Circumstantial Evidence

Scientific evidence of alien abductions does not appear to exist [or if it does, it is rare]. At best, we have circumstantial evidence like the broken tree limbs on the roof terrace belonging to Nicole. This lack of pure scientific evidence makes it difficult for us to study this phenomenon. It continuously slips away from our grip. Every time we think we are making progress and gaining understanding, it slips back into the darkness and we stay in a fog of ignorance and confusion. But something continues to occur at night when we sleep at night…when we enter into that strange and extraordinary dream world.

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Historical Perspective

I want to back up in time and give you a historical perspective of this phenomenon.

It would seem that UFO abductions were occurring as far back as the Middle Ages. At that time in history a great number of people were being abducted by airships. They were thought to be powerful magicians from the mythological “Magonia-land” far away and beyond the horizon. Similar events occurring today are attributed to powerful extraterrestrials from far away beyond the stars.

When we compare ancient chronicles, myths and legends, to what is occurring today, it seems we going through the same mystical visitations yet again. In past centuries people believed they were being taken away by fairies, dwarfs and elves. Fairies were said to have robbed pregnant women of their newborn children in order to raise them as their own.

It is even possible that the tales about Incubi and Succubi, so well known in the Middle Ages, may have originated by these earlier forced sexual contacts with alien beings. Originally, they were interpreted as demonic beings. Masked as pretty young women or men, they generated lustful dreams and then engaged in sexual intercourse with their sleeping victims: Succubi with women, Incubi with men.

Even the German religious reformer Martin Luther believed that demons provided human sperm, and became procreative in hopes of obtaining human or human-like offspring.

It sounds strange, but the behavior of the Succubi and Incubi, as well as the imaginations, dreams, and memories of their victims, resemble reports of the modern abduction and bedroom visitor phenomenon. The stories parallel one another in such a striking manner that it appears appropriate to state that they may be one in the same.

Our current theories, based on the reports from abductees worldwide, shows us that the same phenomenon is occurring today. Sperm is supposedly tapped from men, and numerous female abductees believe they have been artificially inseminated by strange looking alien beings. Two or three months later, the fetus is then removed. It is indeed, a traumatic experience.

The scenario that is emerging in so many of our present-day abduction accounts is this: years after these “terminated pregnancies” by alien beings, many of these same women are shown their children again: and they are described as looking like strange hybrid beings who are part human and part alien.

This belief of the fertilization of women by heavenly or divine, as well as demonic beings, has pervaded throughout the course of human history. The legend of the virgin birth of Jesus of Nazareth and his conception by the holy spirit can be viewed as the incorporation of much older ideas that have been scattered throughout the ancient World. Many famous men of antiquity were believed to have had “heavenly fathers.” For example, God himself went to Sarah, Abraham’s wife, in order to beget a son with her. And, according to the legends, Buddha, Krishna, Alexander the Great, and Mohammed were also children of a similar “heavenly” union.

In the mythological imaginations of the common people, strange beings like the Puk originated from such contacts. The description of a small naked gnome with big eyes, a giant head and a comparatively slight body, is certainly similar to the descriptions of the small Greys of our present-day UFO abduction accounts. Again, if we believe the abductees, the beings may be the result of an artificially induced combination between aliens and humans.

During the Middle Ages women were confronted with Succubi and men were confronted with Incubi – demons. The same thing is occurring today in the modern UFO phenomenon.

Continued in Part Five with how the abduction phenomenon appears to adapt to us – and a discussion of Dr. Fiebag’s Mimicry Hypothesis.

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