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Johannes Fiebag’s Mimicry Theory (Continued from Part IV)

Ulrich is a 21 year-old man from Switzerland. Since he was a child he has had numerous experiences, many of them very frightening to him. He has since gained better insight into his experiences through regressive hypnosis.

“The event that I can reconstruct best up to now probably occurred the night of the 10th to the 11th of May 1994. I was in my bed sleeping when suddenly I was awakened by a strong, pulsating blue light. I creeped under my blanket and I thought, ‘No, not again. This cannot be real!’ Then I had the feeling that I was floating, and my conscious memory abruptly ended!

The next thing I remembered was laying on a table approximately 50 centimeters high. I was in a dark room. The wall, ground and ceiling were very smooth. Below my feet and on the right side was something like a marble column. Suddenly, a slim, small white being got on top of me. She had big dark eyes and no hair on her head. Even though I felt sick, somehow she made me feel sexually excited – I don’t understand that. The whole episode was repeated by another one, but I cannot remember her appearance. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a third female came over to me. All I can remember about this last female is that she had more human features. After this, tears streamed across my face.”

What Is It?

What are we confronted with here? Is it a genetic breeding program for the evolution of a new race? If so, why would it be occurring for millennia now? I do not believe this “genetic breeding program” theory holds up due to the enormous amount of time these visitations have been occurring. If this were the case the beings would only require a few cells from our bodies. Even hair samples would satisfy their need if this was indeed all these beings are doing.

Isn’t this precisely what we expect from extraterrestrial beings: they come from other planets; they are somehow different (but perhaps a little bit like ourselves); they fly in shining spaceships; and they land on our Earth to examine us?

Centuries ago we believed in fairies – and it was fairies who appeared to the people. At the end of the 19th Century we believed in the coming of Jules Verne’s airships – and it was exactly those types of vehicles that were responsible for the first UFO wave in America in 1896.

Today, our high-technology civilization has taken our astronauts to the moon and has given us genetic technology. Also consistent with our modern belief systems, we now have ships from Zeta Reticuli, or the Andromeda galaxy whose occupants carry out genetic experiments and manipulate the human race.

Does the UFO Phenomenon Adapt to Humans?

It appears to me that the UFO phenomenon adapts itself to our fantasies and ideas. It uses our dreams, our fears, and our individual beliefs. It uses the contradictions which dwell within each of us. Apparently, this intelligence, which I like to term “The Other Ones,” uses a kind of mimicry or camouflage behavior. This enables these beings to operate within the maximum range of possibilities and also allows them to conceal much of their activity.

This alien intelligence must be far more advanced than we are – perhaps hundreds of thousands, or even millions of years ahead of us. It seems to have learned to intervene in reality. Or better said, unlike us, it knows that reality as we know it, does not exist at all.

Reality, as we define it, is merely a construct of our brain – of our perception. Whoever gains the knowledge of that fact is able to manipulate what we call “reality.” And – they can manipulate it whenever and wherever, and however they wish.

What we consider reality, may be for “The Other Ones” nothing more than a play-ground similar to a cyber space simulation or a virtual reality scenario in our culture. We can only imagine what kinds of rules govern this strange “game.”

“The Other Ones” can appear however they (or we) want them to. They can appear as magicians from Magonia, as mysterious aeronauts of the 19th century, as night goblins, as fairies, as small Greys, or beings in shining ships from the stars.

The figures that are being observed in this phenomenon are obviously not “The Other Ones” themselves. What we really see are only their projections. Projections formed according to our social, cultural and religious belief systems during the moment of their apparition. These are the shadow masks they conceal themselves behind.

Part Six of this article discusses Shapeshifters, Camouflage, and Combined Experiences.

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