I’m pleased to announce that the Tribute to Budd Hopkins is back online at Sean F. Meers’ Linda Cortile Case Website.

Sean Meers’ writes: “The website where the majority of these tributes were originally posted ( has since gone offline. Because of that the tributes that were posted there are no longer publicly available. The remainder of the tributes came from an article that was posted at as well as a post from the UFO Updates forum.

The tributes have been collated and reproduced here in order to honour Budd Hopkins’ memory, as well as the careful, professional and groundbreaking nature of his unique and exemplary work. They have also been presented here to show how many people’s lives that he and his work had a positive and healing effect on.

The tributes are comprised of a vast, consolidated array of independent testimony obtained from a universal array of people, each from many different professions, backgrounds and socio-economic upbringings. The tributes are presented here in the interest of free, non-profit education about Budd Hopkins and his work…”

Continue reading Budd Hopkins’ Tribute here:



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