Top-secret UFO files open for public viewing, no evidence found


Publisher’s Note: Found this article by Ryan Arciero from the Examiner in Google News. It is about a topic we have been covering the past few days, that being the final release of MoD reports concerni9ng the UK’s UFOs. Ryan submits an alternative view. Dirk

UFO Britain: This week is a big one for UFO aficionados and believers in extraterrestrial life, as I4U reported this Friday, June 21, that Britain’s Ministry of Defense officially released the country’s formerly top-secret UFO files for public viewing this morning.
Under the UFO Britain reports, people have almost full access to many of the alleged UFO sightings and even abduction narratives that the U.K. government has recorded for several decades. Although Britain’s previous UFO desk was shut down from service back in 2009, the files are back and no longer for government officials’ eyes only.
It appears that the UFO desk had been closed at the time due to a lack of available resources and modern value. Unfortunately for believers in life outside of planet Earth, the source noted that Britain’s UFO files do not reveal governmental proof that any of the UFO sightings were ever confirmed to be authentic.
The UFO Britain desk operation, however, is interesting to behold, as it appears that an actual UFO hotline and emergency system was prepared at one point and time.

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