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Last week I received this email from my cable company. They warned us about interruptions in our cable service.  The email was not a surprise as we already had been struggling with our computers, phones and TV service. The email sent by the cable company follows exactly as we received it:

Important information about your Optimum Cable service

Between October 4, 2012 and October 12, 2012, you may notice a very brief interruption in TV service due to Sun Outages. These interruptions last only a few minutes and are caused by the sun’s interference with satellites that deliver TV service. The service will be restored automatically and there is nothing you will need to do. For a complete schedule of anticipated times and channels affected see below.

Date      Start      End

Thursday, October 4, 2012           8:16 AM               4:33 PM

Friday, October 5, 2012 8:13 AM               4:34 PM

Saturday, October 6, 2012            8:12 AM               4:34 PM

Sunday, October 7, 2012               8:11 AM               4:34 PM

Monday, October 8, 2012             8:10 AM               4:34 PM

Tuesday, October 9, 2012             8:10 AM               4:33 PM

Wednesday, October 10, 2012   8:11 AM               4:31 PM

Thursday, October 11, 2012         8:12 AM               4:11 PM

Friday, October 12, 2012               9:11 AM               1:35 PM


The truth is our TVs, computers and phones have not been working correctly for many days.  I think giving a shallow view of the problem is the route the cable company is taking as the truth would anger all of their paying customers.  So far our TV screens lock up, or pixelate making everyone on the screen appear to be monster like in appearance when in fact it is the sun hitting the satellites.  For about a week at night while in the middle of watching something on TV the channels will begin to change. All we can do is sit and wait until it stops in hopes that we can change back to what we were watching. That however is sometimes possible and sometimes not.

Our computers are a mess. Trying to use email is a trip to impossible land.  Our phone service is ridiculous with lost calls or no service at all.

Obviously the sun is going about the business of beating up our technology driven society by giving us a lesson on being too reliant on our wireless world, cable and satellite controlled way of life. The fact we have not had a huge energy grid failure can only be a miracle as our old beaten down system needs only a slight hit to bring it crashing to a halt.

I think the sun and earth are going to battle it out over the next years to come and the losers will be all of us and our way of life that we willingly gave over without much thought or concern to what we knew was coming our way. We knew the sun was going to do what it has and will always do and that we would be sitting ducks to whatever a blasting angry sun decides to shoot our way. We dealt with it as humans do all things they do not fully understand or want to discuss with hands over our eyes and ears and fingers stuck in our ears!   I hope as many of you as possible are prepared to take care of your needs if your area becomes blacked out and shut down due to massive problems due to solar activity or wild weather that is now the new way of our times.

Apparently we are entering a new era which I think of as the era of the 2000 teens – which will bring clearly to all people the real problems facing this planet and those who live upon it. Since we moved into the year 2000 life on this planet has moved down a difficult path of war, weather turmoil and nature cycles including the sun as well as many major events long overdue to occur that will happen whether we like it or not.

I was never a believer that the world will end in one day or that December 21st 2012 would be a day of any specific activity or cause any significant world event.  It may be a marker of cycles coming and continuing as we  slowly continue to move ahead to a period of time when volcanos  are due to erupt , earthquakes due to shift our crust and weather shifts along with our magnetic poles changing-  all now due to  take place. It is time for these things to occur. The earth will do as it has and will continue to run its cycles whether we like it or not.


 We are the beings that seem unable to handle or adjust to the ever changing shifting nature of this planet.  Why we all seem so shocked that these events are due and about to happen is the true mystery. We know this happened before and know it will happen again. Why we all seem so stunned is the real question? We have had many years of understanding the nature of our planet yet we just sat here and did nothing to protect our species from a future that was definitely a known fact. Why we act somehow surprised is a true mystery. Science has been telling us for years that we are overdue in many cases for huge natural disasters yet we have not done one constructive thing to try to prepare for our survival when these things begin to explode around us. I find this fact far more mysterious than the idea the earth and sun are going to do their thing with us along for the ride … like it or not! 

It may happen over many years or happen over the teen years of 2000. What is sure to occur is our being relentlessly shown the error of our ways and this will be the turning point of how we lived and how we may need to change. This time we may not all survive the disasters due to hit this planet however it may be turning point where we learn we are part of this system and have to learn now to live in it or we will perish as a species. We are in a time of complete planet turn around and that is what people are sensing and some preparing for. It will be a time when those who were ready can ride the times and those who were not may not survive.  This is a sad statement to make but one we may all see to become a hard truth.

Simple things like having enough supplies on hand so you are able to survive in your home for a matter of weeks or a few months will make a drastic difference in who will and will not be able to weather some of the possible catastrophes due on this planet.  It could take many weeks for help to arrive if we face a major disaster on the scale of a Yellowstone eruption and having food and water plus supplies to take care of you and your family could mean the difference of making it to the point when help can arrive or not. Those who are not able to have a supply of food or the ability to stay sheltered and warm may not survive the time required for government or national  help to arrive . These are things we all should have been thinking about since we knew that we were living in a cycle or era of time when nature was due on many levels to explode, shift, change poles and force new weather patterns across the face of this earth.  We can sit and look shocked or play dumb all we want, however, that is not going to change the facts of life concerning living upon this wild and ever changing planet.


The future of mankind on planet earth may one day look very different than it does today. We may stop our tendency to live in large cities that need goods shipped to them for daily survival from long distances. We may need to return to using more of our land with the population spread out where it can survive on local markets and local goods. We may return to farming over all our lands instead of having large workable futile farms sitting shut down in farm ghost towns not producing anything but weeds while small areas of large monopoly farming is controlling our food sources. Look at what happened to this plan with this year’s drought.  Many farms were not able to produce the large amounts of goods required while many green plush farm lands along the eastern coast line sat closed and over grown. Obviously our plan did not plan for the obvious, like area drought or flood.

We may find that hate and war is not ever going to be a success and start to pull away from the violence that consumes our world on a daily basis. We may decide to stop hate and try something else as we hang on for dear life and watch nature teach us a thing or two about how we think, live and act towards each other.

So you see I do not think we are going to have a big sudden change this December 21st or any other one day coming our way. I think for years now we have been heading towards a new era. I do not think all of us will see the other side of this new way of life due to the fact not many of us have paid attention or given any thinking or effort to how they might survive difficult times. Sadly this will result in some dark times ahead for mankind.  Our future on this planet will change; there is no question about that. All we can do is recognize we have mountains ahead to climb on many levels from changing our actions towards each other to help us survive the actions of nature.  Those who are ready will have a far greater chance of making it through the era of our times and the possible changes ahead of us all.


For now be aware these things are due to happen. You have to be responsible for your own survival and safety. If we have major grid failures or loss of communications it will be every man to handle things on his own. I hope you think about this and do what you can to be one of those who see it through to the other side of a changing tide.  


Until then I wish you protection from all things that may harm you and happiness in your days, warmth and light in your nights and maybe a few extra cans of food in your pantry next to the candles and flashlight!


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