Well, its August 1 and the long awaited summer is drawing to a close, so let’s just enjoy it. Nick Pope is asking an excellent question, What Happened To Alien Abductions. Read what he thinks! Next, Sean Casteel writes about the Ark of the Covenant and other mysteries. Next, Lori Carter reports on a sighting in Merwin. Then Scott Corrales concludes his article”THE LITTLE GREEN MEN OF LA PLATA – THE VILLA MONTORO CASE – PART II.Pat Regan writes about conspiracy and politics in the UK. Edward Crabtree is back reporting on the snowman, a yeti. MUFON’S Roger Marsh reports on cattle mutilation in Missouri! Next, Jeff Krause writes about alien abductions and implants. Ron Murdock is back as well and writes about UFO Buffs and religious fundamentalists. Then, author Deborah Richards reports on her new book about “The Skywhale.” Agent K writes about Time Travel and the Black Mirror. Journalist April Holloway writes about the sunken city discovered near Cuba. Read the uncredited article about elongated skulls. And finally read Doc Vega’s third instalment of, THE LONG LEGACY OF MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AND FLYING SAUCERS! Enjoy Dirk

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WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ALIEN ABDUCTIONS?  by Nick Pope. In the late Eighties and throughout the Nineties, alien abductions were at the heart of ufology. How did what might be regarded as a subset of ufology become its central meme? Abductions (irrespective of whether one believes they take place in a literal sense) could arguably be regarded as an evolution of the contactee phenomenon, and for those who believe UFOs are extraterrestrial spacecraft, it’s only logical that one should look beyond the vehicles and focus on the nature and agenda of the occupants. John Keel’s 1967 article “Never Mind the Saucer! Did You See the Guys Who Were Driving?” articulates this point perfectly, but it wasn’t until the publication of “Missing Time” (1981), “Intruders” (1987) and “Communion” (1987) that Keel’s question became the question most asked in the UFO community. More...

THE SUPERNATURAL POWER OF THE ARK OF THE COVENANT AND OTHER ANCIENT ASTRONAUT MYSTERIES  By Sean Casteel. Recent programs on the History Channel and elsewhere on cable television have helped popularize the concept that extraterrestrials have been visiting Earth since time immemorial and have been responsible for many of the advancements of human civilization. Once the mainstay of writers such as Erich von Daniken, Brinsley Le Poer Trench and W.R. Drake, the concept has since inspired big budget movie epics and television shows like “Ancient Aliens” and, more recently, “In Search Of Aliens,” hosted by the “wild-haired” Giorgios Tsoukalos. More…

CATTLE MUTILATION REPORTED TO MUFON MISSOURI  by Roger Marsch. A Wright County, MO, radio station employee filed a report for a local listener who experienced a recent cattle mutilation, according to July 28, 2014, testimony in Case 58460 from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database. More.

LTHE LITTLE GREEN MEN OF LA PLATA – THE VILLA MONTORO CASE  by Scott Corrales. Toward late November and during the month of December of 1983, the neighborhood of Villa Montoro on the outskirts of La Plata (capital of the province of Buenos Aires, Argentina) became the epicenter for a series of reports by local residents – mainly children and teenagers – who claimed having witnessed encounters with small, greenish, humanoid entities. The case became known as “the little green men of La Plata” and it caused significant local interest in the early days of the restoration of democratic rule in the country. More…

MERWIN AREA SIGHTING JULY 23, 2014!  by Lori Carter. Even though we are no longer doing field research, we still hear about strange objects and events and as we have stated before, we will share these on the Midnight Observer. The following sighting was sent to me on the morning of July 24th, 2014 via Facebook. The young lady that submitted the information to me also included drawings of what she saw. She was, at one time, involved in paranormal research herself. Following is the report as she sent it to us. More

TIME TRAVEL AND THE BLACK MIRROR  by Dirk Vanderr Ploeg. Sometimes it is best to hear directly from the Experiencers themselves and we feel this is one of those times. The following account describes what the HR Team believes is time travel. If it is not Time Travel in the literal sense, this may have been interdimensional travel. In any case, it is reminiscent of some of Jim Sparks’ and others’ time travel encounters. More…

THE SKYWHALE – REVIEW  by Deborah Richards. The basic premise of ‘The Skywhale’ by Deborah Richards is that UFOs are really living creatures that can hover and fly through the sky. In the book Esme and her teenage brother George find a skywhale while they are out treasure-hunting with a metal detector in the silt of a river estuary. The creature had been basking just under the silt and the metal detector wakes it up. It rises up into the air and flies off with the two young people clinging onto the roots (or are they veins?) on the creature’s back. Esme can communicate with the creature telepathically but George is already too old. Over the course of a day they discover that the skywhale is highly intelligent with a great sense of humour and a liking for danger that ultimately gets them all into trouble. The skywhale is pan-dimensional and can ‘jump’ out of trouble but the youngsters are not.  More…

COMPARING UFO BUFFS AND RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS by Ron Murdock. I find a common theme among the human race is how one group can criticize others for alleged absurd beliefs yet hold on to what could be called equally absurd beliefs. An example if UFO buffs and religious fundamentalists. UFO believers have been regarded as a flaky bunch while religious leaders and followers are generally thought of as outstanding citizens. There are times I beg to differ.  More..

ALIEN ABDUCTIONS AND IMPLANTS  by Gavin Davies. The Paranormal Chronicles have received this intriguing photograph and report from a Swansea resident who claims to have seen a large unidentified object from his bedroom window. Mr P Lewis captured the image in the early hours of the morning of Monday 21st July 2014. Mr P Lewis, a decorated ex-solider had this testimonial; More…

HERE TODAY – GONE TOMORROW!  by Pat Regan.Southport’s Tory hopeful ‘stands down’ a few weeks after this following article (below) went international on the famous UFO DIGEST website…coincidence or the final straw? I make ‘no’ specific claims, yet soon after this article was uploaded onto the UFO Digest website Southport Tory, Brian Duckett, stated the following on his Facebook page.. More….

REMEMBER THE SUNKEN CITY NEAR CUBA?  by April Holloway. Just over a decade ago, a team of explorers were working on an exploration and survey mission off the western coast of Cuba when their sonar equipment picked up a perplexing series of stone structures lying some 650 metres below the surface. The structures appeared completely analogous against the barren ‘desert’ of the ocean floor and seemed to show symmetrically organized stones reminiscent of an urban development. A media flurry soon ensued with news sites sporting headlines such as ‘Atlantis Discovered in Cuba’ and ‘Lost City of the Caribbean Found’. More…

ELONGATED SKULLS MAY NOT HAVE HUMAN ORIGINS by Dirk Vander Ploeg. More than 300 elongated skulls – the largest ones in the world – were found in a massive graveyard on Peru’s Paracas Peninsula in 1928. While elongated skulls usually are formed by various methods of head binding, the Paracas skulls are quite different. Several February 2014 articles report that the Paracas skulls are 60 percent heavier than normal human skulls and have 25 percent more volume. With simple head binding neither the weight nor the volume of a skull is increase, only reshaped.. More…

THE LONG LEGACY OF MILITARY INTELLIGENCE AND FLYING SAUCERS – PART III by Doc Vega. There are several aspects that can be broken down into the multi-level approach to intelligence analysis. One of the primary prerogatives is sociological impact. We know now from recent revelations that the hysteria created during the Orson Wells broadcast of “War of the Worlds” in 1938 was indeed intended to monitor the public’s response to an ominous announcement of an invasion from a hostile extraterrestrial civilization. Obviously the results were nearly catastrophic. The havoc created by that one radio play regardless of the numerous reminders that it was merely a Fireside Theater radio performance made little difference to a listening audience that had experienced pandemonium. More…

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