UFO Digest Canada Welcomes Canadian UFO Reports

Hamilton, Ontario: According to one of Canada’s best known UFO submission websites, The Vike Report Into The Paranormal, (http://canadaufo.blogspot.com/) Brian Vike has posted the following: I finally have had enough of one guy who has ticked me off. I won’t post any Canadian sighting reports.

Vike further wrote, “Since every report gets tagged with the source of where the reports comes from, I get tagged with “an online source”. So had enough of this guy for sure using the information”.

Dirk Vander Ploeg, publisher of UFO Digest (http://www.ufodigest.com/wp) and his new website UFO Digest Canada (http://www.ufodigest.ca) is prepared to help out Mr. Vike and all those Canadians who wish to report their UFO sightings to a Canadian UFO website. He suggests they visit http://www.ufodigest.ca and click on the submission link or go to this: http://www.ufodigest.ca/category/other-sections/ufo-digest-canada-submissions.

Mr. Vander Ploeg is Canadian and has had his own UFO sighting, so witnesses can feel confident contacting him and sharing their UFO photos, videos and sightings with him. He has been publishing one of the world’s most frequented UFO website, UFO Digest, since 1998. 

Mr. Vander Ploeg can be contacted by e-mail at:  

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Or by phone: 905 834-2177 

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