TJ’s ET Paranormal Experience UFO Story For Christmas 2010

 By Theresa J. Thurmond Morris 

This is my real ET evolving spiritual experience understanding story. TJ  
I have met extraterrestrials. I have met these super intelligent beings on earth in physical real time, as well as, in my dreams.
I believe in UFOS as extraterrestrial spacecraft or flying saucers not of earth origin. I believe they have visited this planet for thousands of years. I am a believer in Ancient Astronauts.
I have not had time to explore the scientific meaning to all that is and has occurred in my life as of yet and I shall be considered 59 earth years of age on December 26, 2010. I believe I am much older in soul age.
I have been taken on board what I would call ET spacecraft in reality and in dream state. There is a meaning and a purpose for those of us that are “TAKEN UP”. I hope to define more awareness of this event.
I believe that I returned to earth for a purpose, reason, and mission that was agreed to in a prior lifetime. This I believe was based on my own personal choices under freewill allowed me by divine spirit as the God Particle in us all. I believe that there are those who are far more superior to us on earth and who can command the larger populations in space based on their deified levels of existence in energy.
I believe we all return to planets in universes from the time we are created from that first divine spark of enlightenment from our creators.
I believe that although on earth we are created from human beings a male and female that all of us have both male and female energy in us all. There is a reason we cannot create a male or female alone.
I believe that in space, in the other universes, metaverses, xenoverses, inside the macrocosm of the Omniverse that we are all at various levels of energy based on our prior levels of existence in the creative process of what we call intelligent life forms in space.
There are those above us and below us in existence and levels of life energy from the time that inception is created and made into various levels of life energy in the plasma fields that are controlled by those who are our superiors. They alone still control the life force we know as the divine spark of creation. We may control some DNA research in the future and learn of the genome and how life can be created in certain forms in animals and plant life, but, learning how to control our own body types and grow them may be only a part of the future in science but the original God Particle Life Force of the Divine will never be harnessed by our humankind on this planet. 
We will learn much about life on this planet but not the entire divine plan for us all that includes the divine spark of eternal life.
I believe that our ancestors left us clues in various areas of this planet that may be found in the scriptures referred to in all the Holy Scripts including the Quran, the Bible, the Vedas and the Tripitaka.
I believe in spiritual awareness and that our mind expansion is due to our chosen truths that we accept as memories. I also believe that the only part of life we take with us when we leave is carried in our spiritual mind as energy plasma back to our immortal souls. I am going to explain why I believe this. 
Universe expansion requires more energy than we understand. There are global changes affecting our future conscious awareness. There is our opportunity to evolve our species and save our kind. Some of us will make the grade and others will simply change into another form of life.
“There are extra terrestrials who are sent to earth to share awareness and energy to assist us in our future of our humankind.”
I once died and came back to earth. I believe in the soul’s eternal progression and that we are all here for a divine purpose.
I believe in these divine beings be they God, Goddess, Angels, Guardian Angels, Extra terrestrials, known by names such as Gabriel, Enoch, Metatron, or any other name. I believe in their divine existence.
I saw energy that was outside of my physical body. When I looked around me, I realized that I was flying through space and time seemed to be passing me into another existence. I heard some voices that were not mine. I was out of body and looked down. 
I saw that I was spirit and not in my physical body. My body had been left behind on a stretcher in an operating room. I could see a faint outline of energy that I assumed was my spiritual energy plasma or spiritual body. When I looked down and saw my feet, I knew I was flying or soaring to another dimension or place. 
While I was in this space and time or spacetime, I could hear sounds and I was seeing sparks or stars passing by on the outside of this clear tunnel I was in. All the time I was flying or ascending into space, I was gathering information and awareness. I could not tell where the information was created only that I was assimilating information at a very fast rate of speed. This was very odd to me and I knew I was not on earth any longer. It was one of those “We aren’t in Kansas anymore ToTo moments!”
However, I was alive or I felt alive. I never felt better and more alive as I was then. I could breathe and I was comfortable and soaring. I was traveling in space and yet I could tell I was on a trip to another destination. I then realized I was actually leaving earth and I had to try to stop the process. I was realizing I was not ready to leave earth. 
Then I heard in my conscious awareness voices. There were others like me at the place where I was ascending too. I was going at the speed of light or so it seemed and it felt like I was on an escalator or at least traveling up in that direction. Not like the one, an elevator goes straight up but at a slope like an escalator on earth. I began to think aloud. This is when I learned about real telepathy actually existing. I never doubted this before but now I knew for sure. 
I realized that the beings that I had seen prior on earth were on earth and that those that had visited me on spacecraft called UFOS were real too. It seemed that there were more beings in various levels of existence than I had realized previously at one time in my life on earth. This was perplexing but I was holding my energy well in space.
I arranged with the superior beings whom I know to allow me to return to earth. Here I am. Now, I am told that I agreed to share and to be a communicator for others still on earth. For many years, I was scared to share my truth. I was not living up to my spiritual obligations to others on earth. It was too frightening. There was just no way I could fit in with others on earth if I shared my truth and my experiences. Others would never believe me. Life on earth and death experiences was not ready to know about what happens after we leave earth. 
I allowed time to pass and I lived my life. It was not until 2007 that I decided to wake up and tell the truth. I was tired of being programmed in a world that was not all truth. There is more to life and now people write books about angels and near death experiences.
There are two sides it seems to me. One is religious and one is scientific. 
The universe is expanding and it is time to share knowledge or remind others of what they already know just maybe cannot remember. 
Some of us are remembering our past. Some of us are not. There are some energy changes occurring and some will say that our spiritual awareness is rising or ascending. Some of us are expanding and growing while others are shrinking and losing energy. Global consciousness has high galactic standards. We are very eternal beings in spirit and soul.
We have had entire civilizations taken from this planet and utilized in space and on other planets. We are gathering our fleet to lay siege to our enemies. We are on a friendly trip through space but we will be taken over by others who are launching attacks on helpless planets. We are considered young and helpless at this time. This is why we are being visited by some of our ancestors who have come and gone before on earth, such as Atlantis.
We each are a part of the future conscious awareness. 
Those that do not adapt and accept will become synthesized into another form of conscious energy and be dealt with harshly to learn a lesson. There is no reason we should be fighting each other. 
We should be working together. Some of us know how to fly and it would be in our best interest to pool our resources. There are choices to be made on earth. The demands of the origin acceptance as embracing the truth may not be an option based on faith.
Sometimes we make the right decisions and other times we make the decisions right!
Our technology is coming full circle, to what was once used by the ancient ascended beings.
We can try to find the information on Atlantis and it will not be long before the ascension beings or extra terrestrials come back for their ships and the giant crystals. That is news.
There are extra terrestrial and celestial superior races with massively superior nuclear and laser technology.
Fire power such as laser canons are used in space. 
Our ancestors left clues on earth.
We can concentrate on what needs to be done and come up with agreeable solutions. 
We are mentally becoming aware of our part in the vast universe of change. 
We now knew this and that it was possible in the past on earth.
We are all responsible for our knowledge and awareness universally. 
We are another generation of those who have come before us to earth. 
We are separate at this time. 
We are in physical bodies to experience life on earth.
We share in global consciousness. 
We must accept that we are all now living in a Global Community on this orb heading through space.
We shall learn to leave this planet. 
We are the ones who survive or become extinct. 
We are also connected. 
We are all responsible now in a global consciousness. 
We are all part of the whole of energy and matter. 
There are extra terrestrials who are superior to us on earth.
They contact those whom they choose for various reasons that may be unknown to the government and religious powers that are on earth.
The universe is expanding and so are we. The energy that binds us all together as the God particles are what is weaving our energy and matter together into one magnetic realm of existence on earth. 
For now, we are dealing with three forces that we really do not own a good understanding of collectively. However, we know there are more than three now and that there is a fourth and fifth dimension through space-time.
 Another reason for our continuing to explore, learn, research, study, and innovate.
We are all part of the greater whole or total sum of energy and matter on earth. We are simply part of a universal experiment that others have participated in for millions of years.
We are all part of the one. We are all part of one intelligent being species on earth. We have not yet realized that there are many other civilizations or colonization’s of other intelligent species. There are other intelligent being species and most are superior to us on earth because of their civilization’s length of awareness, energy, and matter belonging to ancient civilizations that began prior to our civilization on earth.
These ancient civilizations will appear as alien to many of us on earth because of their physical matter even though there is bi-peddle and anthropoid. There are various types of intelligent beings. Some are simple created in a vapor like substance. Others are more like those we call the four foot grays. There are our ancestors who once lived prior on Mars and now their children are like us however, only have four digits because the little finger is no longer used and evolution changed their hands.
They are the beings I refer to as the Andromedians and some call the Nordics who are humanoids the same as we on earth that we call human beings. We are all the same intelligent beings species. We are just a much younger civilization or group on a planet. One might refer to us as the younger generation of 46 pairs of chromosomes.
Other than that, we on earth may not be able to tell the difference in their appearance from our own as humans on earth.
We are all here for reasons that we may or may not be aware of. I cannot tell others why they are here other than the blanket answer which most of my readers are already familiar with. We are all here to explore, learn, and to experience life. We are here in sentient intelligent being form of matter to expound our awareness of senses that we can only experience while in physical form.
Our mental awareness of our energy is only one part of our existence. Many people are born with the same senses. Most of those born on earth are given the basic six senses. For those of you who need reminding, they are seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, and the sixth sense is feeling. Touching and feeling is not the same thing. 
There have been past entities and extra terrestrials who have come to earth in physical form as human beings. We treated these beings as prophets and leaders. There is history and stories in all countries about our leaders. Some of these were spiritual leaders.
Some of these were called Kings, Queens, Gods and Goddesses. Jesus was simply a man to many who lived at the same time he walked the earth. To others he was a leader and a prophet. 
Jesus was simply a man to many who lived at the same time he walked the earth. To others he was a leader and a prophet.
Jesus was a chosen leader of the extra terrestrials that some refer to as God or Yahweh. I choose to believe this although I never met the man but feel I know him in my spirit and soul. Others may feel they know Mohamed or Joseph Smith.
To some people on earth, something makes them want to live their lives believing in the stories of men who lived before on earth.
I do not believe that it is said that Mohamed or Joseph Smith will return but what if the icon and name Jesus holds a genetic code.
What if the name Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior was a way for the extraterrestrials to remind us of what life can be if we remember Ascension.
Afterall, isn’t Jesus the one who ascended and taught others how the system works for us all? It really depends on how we look at what was described. Some of us may want to look at how this works scientifically. What if he was taken away in a spacecraft?
What if his energy actually left his body for a time but, he returned to meet and greet others to share how we can ascend? Food for thought. It may not be so mysterious and the true occult wisdom of what the point was in creating all the fuss about his actual and true origin.
Wasn’t he the one that after so many years in time is to return to take others with him to other kingdoms in heaven? Many mansions hath my father in heaven was one of the sayings that was recorded by some of the writers of the New Testament.
Faith, hope, charity, and the greatest is love was what Jesus taught those who were alive with him on earth. Those words still ring true today among those who believe in his philosophy and teachings.
Whether Jesus was the son of God or God reincarnated was much of the controversy while he was alive and still is today among many who study religion, and theosophy.
The importance of Jesus is the fact that he brings hope to the weary who believes in him. This is their faith in times of hardship and when their loves ones pass on, as in death on earth of the physical and mental bodies.
Those who believe this is wrong to believe as Christians and have faith are hubris. Faith, hope, and charity, are what we build the feeling of love with on earth. 
We may all be like the Gene Roddenberry’s character Spock in our future being part human and part something else like Vulcans. I am told that the Vulcans are who we shall become like the Andromedians who have lived for millions of years longer than we have and they are more like Vulcans. I am told I resemble these in some ways as my Father but I still have my mother’s ways as human DNA. I am fine while on earth.
There are many who are for the Big Bang Theory in Science and many who believe in Science only and what they can see. We can believe in both a God and the Big Bang Theory. For many who are supporting the Creation, we understand that one cannot understand one without the other in many respects. It is simply a matter of semantics, communication, etymology, and various ways of looking at how we break down the energy into words.
Faith and hope is not about seeing in the way we speak and think about scientific proof or fact. This is what much of the controversy is about today with the separation of government and religion. Science can have those who believe in something great like God and the God Particle. Who says that a person has to believe one way or the other to leave earth once we die?
Faith is about believing in the energy that cannot die. Faith is about finding out that we have a purpose for existing on earth. Science simply allows us a way to study what we are searching for in what we can see, know, and understand in a three dimensional world.
We are now getting ready to understand more than a three-dimensional work and are preparing to embark on an adventure in space where we are meant to return.
There have been wars and rumors of wars since the beginning or recorded time on earth. 
This is part of the way we live on earth.
There are Gods and extra terrestrial ways of living on earth that have been used to create these wars. There have been more wars fought over religion and beliefs than any other reason. There have been wars fought for land rights by people of geographic areas on earth. Most of the past civilizations and empires were about growth and change. When we think about the energy and matter that is given to all of us on earth, it boils down to exploring and expanding our own energy and matter to include more.
We must now realize that while we are here in physical form that energy matters. We all matter. All matter matters. This is now part of the grand scheme of things and the solution to our problems. We must all realize that more is better as long as we are all participating in the growth and expansion process. We must learn to take care of each other as we come to this planet until we return once again to our ascension beings immortal realm.
Those who exist now on earth have many levels of existing and thinking. We must realize that the old ways of thinking do not serve us any longer. Those who will pass from this earth in the next decade will be utilized in other realms of existence. There importance on earth has expired. This is what we realize at the time of death. 
We realize that their energy can no longer survive in the vessel or physical body that was created for the energy we call spirit to exist so the spirit returns back to the soul. The soul is the actual energy mass that never expires and is immortal.
There are many ways to think and feel about our energy inside our physical bodies. There are many ways to realize our levels of consciousness. We have levels we now refer to as beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma. These levels do not necessarily relate to each other and are not necessarily conscious and aware of each other.
There are many parts of a soul. There are many levels of understanding based on past reincarnations of matter in this work and world and in others. This is not the only portal of life for existence in the physical and mental forms. Our spirits or separates are all created as what encases memory and what continues as knowledge. Our brain houses our mental capacity to retain the knowledge that we call memories which will leave with the energy we call electrical spirit. 
For many on earth, they have not had any reason to believe in the future of energy. 
I choose to believe that this is why prior extraterrestrials such as Jesus and quite possible the Angel Gabriel who spoke to Mohamed came to teach us here while we are in physical form on earth. That spirit can never die. Many people on earth do not realize that life goes on and is immortal. This is what the new global consciousness is offering to all human beings who are alive at this time.
This was my agreement and contribution to global consciousness including being here now. Being aware of my past lives and my past dealing with extra terrestrials is simply one of the gifts I was given with the veil lifted. Sometimes, ones treasures are another’s trash. These I have come to accept as so many beings have before me. We are all part of the global consciousness.
We have the ability to reach the Akashic Field and the Unified Field of Origin.
Global Consciousness is part of being whole. Do what can be done to explore, learn, create, and experience being part of this team of sentient intelligent beings on earth.
Congratulations on the continuance of your lifetime on earth with others. This includes me! Global Consciousness is now being revealed to others not just the Avatars and Ascension Beings. There is a gnosis revelation.
Those of our humankind that are in prison may want to study the full extent of man’s laws and then compare them with the Law of Ascension.
They may find that the truth as occult wisdom was hidden in the past from the masses. A Gnostic way or possessing mystic knowledge may have been the way the truth was kept from the men in power. There may have been a reason Jesus was a Nazarene.
Others are coming. Something wonderful is happening! Extra terrestrials exist. The UFOS are simply other than earth origin spacecraft. The one’s who are not opening their minds to the truth of this will simply be passed over when the time comes to ascend. Knowledge is a terrible thing to waste. Those who are separate and do not agree with the critical masses when time comes to leave earth will experience another lifetime on earth that may or not be superior and beneficial.
Some will simply stay to experience brain cells. We have a lot to work through and change. My people are here on this planet along with others. We are beginning to share in the strong minded to wake up those who are to ascend and be welcomed back. Those who do not awaken will be left behind. This is what has spread origin to this world. There is knowledge that will be forthcoming to assist some slow sleepwalkers who are programmed.
The world has many spiritual people who are not necessarily in one religion or another. There are no religions on earth, which are right. Religions were manmade. The truth is out there for others to explore and use. 
This is part of the global consciousness now being revealed to others and not just to the chosen Ascension Beings. Some may be called of various faiths depending on from where they originated. 
We in global awareness will realize that rallying and supporting religions on earth is not the answer to salvation. 
There is a way to become aware of the truth. The truth will set us free. Trying to think of appropriate last words before leaving earth. We should thank our past leaders who knew the truth. They saved our lives. We shall always appreciate our history and seek to find the truth in all our ancient past. We are thankful for all who got us to where we are today. Now we must move on. This is why we are chosen to be here today for our entire global species as intelligent beings. We are at present sentient intelligent beings.
Now it is time to be responsible for our own consciousness, spirits, and future of our souls. Who ever is tainted about the worlds beyond and all other life forms may not survive. It will not be that easy to accept what is not known. Many are programmed on earth due to free reign and will. It is too late for those who want to simply remain alive for the sake of existence. We must accept our global consciousness with knowledge of the truth about the global future. Mind expansion is part of our life experience.
There is an inner Guiding Spirit that is beyond our own inner knowing and outer physical appearance. The still small voice is what I am speaking about inside each of us. We all have a truth that is the god Particle in us all. We are born with it. Just because we stop listening to our spirit and let our human earthly physical needs take over can be what we program man or ourselves to do in the world created made.
I was on a mission to share what I was to do while here on earth and I was told to meet Glen Dennis and deliver a message. Glen received the message and I taught he and Sally about seeing auras and how one could know if another was ill. There was a man who came to the door while we were in Glen’s office. I knew the Guiding Spirit of what we are all a part was telling me. That I had to let ask him to have his heart checked out. I told him that he was having trouble with his heart. He denied this totally and I assured him that he needed to be checked out. Sally and Glen were not sure what to say. Sally remembered the man and later informed me that he did indeed have trouble within weeks. Sally Hester knows the details and who this man was.
There are many stories about life on earth that involve magic and small miracles which are found in life when one is not looking but has hope and faith in the unknown and the Guiding Spirit in all of us. There is a greater power that some call the energy that cannot be destroyed and is in all things as is the God Particle. The God Particle is the smallest Quantum Gestures in all things that are the soup and the glue that can group things together. This God Particle is what holds all the Metaverses together.
We are told that it has simply always been by those above who the Supreme Allied Council rules over all intelligent being species that are benevolent in this universe.
Some are malevolent and are not joined with us as an allied benevolent force. They choose another path and way of being that may serve us in a way that we are not yet ready to comprehend in space or on earth. Learning about a force than can overtake our life force is something that we may have to learn to gravitate towards at our own demise which at this time is hard to fathom. We prefer life over death in all time as space travelers. This is going to be a lesson we shall learn over time through our many lifetimes in various universes. 
We shall learn why there is always two counterparts and yet two parts that work together as one and teach us the opposites are one as well. We must learn to define that which attracts and repels in space.
This will always be the way it is in the universes as far as we can tell at this time. 
We are learning how we shall work with the larger and smaller energies in space and space-time.
Time Travel is part of the future that we on earth are just now adjusting our minds too.
What is an Extra-Terrestrial Social Paranormal Time Traveler? 
We shall learn of our own matrix inside the universe, multiverse, metaverse, xenoverse, inside the omniverse, which is the entire macrocosm as far as we know at this time on earth. 
The macrocosm is the all-encompassing existence of what we now call the Omniverse. We are all individual microcosms inside the all of the omniverse. We shall learn in space and with what we now call science education that which is unknown to us at this time. We are using our imaginations to expand our awareness and universe and call it science fiction and quantum entanglement. Quantum Science shall assist us as words for form and dimensions in time in the future.
For many of us who have studied the occult and metaphysical, we simply chose a path with special interests. There are all kinds of people and magic in this world. Writing magical and mysterious is being a Social Paranormalist.
 There isn’t much that has changed about the intelligent being species throughout recorded time on planet earth other than the magical and mysterious that is now referred to as part of the social paranormal of the 21st Century.
Some of us actually like to use Feng Shui and other ways to know our energies such as Tai Chi. Study the energy in all things in reality. Many of us study meditation and how to share out of body experiences. We know we travel at night while part of us sleep. This is something that is being shared now in the neural sciences. More shall be learned about the human mind inside the brain and how the spirit energy can come and go during our sleep mode. There are beta, alpha, theta, delta, and gamma waves we use for now when we use words for levels of the mind waves. We shall begin learning more about the spiritual minds inside us all. We now believe in a God Particle that flows in all things including human beings. 
This may or may not have anything to do with why some of us are those who have paranormal experiences and why some of us extraterrestrial experiences have or have had abduction experiences. However, they always say that truth is stranger than fiction. Therefore, the “They” that we are always referring too is that critical mass consciousness.
Some of us have actually had physical reality experiences in the human realty with our conscious physical beings being part of the experiments of extra terrestrials.
I for one have been involved with both the Nordics and the Grays, as have many beings who I know who have pleasant experiences. We also are aware that there are many who have been abducted and had unpleasant experiences. We believe that this is not appropriate behavior by others who are considered certain types of grays who are also intelligent beings who visit earth from other galaxies.
It has come to my attention that some beings who have had these unpleasant experiences need to realize that there are those of us on earth who exist that have had real pleasant personal experiences. These are not just in dreams, and out of body but actual physical real life experiences with extraterrestrials that are not known as common beings on earth. They come to this planet in what is referred to as spacecraft that some call UFOS.
There have always been some of us that can seem weird to say the least because we are open minded and are not closed into the box of only three dimensions. This will be explained through out the world as time passes on earth. 
We are presently working with those who desire to raise the consciousness and vibrations of all that is in the Magnetic Field or the Glue that holds all Metaverses together in order to assist in controlling what we now refer to as the chaos of the Quantum Entanglement. We are striving to share in energy that is presently formed in sound waves that are referred to as communication on earth.
Some call these alpha, beta, gamma, delta, and theta waves that are all around in all thinking in all things at all times. This energy cannot be destroyed and is the constant flow in flux.
We do not want to lose those who can follow the past Theory of Relativity and the Dark and Black Holes that are presently becoming known and are studied throughout the new universe. 
We are they that choose to open all possibilities of time travel through the wormholes in stellar space for all beings that are presently residing on earth. This will happen in time.
We are all part of the all being and the all eternal throughout time in the infinity of space-time continuum in the Metaverses. We are presently formed in that which cannot be destroyed as energy while on earth in all forms. Be patient, be hopeful, and desire health and prosperity for living and created in your world, which is also our world as well.
We are they that create stars in the total darkness of the space-time continuum. We are they who are the sparks of life that thrive beneath what is now termed the 46 pair of chromosomes in the DNA that make up the physical being that is the vessel for the spirit and silver chord that reaches out to the Mother and Father Soul of Creation.
We are about the Creationist of All Energy as the God Particle. We are the Hope and Inspiration of every aspiring young Artist who is learning to be more than their present minds in time can imagine. We are the imagination and the still small voice inside every man, woman, and child no matter where they may be and no matter what physical vessel they may possess.
We are they who are about showing those who visit earth in the physical, mental, and spiritual life form that they can find their way back home after achieving their time on earth to achieve perfection as was meant to BE and find PURPOSE in life on earth. 
We are they that are the nonconformist attitude and the futurists in consciousness that is considered living in the mind while on earth in the physical and mental bodies.
We are spirit that comes and goes from the many and all that is one in the metaverses that achieves what is considered the original creation as divine providence which we call God or the All.
“All that has always been.”
We now know that as all of us are created in the image of the divine spark in us all that our male and female sides are two as was and is our creator.
We are they that honor the Yin and Yang, the Alpha and the Omega of all creations. We have gravity, magnetism and the God particle. 
We are they that are in tune with the Mother Nature and Father Time that is all that is wrapped up in form of material and matter that is considered what can be known on earth as energy and mass.
We are they that honor both our Father and Mother Creators of the All.
We are they that has been forever and will be from to time that humankind may set foot on planet earth as beings that were formed to become the first 46 pairs of Chromosomes that were matched from the perfection of what was all life forms in all 46 other metaverses in the Quantum Entanglement of the Source. We are they that give life to the meaning of spiritual being.
We are they that bring the light to darkness and the antimatter to the matter. There is nothing in the dark and light that does not exist in the energy that is all there is without our presence for we are those who create that which is now called the 46 pairs of chromosomes which make up that which is truly the all knowing and all being as social paranormal genome creations.
We are the luminosity in the mind when one cannot see, hear, touch, taste, smell or feel with the inner knowing and the outer being. The emotions that are thought to be formed while on earth are nothing but weather barometers for the human mind. 
We are they that will fill in the blanks about the genetic engineering or the genetic codes that was once unknown. We are they who assist in the genomes, which is the pairing of the chromosomes. 
We are they in every color spectrum that is the foundation of all light fractals. We are both the Genie and the Genius in all life forms that are considered as those of the intelligent being species.
We are in all living beings, all Buddhists, Christians, Hindu, Muslim and all other religions on earth referred to in all the Holy Scripts including the Quran, the Bible, the Vedas and the Tripitaka.
We are religious and cultural by definition. The Ascension Age will simply allow for more definition of our spiritual awareness for our individual body-mind-spirits in relation to our global consciousness.
We will now learn how to form more perfect societies for space living.
We use euphemisms and tags, words, categories that are sprouted as thoughts to germinate while there are still those living and being on earth. 
We are they that in some worlds are the Vapor Spirits that are the intelligence inside all material matter and antimatter. We are the Quantum Gestures in all words that are formed as the “Great I AM and the ALL:”
We are the all-inspiring stories of religions and governments that have done the ruling of the organizing of the chaos in the time dimensions that have come and gone through the billions of years in the time space continuum that is recognized by all consciousness of all super intelligent Supreme Beings. Many ascension beings that are alive and well on planet earth have returned by choice. This was their calling and election made sure in another time and place that many beings call heaven or space.
How we begin to open, our awareness and our minds to other possibilities that have not been openly discussed before as real energy and matter other than in a spiritual and religious atmosphere is what would bring about change. 
We are to openly discuss and create new names, new knowledge, and new matter for all that we are discovering together. We are creating and innovating truth in all things for all things as energy in matter. 
We are about the change in global consciousness. We each must do our part. There are probably better words and connections in sentences to explain this knowledge. I am not the best person to share truth as I understand it but I do have a message and as a communicator, I have agreed to share what I know regardless of the consequences that it may bring to my physical existence while here on earth. I made this choice. I chose to come to earth. I chose to live, die, and return. We all did. God bless ahd Happy Holidays! Live long and prosper. Health and prosperity to all on earth in space of this universe and in all others.
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