This week we begin with Nick Pope‘s new column entitled, “Rendlesham Redux” which discusses a new book he co-authored with John Burroughs and Jim Penniston. It contains secrets and information never better revealed. Next, Norio Hayakawa reports on a mystery aircraft that flew over Texas on March 10! Then, Steve Erdmann writes about UFO stalkers and the hidden society. Chris Holly wants you to demand answers about the reality of UFOs and extraterrestrials. Roger Marsh reports on multiple MUFON sightings throughout America. Then, Scott Corrales realizes his new book, “Chronicles of the Paranormal.Lon Strickler wrote a very interesting on the home of the Thunderbirds. Cheryl Costa relates the day a UFO circled the Empire State Building. Carolyn Shield predicted this outcome – NASA has suspended relations with the Russia Space Agency. Pennsylvania MUFON President John Ventre states that his state leads the nation in UFO sightings. Doc Vega contributes Part IV in his series, “UFOs: A Historical Perspective” and finally I take a look at the new Godzilla movie with features a second villainous monster. Enjoy Dirk

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RENDLESHAM REDUX by Nick Pope. Later this month, the book that John Burroughs, Jim Penniston and I have written about the Rendlesham Forest incident will be published. “Encounter in Rendlesham Forest” is being put out by Thomas Dunne Books, part of the Macmillan publishing house – one of the so-called “Big Six” in the literary world. Without giving away too many spoilers, what can people expect and what will the revelations mean for ufology? More...

MYSTERY AIRCRAFT OVER TEXAS, March 10, 2014 by Norio Hayakawa. On March 10, I received information concerning Steve Douglass’s sighting of an interesting, triangular-shaped aircraft over Amarillo, Texas. Both Steve and his colleague, Dean Muskett, actually succeeded in photographing this aircraft, even though the results were not very clear. However, the shape was definitely not a shape of a B-2. More... Also read: UFOs, THE GRAND DECEPTION AND END-TIME PROPHETIC FANTASY. and UFOs, THE GRAND DECEPTION AND END-TIME PROPHETIC FANTASY – PART II.

THE UFO STALKERS AND THE HIDDEN SOCIETY by Steve Erdmann. The term “Men in Black” had become a very popular term in both movies and books depicting mysterious men wearing dark suits, driving somber-looking automobiles and behaving in an outrageous manner, often described wearing dark sunglasses, and threatening UFO witnesses to be silent in talking about their respective UFO accounts. Sometimes they confiscated any UFO evidence. More… Also read: THE UFO STALKERS AND THE HIDDEN SOCIETY – PART II

GET OFF YOUR KNEES, STAND TALL, LOOK AROUND AND DEMAND ANSWERS by Chris Holly. I have written about this subject many times before. My words were received with yawns and boredom by a public living in denial and delusion which keeps them deaf dumb and blind to the harsh facts of life that are the realty of living on this planet at this point in time. The advent and now addiction to cell phones, computers and hand held gadgets of every shape and form have transformed us into a society of detached humans controlled by the gadgets that addict us and keep us lost to the real world around us. I watch as the people in my community walk through their day’s heads down absorbed in their cell phones or hand held (whatever it is) that consume their attention and time. Rarely do they look up or at one another which I might add is developing a new rude behavior by mankind as well. More... And read: CAN THE GRAND CARDINAL CROSS BE A STEP TO A NEW ERA?.

MINNEAPOLIS WITNESS SPOTS TRANGLE UFO NEAR SKYSCRAPER by Roger Marsh. A Minneapolis, MN, witness reported watching a large black, triangle-shaped object hovering and moving slowly below a skyscraper that appeared to be about the size of a Volkswagen, according to testimony in Case 53028 closed March 25, 2014, as an Unknown Aerial Vehicle from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More... Also read: TRIANGLE-SHAPED UFO HOVERS SLOWLY AT LAKEWOOD TREELINE Also read: WITNESS VIDEOS UFO MAKING INTELLIGENT MANEUVERS And read: VINTAGE TEXAS PHOTO MAY SHOW UFO

CHRONICLES OF THE PARANORMAL by Scott Corrales. The ghostly traditions of Latin America have not received much attention in the Englishlanguage media. Perhaps the stereotypes of fun in the sun and Carmen Miranda-type dancersmake it hard to believe that hauntings form an integral part of the traditionsof countries fromMexico to Argentina, with some apparitions dating back centuries. In Mexico alone we find LaLlorona–the ancient Aztec goddess known a Cihuacoatl, the serpent woman, worshipped in thedarkness of the templeknown as Tillán by asecretive priesthood whoapproached her statue ontheir knees–whose banshee-like wails filledthe streets of Tenochtitlan at night,presaging the arrival of the Spanishconquistadores. More…

WITNESS CLAIMS LAS CRUCES, NEW MEXICO IS HOME OF THUNDERBIRDS by Lon Strickler. Myths and legends about creatures from the Chupacabra to the Jersey Devil to Bigfoot are everywhere, but in southern New Mexico and parts of Texas people say they’ve seen birds so big they seem prehistoric. One man claims the rugged landscape near Las Cruces hides a mystery that’s haunted him for several years.More…

UFO CIRCLED THE EMPIRE STATE BUILDING! by Cheryl Costa. It was a few days after the 4th of July of 1960, the day a UFO Circled the Empire State Building. Tom was a broadcast engineer in New York City. He worked on the 16th floor of a building on West 50th/51st Street next to the Taft Hotel. Tom says he first noticed the object simply as a black dot in the sky coming from the southwest on a northeasterly course. Of course Tom was puzzled by what he was watching for nearly ten minutes. Then a colleague in an adjoining studio area hollered, “What the hell is that thing?” More...

NASA SUSPENDS RELATIONS WITH RUSSIAN SPACE AGENCY! by Carolyn Shield. NASA has suspended relations with the Russian space agency but leaves the ISS out of the equation. Yet how can the ISS not be effective by increase tensions between Russia and NASA. It reflects the seriousness of the countries anger between each other over the Ukraine situation. NASA is at its weakest point since it has no way to transport astronauts up to the ISS without the aid of the Russians. More

PENNSYLVANIA LEADS THE NATION IN UFO SIGHTINGS by John Ventre. Pennsylvania has been the epicenter of the world’s largest UFO wave since the summer of 2008. There have been over 300 UFO reports filed with MUFON each year. “We’re getting clusters of sightings from every town from Erie to Pittsburgh to Philly,” MUFON Pennsylvania State Director John Ventre said. “I get reports of UFOs coming in from Lake Erie and across Wheeling, West Virginia; into the Pittsburgh area and they are seen minutes later on the eastern part of the state.” More…

UFOS: A HISTORICAL PERSPECTIVE PART IV by Doc Vega. In examining the long saga of the UFO mystery and how it parallels man’s technological development we inevitably find the manifestation of encounters both military and upon individuals to be part of this complex equation. It is an inescapable aspect of these perplexing confrontations that adds to the problem of determining intent as well as if potential hostility exists between the unknown intruders and our best military hardware and trained personnel when their unpredictable presence is detected. More…

GODZILLA TEASER SHOWS GLIMPSE OF SECOND CREATURE by Dirk Vander Ploeg. Godzilla will emerge from the sea to lay waste to cities of man on May 16th, and he’s not alone. The official synopsis for Gareth Edwards’ reimagining of the King of the Monsters reads: An epic rebirth to Toho’s iconic Godzilla, this spectacular adventure pits the world’s most famous monster against malevolent creatures who, bolstered by humanity’s scientific arrogance, threaten our very existence. More…

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