UFO Digest Newsletter April 19, 2012

This week we published an article by Kiyoshi Amamiya about flying Saucers in the ancient Orient. A must read.

Then Diane Tessman asks if we contribute to creating fairies and UFOs?

Ed Komarek is back with a weird story about a replica viking ship coming into contract with a USO (under sea object).

Next, Reinald Rios supports entertainer Rihanna and her UFO experiences. 

Roger Marsh reports two more MUFON sightings. 

Carolyn Shield shares news about life on Mars.

Scott Corrales reports on UFOs from Latin America.

Louis Hart relates that there are places where strange things happen.

Hubble has discovered what may be a UFO…far away and finally Theresa J Thurmond Morris is still preparing us for this year and big changes.

Enjoy Dirk

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