UFO/Alien: connections to the poltergeist phenomenon

What the so-called ‘Experts’ don’t tell you! 

By Pat Regan

The most primordial accounts of poltergeist activity apparently date back to the ancient Romans; although I would wager older reports existed that were not recorded in text, possibly back in Celtic times.  

Erstwhile poltergeist records can be established in the medieval periods in the Far East and also parts of Europe. 

The reports signify unexplainable events such as throwing soil, flying objects, horrendous smells, piercing noises, inexplicable lights and otherworldly apparitions.           

All these things are at times akin to the still inconsistent reports of contemporary poltergeists and also to some accounts concerning UFO or alien sightings, all of which have created alarm for numerous witnesses. Why precisely poltergeist activity occurs in the first place has been under scrutiny by so-called experts and scientists for decades. 

Poltergeists habitually commence and end unpredictably. The distinctive occurrence can last for numerous hours or even several years in the more extreme cases. 

Would it be too far-fetched to even imply that such unexplained activity could in fact be of an extraterrestrial nature or is that a misleading perception? 

Perhaps, some may suggest, a minority of poltergeist events are occurrences of simply playful aliens having a bit of sport at our expense. 

Whereas such a hypothesis may draw gasps of disbelief or even contempt from the conventional parapsychologist it is no less eccentric than some notions I have previously observed. Comparisons between the paranormal and the alien are not that difficult to ascertain.           

Perhaps the supernatural and the extraterrestrial are close companions at certain times and as always we do need to keep an open mind. 

When in doubt however it is always prudent to look for specialist advice, so I did just that and asked Mr Chris Bray from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice occult bookshop in Leeds what he thought about the poltergeist/UFO issue. 


Chris is a long-time adept in the magical arts who is greatly esteemed in his field. 

I mentioned the following 5 level theory of these mysterious entities to Chris. 

“Chris – in my book, ‘UFO: The Search for Truth’, I am coming up against some strange cases that are analogous to balls of energy that remind me of poltergeist activity. Some seem to be monitoring folks and scare them as they pass by.  Do you buy all this level 5 level poltergeist data below? “

            The Five alleged stages of Poltergeist activity

Stage 1 Senses: movement mainly revolve around the five senses of the human body. Phenomena:  chilly spots, outlandish noises, hearing footsteps, pets running from rooms, feeling of being watched. 

 Stage 2 Communication: weird noises and smells are more easily discernable and direct. Phenomena: Whispers, moans, animated shadows, breezes in closed areas, marks on floors or walls. 

Stage 3 Physical: Poltergeist unmistakably makes its presence known. What could have been beforehand dismissed is now a bona fide entity.  Phenomena: Appliances turning on/off, invisible hands touching people, doors opening and closing all by themselves, bizarre knocks at doors and windows. 

Stage 4 Deception:  It might seem like an undisruptive and good-natured entity, but it is really gathering information of what people consider alarming, which it will use to inflict terror in the next stage and originate its energy from the fright created. Phenomena: Flying and moving objects, objects disappearing and reappearing elsewhere, shaking furniture, appearing as frightening entities, creating visions or illusions, speaking in ordering tones; windows, mirrors or other objects breaking for no reason. 

Stage 5 Peril: Poltergeist has reached its maximum energy point, and should be considered hazardous. Aggressive and threatening actions begin. After this stage, the poltergeist will go dormant and then begin the cycle again at the first stage. Phenomena: Biting, slapping or punching people; animating objects; blood on walls, floors and ceilings, attacks by unseen forces, flying knives or sharp objects, heavy objects falling; Threatening writings or optical signs of jeopardy; onset of mysterious medical disease.          

            Apparitions that are mistaken for UFOs                        

Chris kindly explained his conclusion on this fascinating issue: 

”I’ve come across this theory about UFOs being misdiagnosed Poltergeistic before effects but don’t rate it. Poltergeists are the result of excessive Chi animating lower astral shells created by the imagination or hysteria of pubescent children. It is a form of magical evocation. The results which can occur could be mistaken for some UFO activity (e.g. moving lights) but 99% of the poltergeistic effects occur indoors and are therefore rarely attributed to UFOs. Apparitions also could be mistaken for UFO activity, in particular those ancient citing which Jung examples of ‘gods in fiery chariots flying through the sky’ but this kind of anomaly has little to do with  poltergeists which are simply the activity of vacuous astral shells running through a routine set for them.” 

Chris concluded: 

“Trying to produce a ‘symptomology’ of poltergeistic activity as the writer intends is not possible because there is no limitation other than that conceived of by the mind of the child producing them.” 

In light of this information I posed the following to Chris: 

“Could they also not be produced via a child-like mind that is underdeveloped; say in the handicapped person who is adult, yet with lower mental capacity? “ 

He answered: 

“Ah well, now you are entering much wider areas of debate. There is a school of thought which holds that all mentally ill people have their centre of consciousness fixed in the lower astral and unintentionally traffic with astral shells who will sense and conform to the patient’s worst fears in order to draw energy from them to continue their existence.  Magic is a form of enforced voluntary temporary mental dysfunction under control of the will of the magician. However this isn’t the situation with pubescents who create poltergeists. The latter do it unconsciously as a kind of natural defence to dissipate the exceedingly powerful Chi running through them at puberty.  That’s why kids are usually kept physically busy until exhaustion and release pent up energy that way as they go through puberty but those who are in a particularly Xist or mentally crushing or restricted environment will alternatively unconsciously create and the empower the poltergeist in order to dissipate the energy.  This sounds as though they are consciously or knowingly directing it but that is not the case. The energy is leaked and the effects occur tilted towards the unconscious desires of the child.  That’s the theory anyway.  I’ve never come across this happening in any situation where the child is genetically subnormal but I think I do remember instances of physically disabled children with poltergeist activity.” 

But what about when no child is present and poltergeistic activity is experienced I asked. Chris added.  

”Any case of apparent poltergeist activity where a child is not present is a spectral case. Spectres/ghosts can be caused by the release of Chi during violent death or extreme emotion.  This won’t classify as a poltergeist because the spectre is an astral shell cycling automaton-like through a particular sequence which has been ‘primed’ by the violence /emotion; whereas in regular poltergeist activity the shell is the ‘agent’ of the unconscious of the child and will alter its effects at the whim of the child’s unconscious (within limits)” 

I thank Chris for his specialist contribution herein. Such a genuine and brilliant contribution of wisdom from a long-term occult master puts to shame much of the ‘whiter-than-light’, plastic New-Age deception, which we are sadly becoming so familiar with today. I for one find the wholesale pampering of the ‘White-light only’ clique, that has invaded the paranormal/occult arena, to be both unimpressive and potentially counterproductive to the legitimate search for ancient truth. 

One thing is assured. We cannot permit the narrow-minded scientist or the fundamentalist clergymen to close the door toward the unexplained with calamitous warning of danger and trepidation. We need to seek out our own truths and have the valour to examine the unknown.           

The search for truth is very much a solitary enterprise that must be undertaken with devotion. Without the indispensable gift of an open mind the UFO debate can never genuinely evolve. 

The greater mysteries of the unknown realms of existence are our birthright and no self-righteous dogmatist, concealing a secret agenda, has any sacrosanct duty to deny us of such wonders.  

Pat Regan © 2010  

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UFO: The Search for Truth 

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 (World renowned Ufologist, Nick Pope)  

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