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This week A.J. Gevaerd reports on the Brazilian Ministry of Defense sitting down with UFO researchers to discuss UFOs! Then, Diane Tessman writes about Jupiter’s moon Io the volcanic caldron of life. Next, Pat Regan discusses saint George’s Day and slaying dragons. According to Scott Corrales Puerto Rico is overrun with chupacabrias. Roger Marsh reports on MUFON cases near Cape Fear River, plus ET visits and massive vortexes. Alfred Lambremont Webre asks how obama fulfills the ‘deceiver’ archetype? Philip Mantle announces a new magazine – UFO Today. Lori Carter writes more about the strangeness of Bates County. Alexandra Holzer is back and writing about Mary Magdalene and UFOs. Next, Ed Komarek reports on Reuben Langdon and Steve Bassett concerning upcoming Citizens Hearing and documentary. Doc Verga writes about UFOs in 1947. Dr. Steven Greer’s movie Sirius opened on April 22. Finally, Edward Crabtree wonders if our dreams can jump the events queue? Enjoy Dirk 


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Brazilian Ministry of Defense establishes communications with UFO researchers by A.J. Gevaerd. For the first time in history a Ministry of Defense of a country has officially invited UFO researchers to discuss the UFO Phenomena, how to handle its investigation and the information it may come from it. The meeting happened last April 18 at the Brazilian Ministry of Defense building, in Brasilia, the Federal Capital, and over 20 people took part of it. More… Also read: Brazilian MoD Discusses UFOs With Ufologists!

Jupiter’s Moon Io: Volcanic Caldron of Life by Diane Tessman. Io, moon of Jupiter, has hundreds of volcanoes; its volcanic activity is 25 times that of Earth. However, there is a huge mystery: Concentrations of Io’s volcanic activity are not where they are supposed to be based on models which scientifically predict how Io’s interior is heated. NASA and the European Space Agency admit there is something about Io they do not know, something which makes absolutely no sense in the framework of information they have. More…

Saint George’s Day: Slaying dragons or killing the truth? by Pat Regan. Any truly unbiased analysis of historical fact indicates that Saint George’s Day is nothing more than a bogus Christian celebration, based on much earlier indigenous Pagan tradition. Shrewd early Church promoters of the foreign eastern Christ cult soon misled the English Nation into believing that the George tradition was theirs alone. Nothing in fact could be further from the truth! More… Also read: April fish and April fools… 

Chupacabras – Sudden Impact by Scott Corrales. On Saturday, 20 April 2013, a team of researchers consisting of this author, José Pérez, his wife Ilbis Dominguez, Mr. Luissepi Quiñones, Mr. José A. Martinez, Mr. Anibal Martínez and Mr. Richard Flores reported to the residence of Mr. Fernando Díaz to interview him about the impressive and highly important case which we will endeavor to narrate briefly in this article as follows… More… Also read: The “Ribbon of Holes” in Peru Also read: A New Spree of Chupacabras Attacks in Guayama, Puerto Rico

Cape Fear River Case Featured In MUFON UFO Journal by Roger Marsh. The May MUFON UFO Journal ships to readers worldwide April 25, 2013, with the curious Cape Fear River case from 2008 describing aliens on the ground and the kickoff of the MUFON Radio Show the first Friday in April as Chief of Investigations Steve Hudgeons hosts as the cover stories. More… Also read: Swirling Mass Vortex Opens in Bedroom! Also read: Witness Awakes to find 15 entities in room!

How Does Obama fulfill the “deceiver” archetype? by Alfred Lambremont Webre. IBy the “deceiver” archetype, I refer to inter-personal, social, spiritual and exopolitical archetypes, not to any specific individual. The “deceiver” archetype refers to an archetypal social, spiritual, and exopolitical role that an individual may play in society. Some archetypes such as “Antichrist” and “False Prophet” are archetypes that have been set out in prophetic texts. Hermeneutics is the art of interpreting prophetic texts and hermeneuticists in the recent historical era have attempted to interpret to Revelations to frame Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolph Hitler, respectively, as fulfilling the prophesized archetype of the “Deceiver”. More…

UFO Today – The New Digital Magazine by Philip Mantle.As we enjoyed the beauty, I suddenly felt something strange nearby and I turned around to face the east. I couldn’t see anything but I could feel a presence approaching us. I felt very uncomfortable with this and anxious to be somewhere else. I turned to my wife and told her we needed to leave quickly. One look at her face told me she was feeling apprehensive too. More…

The Strangeness Continues in Bates County by Lori Carter.We created this site, not for attention, but we felt we had to let our friends, neighbors, family members and residents of our small town, our county know that there were strange things going on. More…

After-life, Holy Grail, UFOs (VIDEO) by Alexandra Holzer. Mary Magdalene has been associated with the Holy Grail of which many paintings and pictures over centuries have been done with her holding a sacred cup. “He who drinks much, will see God. More…

Avatar’s Reuben Is Citizens Hearing Production Partner by Ed Komarek. Reuben Langdon, actor http://www.citizenhearing.org/– director – producer – stuntman http://www.reubenlangdon.com/ is Steve Bassett’s partner for the upcoming Citizens Hearing and documentary. On Reuben’s web page it states. “Although you may not recognize him, you have recently more than likely seen Reuben Langdon in one of the most talked about films of the decade; James Cameron’s Avatar. In addition to stunt doubling the main character, “Jake Sully”, Reuben performed a variety of stunts for various CG and live action characters in the film. While most of his performances used motion capture technology, an art form based on CGI-assisted acting, his face remained unseen, but his talent more than evident.” More…

Ancient Alien Question: From UFOs to Extraterrestrial VisitationRegular $19.95
Sale Price $11.95

The Year of 1947 a pivotal time in UFO history by Doc Vega. On a recent meeting with well known researcher, Norio Hayakawa, I was pleased to have shared hours of interesting facts, stories, and evidence that sheds light on perhaps the most provocative subject known to man. The possibility that we have been visited by entities from somewhere else in the universe, or at the very least, not from earth, seems very well assured in reviewing the rich history that New Mexico has in aerial sightings, verification by qualified military observers, and the covert involvement of the US government in numerous secret programs that compel us to accept that there is an alternate reality that defies the official version of the truth! More…

Sirius Premieres Today – Ustream – VOD – DVD by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Today is the long awaited Premier for Sirius. Sirius is a feature length documentary that follows Dr. Steven Greer – an emergency room doctor turned UFO researcher – as he struggles to disclose top secret information about classified energy & propulsion techniques. More… Also read: Mississippi Witness Claims UFO was the size of a golf ball!

Unbidden Preview: Can Our Dreams Jump the Events Queue? by Edward Crabtree. It was a surprise to see John Major, the then Prime Minister of Great Britain, in a shopping mall in Leicester. It was even more of an eyebrow raiser to see that he was there to sign copies of his memoirs which were on sale. This could only mean that he had left office! More…

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