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Dirk Vander Ploeg, publisher of UFO Digest Com is happy to announce that he has launched another new website.

UFO Controversy (http://www.ufocontroversy.com) is designed to encourage individuals from all walks of life to express their ideas and opinions about UFOs, extraterrestrials, time travel, basically all things paranormal, with like-minded individuals.

UFO Controversy is a unique blog for first-time writers and full fledged bloggers. Members can remain anonymous or use their real names and openly invite discussions establishing dialogue. This blog is open to the public and visitors’ comments are invited.

UFO Digest has over 100 national and international authors and writers as contributors. With this in mind Vander Ploeg created UFO Controversy for established writers without websites and to encourage new writers to practice, practice, practice and have their work peer reviewed.

UFO Controversy is not just another UFO website. It is a community for both non-fiction and fiction writers to exercise their writing prowess. If you believe UFO Controversy is a website that you would like to participate in simply drop by and see what you think.

Membership is free.

Our slogan: UFO Controversy blogs controversial ideas and opinions about UFO, extraterrestrials and the paranormal!

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