Those Who Control the Weather Control the World

Have any of you seen the episode on the History’s Channel under the title ‘That’s Impossible – Weather Warfare’. The History Channel is replaying this episode that originally aired last year.

I missed this program the first time it played . I made sure I watched it this time as the weather has been heavily on my mind these days.

I live on Long Island in the state of New York. Long Island is a long thin island that sticks out in to the Atlantic Ocean.

We have been spared from being hit by a large hurricane on Long Island for many years. We are overdue for one but always seem to luck out!

We fear hurricanes as a category 3 can be devastating for this long thin Island. A category 4 or 5 could wipe us out equally if not worse than Katrina did to the gulf states.

On top of the fear of large storms and the damage to our communities we have the added concern of being trapped on Long Island by way of a large population with limited roads and bridges to evacuate in a timely manner if we were told to do so. We would be trapped on the Island unable to escape.

Knowing these things Long Islanders are happy we have avoided being hit by a hurricane for such a long period of time.

The past few weeks have been extraordinary as we watched storm after storm head straight towards us only to be pushed dramatically away from the coast line to gingerly miss our island.

It seems incredulous that we have not a bad storm for so long especially with so many spinning at us with what looked to be a direct hit.

Do not get me wrong I am thrilled beyond words the storms missed hitting Long Island.

I also am happy that the storms have miraculously missed the gulf of Mexico region which would have been especially problematic .

Chem trails have been a way of life here on Long Island for years now.

At least half of the days each month would find our skies covered in long large lingering white clouds that were being sprayed over our heads.

They would last all day growing as they spread across the sky.

In the past year we have had strange rain storms here that we have not had before.

The storms have been severe causing lots of damage and power outages . We have had tornado’s touching which is extremely odd as Long Island simply does not have tornado’s. Well, we never did before but we sure seem to be having them now!

It seems obvious to me that our weather is being manipulated and has been for some time now.

I believe the huge storms coming across the Atlantic Ocean are being being pushed up the coast and away from the United States .

It would be devastating for the country to recover from another life ending- region destroying storm.

I also wonder if the number and size of the storms are not being made by those who may not wish us well.

I know mankind has the ability to do all of these things. I imagine this is the case with all the strange weather changes we now find happening all over the world.

Long ago I questioned the practice of weather manipulation as a tool in a new global cold war. Machines like the three Haarp machines we have in the United States can be found all over the world. I know we have two in Alaska and one in Puerto Rico . Many other nations around the planet also have and use the haarp design machines to manipulate weather all over the world.

It is a frightening idea to know that we are all the victims of those who have the power to manipulate the weather of our planet.

You need to think about the fact that whomever controls the worlds weather patterns controls the world.

Who can grow food or who has a massive flood or years of drought are all possible with this new powerful weather technology that is being used to change jet streams, change the weather in large regions and cause or hopefully prevent horrible disasters .

I consider this ability and those using it the most dangerous people of our time.

I fear the thought of what mother nature may do to correct this new interference . I do not think we can survive what this planet will do to us if it has had enough of our manipulation and decides to clean the slate and start anew.

A chem trail attachment to this seems to be a large possibility as well.

It is as clear as a sunny day that if the spraying we have been watching over the years were simple air traffic contrails we would see it every day.

That is not the case as we have days when the spraying is so intense that it eventually covers the blue of the visible sky and other days you do not see any trails at all. I am sorry skeptics of the world, it just cannot work that way.

I noticed that during the time the last huge storms were heading dead for Long Island that our sky over head was clear and blue and extremely normal.

However, I was sent you tubes and photo’s from Boston Massachusetts that displayed heavy spraying during the same days. I would guess the technology used to guide the hurricanes conveniently out to sea involved heavy spraying in that region of the country.

I am now as I have always been very suspicious and concerned about what is going on with our weather.

I realize whoever controls the weather will control the world.

Knowing that this seems to be playing out as we sit oblivious to the sky above us is a sad state of affairs.

Please watch the video’s I was able to find concerning the History Channel show on this subject on my site with this article.

I tried to find the episode to run in full but it has been taken down in most places on the Internet.

Like so many things going on around us we remain firmly in the dark lost to the facts concerning our very survival.

I wish I could be more reassuring however it appears we may have many strange days ahead.

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