This week’s newsletter begins with Michael Salla who wonders if a light on Mars is proof of an underground base there! Then Scott Corrales submits several reports including UFO and humanoid sightings in Colombia and in Argentina. The Examiner’s Jon Kelly writes about Alfred Lambremont Webre‘s new book ‘The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse,’ . Next, Doc Vega, writes about UFOs demonstrating stealth technology in 1952! Thomas Taschinger reports on a reported captured Chupacabra. Then, Brent Swancer writes about strange mysteries in the Pacific during the WW2. Norio Hayakawa tells the real truth about cattle mutilations. Next, Mike Blake writes about a UFO crash at San Augustin. Then, the Examiner’s Roger Marsh reports on a dome-shaped object over Cape Town, a hovering object over Istanbul and a ghost moving a pie plate!  UFO contactee John Foster disclosures several strange occurrences. Next, Alfred Lambremont Webre comments on President Clinton discussing extraterrestrials on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live.” Click here for additional articles. Also see new videos at the bottom of these articles.  Enjoy Dirk

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IS STRANGE LIGHT ON MARS PROOF OF UNDERGROUND BASE? by Michael Salla. A photograph just released from the Mars Curiosity Rover reveals a strange nearby light that appears artificial. The image was part of a batch just uploaded from the Mars Curiosity Rover that were originally recorded on April 3, 2014 by the Right Navigation Camera. The image with the time stamp of 10:00:34 UTC shows an unusual light on the Martian surface only a mile or so away. More

SIGHTING OF AN ENTITLY NOT ASSOCIATED WITH UFOS IN ARGENTINA by Scott Corrales. As stated in the research done by Emilio Francisco Caldevilla in “Statistical Analysis of Humanoid Entities Without UFO Sightings” (Análisis estadístico de los incidentes de humanoides sin percepción de OVNI” (1979)) sightings of entities not associated with UFOs are relatively common. These entities are also called “solitary entities” (Caldevilla, 1979:30), and are known to researchers of this phenomenon. More… Also read: UFOS REAPPEAR OVER LAGO PUELO, ARGENTINA Also read: UFOS OVER COLOMBIA? ENORMOUS FLYING OBJECT VIDEOTAPED OVER MEDELLIN COLOMBIA

OMNIVERSE HYPOTHESIS PREVAILS OVER MARS OPPOSITION by Jon Kelly. In an exclusive video interview published to YouTube on April 9, 2014, Yale Law School graduate Alfred Lambremont Webre, JD, MEd, discussed replicable prima facie evidence that led him to formulate what he describes as a new scientific hypothesis. Today marks the official launch date of his new book “The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse,” in which the former director of the proposed 1977 Carter White House extraterrestrial communication study at Stanford Research Institute highlights milestones from five years of research exploring exopolitics, parapsychology, reincarnation, extraterrestrial contact, the nature of the soul and more. More...

UFO STEALTH TECHNOLOGY DEMONSTRATION CIRCA 1952 by Doc Vega. In the 1952 an unprecedented UFO flap, the likes of which never seen before, descended upon the US with a vengeance. From the west coast to the great state of Texas, from the Midwest all the way to Washington DC, a wave of flying saucer sightings left Americans speechless in their wake, and police switchboards often flooded with calls. More…

CHUPACABRA, BIGFOOT GET SHOT DOWN AGAIN by Thomas Taschinger. It was a strange week in Texas for cryptozoology. Which is, of course, the study of animals that have not been acknowledged by mainstream science – or simply don’t exist. On the chupacabra front, for one brief shining moment, we had the mother lode – an actual live specimen. A woman in Ratcliffe, Texas, named Jackie Stock trapped the critter and was gleefully showing it off to news crews. A short video of it is all over the internet. More…

UNFORGETTABLE MYSTERIES FROM WWII IN THE PACIFIC by Brent Swancer. War has been an unfortunate and unavoidable feature of human nature since time unremembered. The Pacific Theater of World War II was one of the most ferocious displays of our propensity for war, and while we remember and record the major events of the war, there remain forgotten mysteries lurking in the background. Here among the stories of heroes and battles there can be found other, stranger accounts from the far flung corners of the Pacific. Within the historical cracks during the course of these tumultuous, violent clashes, we can find mysteries hiding in the shadows. More…

THE REAL TRUTH ABOUT THE CATTLE MUTILATIONS IN DULCE, NEW MEXICO by Norio Hayakawa. “If the government went to local ranchers and purchased cattle to use for testing purposes, the first question any rancher would ask is, “Why are you testing my cattle?”. And more importantly, “Who contaminated them?” The government has a long history of incompetent decision making, but they are smart enough to avoid a lawsuit, especially when the evidence shows that they created the contamination in the first place (in this case in Dulce, New Mexico), i.e. Project Gasbuggy (underground detonation of nuclear device 22 miles southwest of Dulce on December 10, 1967, which apparently caused radiation leaks in the surrounding environment). More...

“FINDING THE UFO CRASH AT SAN AUGUSTIN” BY ARTHUR H. CAMPBELL by Mike Blake. During my lifetime, I have read over 4000 UFO books, and I have to say: “This is the best book on UFOs I have ever read.” The Reason this book is so good is the scientific analysis summaries on the objects found. If we had one object with this kind of analysis it would be impressive. This book is filled with them. The book is filled with pictures to let you see what is being discussed and analyzed. More...

‘DOME-SHAPED’ UFO SEEN OVER CAPE TOWN! by Roger Marsh. A witness in Cape Town, South Africa, is looking for an explanation for a “rounded, dome-shaped” object that appears in the upper left corner of the frame, according to April 1, 2014, testimony in Case 55140 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More... Also read: WITNESSES CURIOUS ABOUT HOVING OBJECT IN ISTANBUL Also read: GHOST MOVES GLASS PIE PLATE

REASONS WHY I AM WRITING AN EXOPOLICY PAPER by Sheila Dean. I am writing an exopolicy paper. For those who don’t know what exopolicy is, it is policy development concerned with extraterrestrial relations in government. If you don’t think its an active policy area, perhaps you should watch the following video. It is the report of the work of an active globalist lobby with a moving proposal for a top-down extraterrestrial cabinet office. More...

UFO CONTACTEE: ET CONNECTIONS TO HUMAN CULTURE? by John Foster. I am what you could call a “UFO Contactee.” I experienced several strange happenings that I really couldn’t understand from 2 or 3 years old (1939 or 1940) until age 48/49 (1986/1987). During those several months in the latter part of ‘86 and early part of ‘87, I spontaneously recalled an enormous number of so-called UFO encounters that had occurred since my very early childhood. I found some witnesses who could verify some of my memories, people who had been with me during several of the strange encounters. Through conversation, they and I concluded that most of our mutual memories were true and accurate. More…

LECTURE FRIDAY ‘DIMENSIONAL ECOLOGY OF THE OMNIVERSE’ AT YALETOWN ROUNDHOUSE by Alfred Lambremont Webre. The April 2, 2014, edition of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” featured an appearance by President Bill Clinton in which the Yale Law School graduate offered what the public can only presume were seemingly unscripted executive insights concerning possible extraterrestrials, their visitations to earth and unifying influence upon human society. However, on Friday, April 4, 2014, a lecture at Vancouver’s Yaletown Roundhouse titled “The Dimensional Ecology of the Omniverse” promises to further enrich public understanding of these issues by offering perspective on spiritual realities perhaps novel to and unanticipated by any president in recent U.S. history. More…

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