and economic devastation on those who are hit with them. I believe we may now be part of a extremely dangerous time in history where we are playing a game of manipulation with a force far greater than we understand or should be  involved with.

I also think that we are spending a great deal of time defending against this technology which explains the appearance of things like chem trails , extreme spraying of our skies as well as government silence in all of these matters.

I am fearful that mankind has taken a dangerous step off of a slippery slope with walking into the business of manipulating Mother Nature.

 I do not think we know enough concerning the long term effects of doing this and see that it is having a hard and real reaction on nature . I fear what may happen if we continue down this road and realize this earth may not go along with our actions and may turn on us and our interference with the planets cycles in a angry harsh way.

Could it be that all the warnings concerning the era  of 2012 were attempts to stop us from destroying our own species and planet by using machines that can interrupt and interfere  with something this earth needs and intends to do  without our manipulation?. May the era of 2012 be a time mother earth slaps us with huge catastrophic events to stop our interference with its natural cycles?

I know the earth and its seasons shift and change in a natural manner and have since the birth of the planet. That is why I fear our involvement and use of carelessly building and applying the technology of the HAARP technology across the globe.

The only thing I am sure of is that forcing this earth to do things it does not plan to do on its own can only end up badly for us all. Could something like this have happened before to other life forms on other planets?  Could that have ended  badly for other life forms on other planets leaving those who lived before us with the knowledge it could happen here to us if we followed the same path?  Could the warnings we attribute to our upcoming future be about our own devastation by way of our own hands? Could we have been warned not to repeat a history that has played out before in our universe?  Could the warnings of the era of time surrounding 2012 been left for us by those who lived the same fate who were passing by our planet while searching for a new home of their own?  Could we be the mixed bits and pieces of those who made it to our planet after destroying their own?  All of these questions may seem extreme however I feel they are as valid as any other theory or questions we have concerning our own journey through this cosmos. Could the world disasters we have  been told are due to fall upon us be starting to unfold  by way of our hand? 

All I know is something is very wrong out there and we seem to  be deaf dumb and blind to the alarms ringing loudly around us .to stop and think about our changing world . We seem to be living in a dulled down cocoon  where we give a  little shrug and  could care less attitude about things we need to be a bit more concerned about.

 Maybe if we turned off our cell phones, stopped texting a sentence at a time of meaningless nonsense,  refused to shove our faces in games , apps and endless internet distraction and looked around- we might smell the coffee and realize we are walking directly off a cliff into a bottom less abyss.

Perhaps none of this is upsetting to you nor do you care at all. I however feel concerned and nervous that we may be exploding on so many levels in so many ways that we will never ever be able to go home again!

Take some time and look at your own surroundings and ask yourself if something just does not feel right to you . If so face the fact we may be in for a very bumpy ride and may only have ourselves to blame. 

I must admit I find it hard to believe that humans alone have developed the ability to use technology to do  the things we are now giving them credit of doing. I have my moments where I feel sure we have been helped or somehow found our way to advancement by way of alien intervention or by mankind  acquiring advanced technologies from other beings.

I feel this way as it is apparent we are using advanced technologies however we do not seem to have command of it. It appears to be more of a wild out of control attempt to win the war of who will control the weather – which of course will be the power who will ultimately control the world.

 This act of using abilities we do not yet fully understand with little regard to the permanent changes they could bring to this planet proves we are far from ready to have access to this level of advancement. 

I fear we may on a road of self destruction that has already played out on other planets at other points in time. We may be repeating the same mistakes and may one day also find we are the ones  searching the stars for a new place to begin again.

Could it be we are repeating a history some other species has already lived and that is what our ancestors were trying to warn us about?  Could the start of the end be by the hands of those playing God and pushing our planet  to un natural states against its natural cycles?

Of course I am aware that Mother Nature  constantly shakes up our weather as well as slams us with natural disasters which cause  mankind enormous catastrophes. I think the problem we are now facing is that as Mother Nature tries to do what it wants to do and mankind is interfering. That is where the long term potential lies that may bring this planet to a deadly end way before its time.

I do not know what is going on. I simply know something is very wrong. I watch the world around me each and every day prepared for whatever may be coming our way. I just wish more of my own kind were alert and aware to the obvious odd and strange events going on around us. I really think most people are lost in daily life or stuck to cell phones or other similar devices and completely missing the forest for the trees.     Pay attention to your world and be careful out there. I think our destiny is soon to appear be it by way of Mother Nature or the flip of a switch by man.

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