Triangle UFO over Ohio 2007

I received the following email from Karrie Reynolds. As you can read she hosts The Alien Agenda on


My name is Karrie Reynolds and I am the host of The Alien Agenda on I am also a contactee and devoted skywatcher. Since 2005 when I began skywatching regularly, I have been seeing some strange craft here in the skies over Northeast Ohio. Countless hours of skywatching paid off. On May 30, 2007 I managed to catch a triangular shaped unknown craft on film during a night skywatch. The crafts lights are apparently different from known conventional craft. There are NO blinking FAA lighting on this craft. The craft made no apparent noise. Light traffic from the adjacent street next to my home is only heard.

Photo enhanced with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 using variation’s tool.

I was shooting with a Sony DSR SR40 digital HDD camcorder with the nightvision on, but NOT the infrared nightvision. This object has 3 white round lights in the form of a small triangle at first in the footage. Approx. 35-40 seconds into the footage a smaller light flickered on for a split second in the upper left of the light formation. If one is not closely looking, it will be missed.

Photo enhanced with Adobe Photoshop 7.0 using brightness/contrast tool.

The most amazing part is seconds later another white light slowly dims on the craft to show the craft is bigger then first thought. I have never seen a conventional airplane do these acrobatics wiht light formations, make no sound and have no blinking FAA light on it.

A shorter version of this footage was released immediately. I was having PC problems and the whole file would not upload at the time of the sighting. Since then, I have fixed the problem and just today successfully uploaded the whole sighting to my shows youtube page:

What was it? I do not know, your guess is as good as mine. I am grateful I documented this sighting and want to encourage others to skywatch as we the people are disclosure.

Best Regards,

Karrie Reynolds

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