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I received a submission from UFO Digest reader Max earlier today (June 16, 2010). He has sent us a series of photographs and accompanying descriptions of the events. The following is what Max sent us!

Descriptions and Dates of incidents:

My sister and mom took this picture in Old Jaffa, Israel on May 31, 2010. The object was not visible to a naked eye and was discovered later while reviewing the pictures. With magnification of 100% you can see rows of windows of lights and detailed structure/energy field around the craft. Our analysis shows that it’s not a lens stain.

Myself and my family (mother and sister) have seen this object on several occasions between August 24 to Sep 8. This picture was taken on August 25, 2009 in Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin.

Later that night we saw the same 2 lights over the field in WI, and on Sep 8, 2009 my mother and myself saw the craft of the same type (one brighter light in front, another on the back, 2-3 football field long) flying over and hanging over our heads on the back yard of out house in Buffalo Grove, IL. It moved northbound flying over our heads and stopping above us, rotating in the air and disappearing in front of our eyes. It seemed to affect both myself and my mother, who started drawing and created a site for visual awakening: (she never drawn before that).

We seemed to have a telepathic connection to the craft, as our mental request for it to stop was answered and it hanged over our heads for about 2-3 min. Then we reviewed this picture which was taken 2 weeks earlier and found that it also showed up there (it was not seen when picture was taken from the window of the car)… Between June and September 8th, 3 members of my family saw similar craft 4 times + a picture attached (see 2 light on top… These are not stars and obvious light sources).

Never have seen a UFO until 2009, and since then was a witness to such UFO events several times.

Max is the President and CEO of PURPLE ORANGE LLC

I asked Max about himself and this is what he wrote: As you know, I am a co-founder of an innovative marketing 3.0 company, worked for clients like Procter & Gamble, US Marines, FEMA, Miller Coors , Nestle and many other blue chip companies, heading business special intelligence operation and analytics. So I consider myself a no nonsense kind of guy and a trained observer. As a kid, during summers I used to visit my grandma in Belarus. She had a farm in a village Prybytki, by Gomel. The Soviet military base with an airport were near by and as long as I can remember I used to sneak under barb wire and watch MIG-s and nuke bombers taking off for training flights from meters away. My uncle was a Col. In Soviet Air force , so I could wonder the base, situated in the middle of the forest and watch airplanes take off and touch down. My uncle taught me some observation skills, so I can easily differentiate planes, helicopters, satellites flight patterns and meteors/comets. As I mentioned I never seen a UFO until Summer 2009… I really wished to, but the truth is I haven’t seen anything unusual until about a year ago. I wanted to share with you my first sighting, for which I don’t have a picture, but my 25 year old sister has witnessed it with me. If you like I could put it in the more chronological order, and then there was an email… Yes an email! Here is the beginning of my experience with so called UFO’s. After receiving a very strange email on a new business address, which I didn’t give to anyone, my life never been the same. It was written in code, with each word being very professional, and virtually unknown to the public unless they involved in music or mathematics, for example… I will tell you about this amazing message and the way we decoded it later…

But to the first UFO sighting… 6/25/2010 my sister came into my home office and asked if I wanted to see a “UFO” (later I learned that she thought it was a balloon, when she was calling me). It was about 12:45 pm light clouds with sun coming through then. I saw a silver object reflecting sun light. It was oval in shape and was metallic, reflecting sunlight. It was hanging over our heads, a bit to the west, so we could observe it very well. It was a small sphere-like object up to 1 meters in diameter and 500 -600 feet above. We confident it was a weather a balloon and laughed how we never seen a UFO and this is just a balloon. Yet we continued to observe it for a minute or two. Suddenly to our total astonishment the object turned into a light orb of the same size and took off south-west and up with a speed exciding military jet at least x2 to x3 times. It was floating with a wind, like studding us or something, and then took off so fast, that no balloon could possibly do that. We haven’t heard any sound and light orb dissipated in a matter of seconds in front of our eyes. This was prelude to the sightings and experiences that followed.

I would like to thank Max for sending us his photos and description of the event. You can email Max directly at [email protected].

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