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This week’s newsletter begins with Nick Pope‘s monthly column entitled UFOlogy Versus SETI and the discovery of ET life. Next, Diane Tessman wonders if our world is composed of pixels? Then Chris Holly asks if there is a connection between TV and the paranormal. Pat Regan is back with two articles: one about the Rufford Twister UFO and the another about the UFO Hunters. Michael Horn, Billy Meier representative, writes about maddening machinations and why he goes bonders. Doc Varga continues his series on Dulce and reports on new evidence about TWA Flight 800. I reported on several incidents occurring around the earth. Christian Mace is discovering more objects on Mars. Paul Shishis reports on video and sighting in Whitby, Ontario. Then Louis Hart writes about something deep and unseen. Next, Scott Corrales is back with more sightings and explains cigar-shaped UFOs. Lori Carter also contributes on what is in the shadows. Finally, Carolyn Shield reports on the first solar powered plane to fly across America. Enjoy Dirk.

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UFOlogy Versus SETI by Nick Pope. I’m often asked how I think the discovery of extraterrestrial life might unfold. Questioners usually have two scenarios in mind; firstly, some major and undeniable sighting – perhaps even the archetypal “landing on the White House lawn”. Secondly, a scenario where the President of the United States makes a live TV announcement and confirms the alien presence, perhaps by admitting that the Roswell incident really did involve the crash of an extraterrestrial spacecraft. In either event, this would constitute the “Disclosure” that the UFO community dream of and – in some cases – actively lobby for. More…

Is Our World Composed of Pixels, Are We Emulated Minds? by Diane Tessman. Recently there was a report of a battle in the Florida skies between the military and a fleet of UFOs. Everyone decided rather laughingly that this report was the silliest thing. Being a contrary soul, I asked myself, “But, under what circumstances might this report be true?” More…

TV and the Paranormal by Chris Holly. Like many of those interested in the paranormal I watch all the paranormal based TV shows that seem limitless. I do have a few that I find worth watching where well investigated ideas, information and evidence are presented with intelligent conversation providing the viewing public with worthwhile material. I have gained insight and have been able to educate myself on many topics I did not understand or had little or no knowledge about by way of a few well done shows. I enjoy and look forward to my small list of shows that fall in to that category. More…

The Rufford Twister UFO: 5 years on and still a ‘Tw- ystery’! by Pat Regan . Fifth anniversary of a very strange event! It is still a mystery today after all these years and after being researched by the internationally acclaimed UFO Hunters team from American and scientists at places like Manchester University in the UK. More… Also read: UFO Hunters: Working with the team in Lancashire

Maddening Machinations…and why I Go Bonkers by Michael Horn. Imagine for a moment that you belong to an organization comprised of people who are all looking for an elusive mine with a vast treasure in gold, etc. You and your fellows have searched long and hard and have followed one lead after another, one report of the shiny, shimmering stuff after another, all to no avail. Then one day, at a meeting for all the members of the organization where the presumed best evidence for the presumably unfound treasure will be broadly discussed, the leader of the organization is asked what he think of the, let’s call it the Old XYZ Mine, reputed by some to hold the treasure but always rejected out of hand…for various, dubious reasons. More…

More unsettling facts about Dulce Part III by Doc Vega. I have often said in the course of my articles that the trajectory of mankind has frequently been shaped from the pages of untold history omitted from the books we read in school. The course of human events has been greatly influenced through either conspiracy or happenings that remain conveniently excluded from the “Official Version” of history. More… Also read: The 17 year cover-up over TWA Flight 800

Jellyfish Shaped UFO Captured on Camera by Dirk Vander Ploeg. My friends and I were on a hike on a popular trail in Auburn, California, when we decided to stop and rest about a mile down the trail. There is a rock that protrudes from the mountainside that overlooks most of the canyon and river below that is ideal for photographs and provides a large vantage point of the surrounding mountains. More… Also read: Natural News.com Posted An Article Yesterday: Mysterious NASA impossible hexagon-shaped cloud pattern larger than planet Earth And: Fleet of UFOs Engage US Military Jets

War of the Worlds UFO on Mars by Christian Macé. The photo in question that interests us was taken by Curiosity on Mars July 28, 2013, and posted on the official website July 29, 2013. Here I am surrounded by the “THING” and I expanded … : The “THING” is very similar to Flying Saucers come from Mars, the original film “War of the Worlds” (The War of the Worlds). More… Also read: Alien Craft On Mars?

Multiple Multicolored Lights Filmed Over Northern Whitby, Ontario by Paul Shishis. This extraordinary footage has been passed along to confirm another multiple UFO sighting over northern Whitby, Ontario. This spectacle occurred on July 26th, 2013 at 10:10 pm. The witness states, while driving westward in northern Whitby he noticed directly north, a great light show started to unfold consisting of two large multicolored lights along with four or five smaller white lights. More…

Something Deep And Unseenby Louis Hart. This is very difficult to describe or explain. Yet…I think there are at least a few people who will read this and know precisely what I am referring to. Or at least have a pretty good understanding of the probabilities. More…

The Truth Behind “Cigar-Shaped” UFOs by Scott Corrales. MERIDA, Yucatán – Cigar-shaped UFOs are less widely known than the traditional “saucer” shaped ones or those resembling spheres. This is perhaps due to the fact that in the Yucatan Peninsula, at least, their sightings and reports are less frequent. More…

You Noticed Them and They Noticed You Noticing Them by Lori Carters. We had promised that we would share any sighting reported to us, no matter how old they may be. I recently posted an article on http://themidnightobserver.wordpress.com of a recent sighting taken by a hunting camera. Although this person hasn’t seen anything strange before this, I don’t doubt that they will get more sightings. They are leaving the camera active and will alert us if they have anymore strange occurrences. More…

Silent Running of the Solar Impulse by Carolyn Shield. The first solar powered plane flew across America. The Solar Impulse was able to fly day and night on just energy from the sun. My friend David Armstrong got an up close look at the Solar Impulse in St Louis Missouri. St Louis is home of Lindbergh’s plane named the Spirit of St Louis which made history when it made the first Transatlantic flight. The plane was made by the Swiss. More…

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Multiple Multicolored UFOs Filmed Northern Whitby, Ontario – https://www.ufodigest.com/video/multiple-multicolored-ufos-filmed-northern-whitby-ontario

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