Triangular shaped UFO witnessed over Blackburn in Lancashire, UK


Report by Pat Regan

Location: Carr Road in Darwen nr Blackburn, Lancs, UK.

Date and time: 3rd November 2010. 02.30am.

Weather: A clear night, with only scatterings of thin cloud.

A UFO witness who informed me his name is Robert Craven spotted 3 white lights in triangular formation, moving slowly and low to the North East.

Robert had opened his living room window and was leaning out of it for a cigarette.

He stated:  

“I often glance up to the sky (as you do when of a curious nature) and when I did, I saw three white points of light in a triangular formation. Wednesday morning here was slightly cloudy but visibility still clear. It appeared extremely low and was moving steadily over the vicinity of my home. There was no sound as sometimes you would expect from the dull noise of an aeroplane. I know at night time distances can be misjudged, but this was low and the formation was definitely ‘together’ appearing to me, to be a structured craft. The lights weren’t coloured only bright white. They constantly flashed when overhead. I have never reported anything directly. “ 

Did anyone else see this UFO – if so please contact ‘North West UFO Research’ with details.

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