I am convinced that the alien intelligence behind the UFO phenomenon is in the process of preparing for something very big. In all myths, and in all religions, it says the gods promise to return. I cannot help but believe that this is exactly what we are facing. It may not occur in my lifetime, but it is possible that it will occur very soon after.

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We should be prepared for this event, because whatever occurs, should concern us all. All of us. That means we will share a global or even universal event – and we still know very little about what is going to occur. At the very least, it is time for everyone to consider the possibilities that await us.

Preparation for a Global Future Event (Part VII of VII: Conclusion)

Since the beginning of history, people have been taken into the hands of gods and devils, of fairies and elves and goblins. Today, it is extraterrestrial beings. Sometimes, the witnesses only hear a thunder or see something like a bright flash of light. Sometimes they see airships in the clouds above them and believe the ships are from Magonia or some other mysterious place. Sometimes they observe bizarre air ships hanging in the sky, or they may come in contact with spaceships from Zeta Reticuli. These material manifestations only have a secondary meaning. They are dependent on the time in which the person lives. They are dependent upon the subject’s beliefs, knowledge, and their hopes and fears.

The basic model of contact between these elusive intelligence’s and us has been the same for millennia. We can choose to deny the reality of this model. We can believe that the abductees were only drunk or had visions, or that they dreamed, hallucinated, or made up fairy tales. We would also have to believe that these people – from all over the World – have attempted to make fools of us and they have attempted to do this for many centuries! If you wish to believe this you may. It is your decision as to how you will deal with this information.

No matter how you decide to deny their existence, it will not hinder “The Other Ones.” They will continue to appear among us with their array of masks and deceptive camouflage. They will continue to abduct humans and they will continue on their own mysterious path.

In all the millennia of human history no one has been able to analyze these beings. We are the first ones who have begun to suspect something and who have questioned their behavior. And – what if it is our own questioning and our own suspicion that brought them to us in the first place? Could their actions only be a mirror of our actions; our interaction with nature? Could this intelligence be a frightening reflection of ourselves – reflected back to us in the UFO phenomenon?

Although we are asking the questions and seeking the truth about “The Other Ones” we are still, ladies and gentlemen, light-years away from the answer.

Dr. Johannes Fiebag


Dr. Johannes Fiebag is the author of several books about the UFO phenomenon and the abduction phenomenon. His last two books about the UFO phenomenon are titled Sternentore [Stargates] and Das UFO-Symdrom [The UFO Syndrome]. Both books were published in German, in 1996.

Johannes Fiebag studied Geology, Paleontology, Physics and Geophysics at the University of Wurzburg, earning a Ph.D. in 1988, with his thesis in a special branch of Planetology. He has written many scientific papers in his field, and currently is a freelance science writer, as well as being the author of several books, not only alone, but with his brother, Peter. His latest book, written with Torsten Sasse, is Mars – Planet de Lebens. Dr. Fiebag was one of the most well-known researchers in the field of contacts with extraterrestrial intelligences in the German-speaking countries of Europe. He was also the Chief Editor of the German-Swiss-Austrian editions of Ancient Skies and Scientific Ancient Skies.

Dr. Fiebag first published his conclusion – what he terms “The Mimicry Hypothesis” – in 1990, in Ancient Skies, a magazine of The Ancient Astronaut Society.


© 1997 by Johannes Fiebag, Ph.D.


Oz Factor” is a term invented by Randles in 1983 to describe the strange, seemingly altered state of consciousness commonly claimed by some witnesses of unidentified flying objects and other similar paranormal events. Randles has noted the strange calmness and lack of panic described by the witnesses, relative to the bizarre circumstances that they described and says that they described and defined the Oz factor as “the sensation of being isolated, or transported from the real world into a different environmental framework…where reality is but slightly different, [as in] the fairy tale land of Oz.”  She has further noted that “the Oz factor certainly points to consciousness as the focal point of the UFO encounter.”

The Oz Factor


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